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  1. Im new here and there is an admin named crogge. Im slightly confused. Can anyone enlighten me?^^ kind regards
  2. Hello guys, so in the FAQ there is a part regarding taking donations to meet the server costs. Furthermore we are beeing told that there will be a shop for vanity items if the volunteer donations are not enough. So i guess the entire donations topic is irrelevant now since the merge? (Elysium will pay). Im just asking this because im completly against the idea of vanity shops. And no. i will of course donate to this grear cause.
  3. Did the split bone necklace q on Elysium yesterday. Took me only 150-200 Troll´s and a few hours of my day However the sinew dropped from the 1. monkey i killed.
  4. well thank you. That sounds really good to be honest. But if i am right here, i have to start up from scratch if i choose to go from vanilla to TBC for instance? I imagined to roll priest in vanilla and to play Paladin in TBC but with all the good stuff i collected on my priest so far:o (cloth, ore etc etc.)
  5. Hey there, i am new to crestfall as i am one of the many felmyst refugees. I am currently playing on Elysium for like a month or so and i got some questions as there was this rather big announcement. I got a few question and some of which could be described as "already been answered somewhere else". I still give it a try though. - Are there any playable realms here on CF yet? -I´ve read that the team behind CF is working on an PTE realm which got me really really excited as i could not experience wow from the start as i would have wanted to. Is there a FAQ for this PTE realm where i can find answers to the questions like "what will the rates be there?" or "will it be blizzlike?" and so forth. anyway. have a great evening all.