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  1. I think that most old school players will agree that "classic" or "legacy" Warcraft ended with WOTLK. Too much changed for the worse in Cataclysm and it lost a lot of the magic that made WoW so addicting since 2004. And don't even get me started about the Kung-Fu Panda idiocy that came after that. A Vanilla-->TBC-->WOTLK progression sounds like the perfect plan. If the Crestfall team decides to open source their Benediction core after the WOTLK expansion has run its course, the private server community will have a rock solid foundation that future servers can build upon for many years.
  2. @DarkraspAs always, thanks for the continued updates! Whenever I die while playing Crestfall, I'll have a heightened appreciation for the complexities of graveyard selection and always remember that you put in days of work just on that. It's great to hear that your team is working away on the tens of thousands of endless little tasks, like the quest & event scripting that players depend on but rarely think about (unless it's broken). I try not to buy into the endless Ely/LH drama since none of it affected my time there (I never donated because of the questionable reports from behind the scenes) but I've found myself playing on LH less and less. I think I'm trying to avoid burnout by taking a break while waiting for Crestfall's release. So that would be, what....a 6-8 month break? Looking forward to the next update!
  3. And exactly how do you figure that? Corruption was openly revealed at Elysium. Most of their staff broke away and opened Light's Hope, old Elysium's attempt to re-open will probably fail since their playerbase moved to LH, and Crestfall dodged a huge bullet by separating themselves from Elysium before going live with their own servers. The biggest challenge that Crestfall faces is finding hosting and a trustworthy sysadmin in a country where Big B's legal paperwork can be used as toilet paper. I see some hurdles, but I definitely don't see the sky falling around us. Patience and perseverance are what's needed for now, not directionless panic and doomsday predictions.
  4. Thanks for the continued updates! Slow progress is better than no progress. There are thousands of pserver players waiting on the sidelines for a top-notch legacy progression server to come along that can give them a quality Vanilla ---> TBC ---> WOTLK experience. Keeping my fingers crossed for an open beta in mid-2018!
  5. Thanks for the continued updates! Looking forward to seeing the Benediction core in action.
  6. LOL don't worry, I'm definitely not getting my hopes up for anything or developing any preconceptions...just curious to know if this has been discussed publicly. Arenas came out in TBC and the dungeon finder + linked realm battlegroups weren't released until patch 3.3.0, so the only cross-linked element in vanilla would be battlegrounds. A lot of PvE players don't seem enthusiastic about playing AV or AB or WG, so connected BGs would be a very welcome feature during Crestfall's vanilla phase. But if it doesn't happen then it's not a big deal. It'd just be a nice enhancement.
  7. This is pretty much just me dreaming out loud, but most of the Pserver community has been playing vanilla for years, and I get the feeling that a lot of them would be enthusiastic about some added convenience to help speed them through the lower levels. In Cataclysm, a lot of new flight points were added which I thought were badly needed ever since I played retail vanilla. This is not a complete list but these were the most helpful for levelers: Tirisfal Glades Brill The Bulwark Mulgore Bloodhoof Village Durotar Razor Hill Senjin Village Elwynn Forest Goldshire Darkshire Raven Hill Stranglethorn Vale Rebel Camp Dun Morogh Kharanos Desolace Ghost Walker Post Devs - Do you think you'd consider implementing these flight points to help ease that low-level pain of spending so much time running? Everyone else - Good idea for convenience? Or bad idea because it breaks away from the feel of legacy WoW?
  8. Hello everybody! After seeing today's announcement in /r/wowservers (which I only read and do not post to), I came back to the forums and started playing catch-up. So far, Crestfall looks like it could easily become the legacy WoW community that I've always dreamed of but "big B" refuses to provide. I've looked at the FAQ and I have one question that I didn't see addressed. But first, a giant THANK YOU for having the foresight to open PvP and PvE servers!! Are there any plans to cross-link the server's battlegrounds, arenas and dungeon/raid group finders? Even if the PvE server's population dropped to triple digit figures, this would ensure a sufficient pool of players to keep instanced PvP and PvE lively. Keep up the great work, devs!