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  1. But I don't have my fav class : (
  2. Acutally NOT. Bgee up to version 2.1 was super buggy about FPS - le famous minimap/back to game fps drop is a good example (you had to load quicksave to get back your fps). This used to kill radeon cards. Also in BGee you can't turn on 60 fps mode (you play with 30), so your game runs slower than original versions of BG.
  3. So... Can we expect questlines like: Marg Speaks or Job Opening: Guard Captain of Revantusk Village (along with 3 others Jintha'alor elite quests) exist on CF from very beggining? Or more like... Could you list unavaible quests?
  4. Ok so you can kite with hamstring and atack every 3-4 sec (if you are using slow 2h weapon). Yes because you mostly use first aid during leveling this class BUT every 5-6 mobs or level 2 or lower (just because you usually miss miss glancing glancing miss mobs with your level) My record of leveling 1-60 warrior is exact 6 days played (horde side). During those 6d played I die/died around 70 times (most of em because I get ganked or because i miss miss miss a single mob [or the 2nd mobs spawns {or I have to fight higer level mobs which is miss miss miss you died - levling guide}]). And even with hamstring+kiting I still have to first aid every same level mob (sometimes every 2 - depends of mob class). So, How do you that you eat every 5-6 youe level mobs, please tell me coz it's semms to be bullsh1t.
  5. Leveled 3 warriors in my life (2 up to 60, 1 up to 70). I'm curious what do you mean by "if you know how to play warrior" because I do actually know how to play warrior, and It's not easy at all (especailly lvl 30+). Leveling war- is painfull.
  6. Ok I'm rolling pala...
  7. OK... I would like to add that shamans and warriors are the only classes w/o CC (shamans can't hex before wotlk), so getting em as dps is one less CC for your party (even shadow priest can CC). Also I don't understand this: "IM THE BEST DPS check your recap noob". Why do you even make competition of "who is the best dps"?
  8. It's not about spec... It's not about gear... It is all about: Let's make a good conversation example: TANK: LF2M heal and dps SHAMAN whispers: DPS HERE!!!!!!11 TANK whispers: hey, could you please sign as healer, coz we are 4/5 already and missing a heal. SHAMAN: FU NOOB IM PRO DPS. Y... Usualy it looks like that - unfortently I lost all screenshots of those kind converstaions. Don't even ask how super mad I am when I can see priest whispering me "dps". Waiting for hate comments from XproXdpsX players
  9. Not sure if Lolysium or everywhere...
  10. Joana's 1.11 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCelCZCnwyGOJhPxjecUExng also unedited version of 1-60 leveling https://www.youtube.com/user/joana160unedited
  11. Not sure where to ask my questions so I ask here:
  12. I'm sorry but I was mistaken. Shamans at least don't roll on plates.
  13. Some questions and explanations why I disagree with you: Elemental tree: 1. Reverberation 1/5 so you can shock again 0,2 sec faster - instead of 1% more spell crit (which stack with elemental devastation). Why? 2. Eye of the storm 2/3 instead of more spell crit (like above). Why ? 3. I would also drop 2 points from Convection or Concussion to get this 5% crit bonus instead of 0% bonus crit. 4. You are so deep in this tree but you skip the best talents (storm reach, lighting mastery, elemental mastery - ele. mastery allows you guarantee proc on ele. devastation). Ench tree: 1. shield spec 1/5 instead of 1% dodge. Why? 2. 2h-axes and maces - if you wanna play 2h weapon as shaman I suggest to stick with staves I also don't know if this build start with 0/30/0 or 21/0/0. I'd suggest something like this: up to lvl 28 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#hg0uV0h lvl 28-60 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#hg0uV0hZxVf0VMut So... Let me explain why I choose this build: 1. Stormstrike is meh and drops you out of mana super quick. It buffs no damage because you deal no nature damage once mob is in melee range (unless you cast earthshock instead of flameshock which is dealing more damage per mana). 2. 2h-weapons - staves are strong, they usually have good stats for shamans. You can upgrade em for whole leveling time because you get em from quests (axes/maces you have to farm in dungeons [random drop rates]). Let me list some easy obtainable good upgrades: clvl 12-14 Staff of Orgrimmar http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=15444 (reward from RFC quest) clvl 19-21 Crescent staff http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=6505 This staff is superior than any other up to clvl 28-30 clvl 28-36 you can get 4 good staves (all have random [BUT HUGE] drop chance from GNOME/RFK/SM bosses) clvl 36-40 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=4134 clvl 44-46 Spellshifter Rod http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=9527 clvl 46-50 This one from MARA quest http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=17743 3. Dealing with mobs - things you need to know (or you already know): a) Searing totem is very cheap (mana) and deals in total lots of damage - buffing it's damage by 15% (talent 3/3) is very important. Also searing totem stays only for 30 sec but it's usually enought to kill 2 mobs. b) You pull mobs with lighting (because lighting bolt has 3 sec casting time you can usualy cast 2 of em before mob is close enought to disrupt your channeling) c) flame shock over frost/earth - it's best damage per mana (of all 3 shocks) d) white damage aka right click - after you cast 2 bolts, put a totem and cast flame shock mob is usually at 65-50% hp (and taking DoT damage form shock/totem and shield) - if you score critical with L.bolt it's super good because you increase your chance to score critical with melee (white hits) - it also procs flurry e) lighting shield - good damage per mana f) "camping" - once you get your support totems (mana spring is Godmode), do not forget about puting them in once place (talking obvious shiet but I've seen many times those "semi-pro" shamans puting new totems every 20 sec instead of pulling mobs to one good spot) g) frostbrand/flametounge/rockbitten/WF -> depends how do they work on server you play - pick the best one 4. Playstyle 1-60: pretty much "3" above I) put support totems in a "camping" place and cast lighting shiled II) pull mob with lighting bolt (cast 2nd bolt) III) use searing totem and cast flameshock IV) whitehit to death V) heal yourself VI) repeat II-V untill your support totems are dead (or untill you need to change a "camping" place) 5. Playstyle part 2: go to the dungeons as healer (BUT I"M GOOD DPS FU NOOB LOL!!!!!!11111) 6. Playstyle part 3: stoneskin and stoneclaw totems are actually awesome for leveling - don't skip them