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  1. The stuff about the leveling changes? Can confirm. Level scaling is possibly the single greatest change to leveling in the history of WoW. No more outleveling zones, quests, or party members. Now if only they fixed not getting important abilities before level 60+... Also, dungeons have been made significantly harder, with my Shadowfang Keep group wiping on the first boss, and the tank dying on almost every boss, due to not having all the tanking abilities yet.
  2. Literally made an account just to comment on this. Personally, I think that the only modifications that are good are QoL-stuff, like area-looting, meeting stone summoning, and such. But the biggest issue that in my opinion REQUIRES fixing, is the damn debuff slot limit. From the research I've done on the subject, it was the main limiting thing on whether a spec was allowed in a raid or not, with things like Arms warriors getting the axe due to Mortal Strike adding a debuff, with Rend and Deep Wounds not helping their case. It also limited the abilities people could use. Rogues, for example? No Deadly Poison, no Rupture, no Hemorrhage. From what I can tell, this is the MAIN issue/limiting factor in Vanilla. "But," some might say, "if people could use all those abilities, their DPS would go through the roof, destroying the delicate class balance and meta!" I agree, and that is a good thing. Also, the damage increasing, would be throttled by the threat naturally increasing at the same time, and dealing with it would raise the importance of skill, maybe more than being able to use more than 2 or 3 abilities in a fight. Unfortunately, I can't remember where, but I do recall Asura or Darkrasp saying something about the debuff-limit being easily changed but that they wouldn't do it. I do hope they will reconsider, though this is not an issue big enough to decide whether or not I actually play on Crestfall when it comes out.