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  1. Probably he has to deal with some personal stuff, give it a time guys. :-)
  2. No, it was not a disappointing update, glad to hear you guys keep rolling on. Many of us will play here ..., retail or not. Only trolls and idiots can say it is pointless, no one knows how things will look when Blizzard release their servers. And not everyone is willing to pay monthly subscription and your PTE option, to continue with your character to Wotlk is just perfect ! When everyone will be stuck at retail with their max. geared characters, we will have an option to go on with our adventures. There is no guarantee that Blizz will make TBC and WotLK servers...., they might ... but look how long it took to persuade them to make vanilla realms.
  3. The real question is, what will happen to private servers and the community after ( or shortly before ) Blizzard launch their legacy servers. I myself will be staying on the Crestfall PTE ( if they launch it ), the idea of PTE and not knowing how the Legacy will look ( who can guarantee it will be 100% classic ? ) are a real deal breakers for me. I have a bad feeling that Blizzard will add some of their "improvements" as we had seen them on the current crappy expansions, they may not implement them right away, maybe some time later. We will see ..., anyway the next year will be very interesting, lets wait what Darkrasp and Asura have to say about the future of Crestfall.