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  1. The only thing i dislike about pve servers is world bosses. First to tag gets it no problem.
  2. Will of the Forsaken only negates fear / sleep / charm. As a warlock you will have death coil and howl of terror for cc during its uptime. Also the amount of damage a warlock can dish out is insane and for that alone they are very viable.
  3. Yes they are the only class able to dispel enrage effects. Hunters have decent cc with the ability to kite mobs on some fights. They have great burst and do comparable damage.
  4. Welcome Elicas I remember you from reddit.
  5. Hi Gruff welcome, any ideas on what your going to play?
  6. Until you run into viper sting
  7. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you around.
  8. Welcome to the Crestfall Community, glad to have you here!
  9. Hunter dps isn't too challenging but you do have quite a lot of things to manage.
  10. Yes hunters can in fact be great damage dealers, however they are very gear / consumable dependent. The casuals you refer to are known as huntards in the community, it is one of my goals to take huntard out of vocabulary and inform people to be hunters!
  11. When all loot is yours what more can you ask for? Hunters are supreme.
  12. My name is Brad i'm 26 and live in Michigan. I will most likely be playing a dwarf hunter or a gnome mage. Looking forward to seeing this server from start to finish.
  13. Every post I have seen in the past year about Crestfall has peeked my interest. I agree with the project feeling "right". Everything winevirus writes on reddit is to the point and key issues are being worked on. Looking forward to calling this server home.