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  1. That wouldn't make any sense. We had addons during Vanilla. That was part of the experience.
  2. According to this PC Gamer story, they are going for authenticity: http://www.pcgamer.com/this-is-how-blizzard-plans-to-finally-bring-back-vanilla-wow-servers/
  3. Four Horsemen destroyed so many guilds, but Elicas is right. You don't need 8 fully geared-out prot tanks to beat the encounter.
  4. It looks like they will only be wiping the characters that weren't claimed via transfer. So that's at least something for the people who were able to move over. What's more telling is the "we will have completed Anathema" statement. So they were still actively developing a separate core? Did they know something like this was coming?
  5. Agreed. I had a pretty decked out toon on Kronos, but once the DDoS attacks happened and it became clear a better option was on the horizon, I quit playing there. I'm just tired of all the shilling and drama. If someone puts out an authentically good server, I'll play on it. CF looks like the best bet for that.
  6. RIP Elysium. Stay the course, CF faithful.
  7. I'm assuming it means they will switch back to the core they used previously on Elysium.
  8. If that pastebin link is to be believed, then everyone who transferred from old Nost is going to have their account wiped.
  9. My suggestion for the Crestfall devs (and hardcore supporters) would be to stay silent through all this. It's a big enough mess as it is. Take your time and put out a quality server with no drama. I think we're all getting tired of the legacy soap opera. We just want a good place to play in peace.
  10. Not a clickbait title. It has actually happened. http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=45489 What a mess. This should be all the proof one needs that the Crestfall development team is doing the right thing by taking its time. The rest of the legacy community seems to be tripping over their own feet on a regular basis; there's no need to be in a rush to join them.
  11. It's actually different because characters sold on Kronos AH aren't auto-dinged. Someone put in the time to level those characters, to acquire whatever gear they have. Maybe the person buying them gets the advantage of not having to do all that, but it was still done by someone... just like every other character. So it's not "unfair" in that respect.
  12. Rekt.
  13. I'd just like to have the opportunity at success. Tell you what, I'll roll a Prot Paladin and look for a guild who will let me be the main raid tank. How long do you think I'll be waiting?
  14. And in Vanilla players are penalized if they play all the non-theorycrafted specs for their class. Don't get me wrong. I love Vanilla. But that's because my favorite class (Warlock) wasn't one that got left out of raids because of a certain spec. I also love the Vanilla Warlock's playstyle. But let's not kid ourselves, either. Vanilla is the most clique-ish version of the game. If you're not one of the pre-determined acceptable specs for your class, you can forget getting raid invites. Because of its mechanics in 1.12.1, the game itself forces you to be that way. People stomp retail into the ground (and there are a lot of good reasons why) but one of the few things they got right is crafting an environment for players where they can play the specs they like without being made to feel like they don't belong. I'd love to try a prot Paladin out this time around. But will I? Of course not. Because I don't want to pour hundreds of hours into a character who will literally never, ever get to tank a raid. So off I go back into the static environment of playing what I always play, because at least I know how to play it and I'll get to raid. That's the refrain of a lot of players, unfortunately.
  15. This is still not an argument against trying to improve weakly designed/implemented classes in Vanilla. Show me the following: A paladin that can viably raid tank An enhancement/elemental Shaman build that's viable in a raid A feral druid tank that can get to defense cap w/o sacrificing vital stats Spoiler: You can't. I could go on, but you know the worthless/unviable builds as much as I do. The war cry of the Legacy server community is, "Let us play the game the way we want to play!" But when people within that community attempt to use the same logic to suggest common sense improvements, they inexplicably get shot down and ostracized. It's mind-boggling to me. There's nothing wrong with a Paladin player who thinks his tanking tree should get fixed.