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  1. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=13170 is pre raid bis pre DM (unless they have greens that are better in game at launch, cant remember weather this is the case), http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=12930 is pre raid BiS for healers & Casters, http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=11832 is also better for healers then casters, Other then that you should not be needing on items that have + spell dmg on them. When it comes to stat prio it goes Int>=healing>Critt>Mp5. This is because its easyer to get + healing then int, so in a choice between 10 int and 10 healing you go with the int, but over all they are about equal. Critt is good for saving mana, but its unreliable for healing. Mp5 is a stat you should mostly ignore, with a fair amount of mana, mana pots and runes you will never go OOM.
  2. You clearly have not been paying any attention to the hype around the PvE server. The amount of guilds returning has more than doubled and you suddenly have people choosing the PvE server over the fresh server. The hype for the PvE server has increased a lot after the release date was confirmed. I still belive that the superior product will win, but to say that this does not matter is very naiv considering the position Nostalrius has in the wow private server community.
  3. @BudgeHaha, I dont think I did but my opinion have been the same for a long time so I might have typed something similar earlier.
  4. Um shamans might be low pop, but every good guild will runn with a lot of them. If you want loot you should should not pick a class where loot competition is low, pick something you will enjoy (and is a top tier raid spec). This is not only more fun, but also makes gearing easyer. Because if you enjoy it you are morelikely to become good at it, and if you are good at it you will get into a better guild and being part of a good guild is the best way to get loot.
  5. Am I disagreeing with you? I am telling you that you need to adapt to situations which can lead you to go OOM, so down ranking can put you in a better position to deal with it. Sorry I am just not used to using paladins as tank healers. Bosses usually deal high amount of dmg in bursts which means paladin healing is kind of ineffective compared to druids / priests, also Inspiration is really good. Paladins are also way better raid healers then druids / priests, because they can mana efficiently and heal the raid back up. Now I assume you are just doing as you are told, but we are clearly used to using paladins differently. Now when you are on raid healing you will sometimes have a DPS almost die to something and casting a big heal or even a Shock can save him, so being a little more mana efficient when you can is usually a good thing. Can we agree on that? No tanks dont tell me to fuck off, I tell tanks to move faster. You clearly have not tried this tactic, you are literally criticizing a tactic with out trying it, why? Why are you just spewing out bullshit? You are clearly used to having a rolle where you just spam FoL max rank on tank and if thats your rolle, fine. But as I have said, the difference between rank 5 and 6 is literally 80 healing, now I would argue that if you were to do 80 less healing pr heal, that would probably just reduce the over healing done by the other tank healers. Now I happen to belive that this is good, it gives you the option of investing mana else were during the fight, which for me is a big deal. For you its clearly nothing, you are just gonna keep spamming that heal on that one tank. I have nothing more to say on this topic, yes paladins can spam max rank FoL for ages. But downranking is good, if you see that your heals are healing ppl to max, then try down ranking, its 80 less healing and it makes you able to deal with situations and maybe save a whipe... And as stated in the beginning, 700 is a good number to aim for when entering MC.
  6. This is simply not true down ranking is super useful, especially when your raid has low dps and the fights can last a long time. Its correct that a paladin should be on raid healing until very late in the game, but its is not always an option. Sometimes you need to use big heals and adapt to the situation the fight is in, which can cause you to be very mana inefficient. This is simply not the fastest way to do dungeons, BoL and low rank of HL is ridiculously mana efficient and makes you able to heal tank + multiple locks with out going OOM in 5mans. BL gives the tank the ability to pull faster and makes up for bad gear when you ding 60. Here is why down ranking is good. The difference between FoL rank 6 and 5 is 187 bonus healing (about 80 pr heal) and 84 Mp5, on average you will be doing 80 less healing pr FoL r5 compared to 6, which might be a big deal in some fights and not so big deal in others... Either way you should consider down ranking depending on the fight and you raid, saving a little bit of mana here and there can mean the world when things stop going as planned and you have to pick up the slack.
  7. I was writing it on my phone I have updated the post to make it easier to read now
  8. The optimal spell rank is dependent on your gear, the raid dps, the fight and your healing assignment. To begin with i would recommend not down ranking too much, because with bad gear your low ranked heals wont do enough healing. If you can do 700 pr Flash of Light, that is enough in MC. If you are only healing 500 pr FoL, you should use a higher rank. In dungeons i would recommend havning Blessing of Light on the tank and spamming rank 2-3 of Holy Light to be super mana efficient. Over all the most important thing is to get a feel for how much healing is needed and adjust the rank accordingly.
  9. That is most likely wrong, all three servers will not be launched before the closed beta and as it stands now, the PvE server is likely to launch weeks after the fresh server and over a month after the old PvP server.
  10. @QuantumMind we are always looking for more bearded fearwarders!
  11. Thats a Nostalrius bug, here consecration will not scale from AP
  12. That was pretty cool!
  13. We were recruiting holy paladins throughout the entire Nost PvE life even with that splitt.
  14. The core of Hope will be rejoining Nost, for the moment. IF CF creates a superior product (which I belive they will) I am sure we will be rolling on CF when they launch. However as a top tier guild it seems silly not to invest the time every week to have some fun and make sure we stay on top of gearing in the event CF isnt a superior product... Its not like clearing 4x Ony and 1x MC takes more than 1h 30 min total on Nost anyway....