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  1. The worst part in this is that Darkrasp skipped his blog
  2. This is the fundamental problem with every private server. You can't trust them 100%. Even if the project owner is legit the rest of the staff might not be. I really wish for a clean Crestfall project but in the end we can never be sure.
  3. Must.. preserve.. hope...
  4. #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << "Hello and welcome to Crestfall!"; return 0; }
  5. If they decide to work out cross realm bg's this problem will disappear.
  6. Crestfall just needs an awesome advertisement campaign before launch I mean come on how many would NOT want to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience? How often does World of Warcraft reset? This PTE thing is huge especially with Benediction core. For the first time we can progress with our characters and the content of last expansion is working like on retail everysingle raid still works no matter the expansion.
  7. I would love to have them as well!
  8. Hold up! When did they say that they won't open Crestfall PvE server Last I heard CF devs said there was nothing to indicate them being against the PvE server...
  9. I just wish that it actually launches after all the disappointments
  10. So now that Elysium has unveiled their plans for TBC I can't decide whether I should start playing there or not.. I really want to wait for Crestfall but I hesitate because I'm afraid that if crap hits the fan and Crestfall never launches I've skipped a chance to progress from vanilla to tbc even if it was on inferior server but on the other hand I still hope for the well scripted awesome server in which case I don't want to "spoil" the fun and play it beforehand. Urgh! I just don't think I'll "survive" another disappointment because I hyped Corecraft from the very beginning and then Felmyst so I'm getting kinda desperate now... Anyone else feeling the same?
  11. Well if other options were Warmane and TwinStar I guess Elysium is fine as long as they keep their word.
  12. Somethings not right with Felmyst case I mean I highly doubt that Blizzards lawyer would personally go and knock on Gummy's door. Also the letter itself looked really unprofessional for example they used the name WoW. In a legal document it should be World of Warcraft.