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  1. assuming there are still 5k+ waiting to join the adventure here.. you only need a hundred or 2 donating 5-10$ monthly.. it is a game after all.. it shouldnt be free to begin with... if u like sumthin u support it regardless.. if u dont.. ur a cheap fraud and maybe u cheap skates burn in val-u village hell.. sry rly durnk
  2. I can easily afford to donate $2000 bi-weekly. i could care less if im the only 1 donating... i want to see this project fly .. and punt a few gnomes for god sake.. or milk a taruen... yummy.... seriously tho.. would that would for u guys '
  3. Thanks for the replies. I've been rerollin servers like mad cause I know crestfall is where I to want to play and none of these of servers aren't living up to that blizz like quality that they pride on.. I uninstalled WoW until you guys pop open beta or accept me in closed beta haha.. either way I'm happy.. the waiting is killing me tho! GG Crestfall Staff I know you will pull through!
  4. No matter what I'm stickin by crestfalls side. The paranoid part of me is very worried about the future of this realm and community.
  5. Hello, my name is Andrew. Despite this being my first post, I have been following this project for what feels like years. There are a few things I would like to get off my chest, and I would also like your opinions! Maybe shed some light on what seems to be slightly negative thoughts. I love the effort that you guys are putting into the server/core, I think because of this epic effort on your part is a reason your community is still active and despite the nay sayers. We are always here to support you through these dark delayed times. Here is the problem tho! It is better to release a product that is stable with minor blemishes then to wait years to try and make the "Perfect Server" I'm sure others if not most will agree with me to either have an open beta really soon or say fuck it, come to terms that u guys did your best and release it.. Worst case scenario your server will still be more stable and more blizz-like than elysium.. Either way you win. Seriously I'll donate $8,000 CDN right now/tmrw If you start to allow us to partake in the building process. I'm sorry im not trying to be a dick i simply just want to play here and help build something great. I just got back from a 2 month vacation in Cuba.. I think what set off this post to and how im feeling is the elysium merge, im kicking my self in the bawls right now.. I could have solved your money issues and i wouldnt need anything in return. Just the ability to help build something great. I guess the question is.. Can you dump Elysium after I pay for the next 2 years of ur server cost upfront? I can afford to give you $8-10k a month.. 15K if its really needed.. My RL friend is a GM @ elysium and 4 gms just got fired today (they didnt do there home work) they were chinese and granting other chinese players under level 10 the ability to pitch wow gold sales. Lets make a stand.. If u dont launch by december.. its gunna take 1000's of hours to rebuild this community again..