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  1. Barrens are love <3 12 years I'm playing Horde. 12 years I'm hunting Dwarf. For Thrall, for the HORDE !
  2. Finally I understand everything. Hope they release Code of the Lich King soon.
  3. Sounds like a good idea. WoW Legacy is love. If one day everybody can just work together to offer player the Legacy Exp from Vanilla to TLK it will be amazing. But it looks like Crestfall understand it and they are doing what we was looking for since a few years now. Wait&See, just hope for a good news and not a lot of blabladrama
  4. I was looking for a storm in my heart But yeah really more realistic !
  5. Full release date for Vanilla/TBC/TLK But I'm soooo bad at forecasting
  6. Tauren Shaman, as always. And for the alt probably a Tauren Warrior, as always... :]
  7. Nost was transfer to Anathema. Anathema pop disappear. You don't have to regret anything
  8. At peak, during my playing time it's more like 800 people. But you can take a look on this picture and I think you will understand why it's a dead server for me (or in the future if it's enough player for you).
  9. Leveling for the moment on Anathema (Nostalrius realm migrated to Elysium) but it's looking as a dead srv now (1600 at peak EU timezone). Leveling on Elysium but laggy/crashy/overpopulated (but this is ok for me) I really hope Crestfall will go live (this year or next year I don't care) for this PTE system.
  10. Many thanks for this So Vanilla is coming ! I really hope this server is the next Nostalrius (quality was awesome) and with a 5k pop lock it sounds just perfect !
  11. Hello, I'm pretty new here and don't understand everything. I'm reading some dev post and I think I have missed some things. Does this server will be a Vanilla as it's was planned (on some old post) and at the end transfer to TBC ? On some topics on Reddit and different forum I saw it will be directly TBC with instant 60... Is it right ? Thanks for all the info