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  1. This is way better than my "almost troll" guide to all classes trought expansions. +1 You should feel an evil presence watching you...
  2. This topic is all about "players roll on items they don't need", not about hunters or shamans ; /
  3. They need on mail, leather and cloth. They need on melee dps gear whiile ele/resto specced. They need on healer gear while dps specced. They need on 2h weapons (axes, maces) even w/o "two haned axes and maces" talent. They need on shields (even hunter's are not doing that...) no matter of shield +stats Not sure if p-server I'm playing right now is just full of sh1tty shaman players or they was always like hunters. Ideas? PS: The moment you see shaman thinking about "should I roll need or greed" - fkin priceless (coz you know what gonna happen)
  4. It is my least fav class.
  5. Greetings, We have some topics on this forum about "best solo farm class", "what class should I pick for solo farming gold", "mage grind aoe tactics" etc. Today we had this nice conversations like: "Dire Maul East farm is going to be inefficient because devs decided to change drop rate of gray items from flayers" and "hunter tribute solo run...". So, as we know Crestfall is going to "ban" some of these ways of speed up gold farming (which is cool, honestly I like it); but we actually don't know what is going to be banned? examples: BRD pickpocket runs, solo killing elites in DM, ZG solo mage farm, Naxx rogue runs etc. So if @Darkrasp or @Crogge could response to this topic that would be nice : ) And two more questions that concern this topic: 1. If You are going to "ban" DME flayers farm then then next "best" way to to farm gold is going to be: a) rogue brd pickpocket runs or b) BRD arena mage aoe farm So the question is: are You going to bad these to? And if answer is "Yes" - are You going to ban "next best" ways to farm gold aswell? 2. How to recognize what method is fair and what method isn't fair? Regards PS: ofc "ban" is a wrong word here (by these I mean - You gonna make em inefficient).
  6. I'm realist, not a beliver guy. I'm not "feed by hype" just because I was related with Corecraft. I'm here because I like this forum and MAYBE I will be able to play this server once it's released (if it's will be as good as expected). But I'm not like waiting againg 3 years for a "perfect server" - I'm enjoying the game by playing other p-server. The idea of PTE seems to be most attractive to me here, it might also bring more devoted player. Btw. a "pro player" - I think too many ppl misunderstand the meaning of "pro". I don't get payment for playing this game.
  7. How do You know it? Did something leaked and I missed it? There's actually no info what CF team is doing (well there's still every 2 week update about what's done but to be sure You don't know what's done, what need to be fixed etc. Not even talking about ~9471892 bugs that we are going to find during open beta and after server release). So You don't play WoW but you just test servers. I'm not sure if I understand but You are testing servers you are not going to play on (because you wanna play Cresstfall and only crestfall, nothing else). You know nothing about the CF server but in your mind it's better than all other p-servers you tested. Do You know how many exact posts been made on Corecraft forum? Again... There are servers with "BEST SCRIPTS EVER SEEN" but You still wanna play CF... Oh the language barrier - welcome to the internet. Please, be realist.
  8. Hi, Due to some research I've been doing for last few months, I can see that famous leveling guides (for example Joana's) have flaws. The flaws I'm talking about are existed/not existed quests. Because CF will launch around patch 1.3 I'm curious which quests are not goind to be avaible for "first few months"? I'm not talking here about quest from DireMaul or Zul'Gurub 'coz it's obvious those won't exist. I'm talking here about "leveling" quests like Southsea Shakedown or Marg Speaks chain. I believe there's way way more of them (I don't even know if Silithus existed back in 1.3). Thanks for answers in advance. PS: I'm working on "almost flawless" vanilla leveling guide. Those informations will be super useful.
  9. Some facts: Elysium paladins are doing about 15-20% more damage than palys on kronos/fenix (so everything depends how it will be scripted on CF) In early game (by early game I mean 8 slot debuff counter) You won't have your seal of crusader avaible on any raid boss. Ppl are going to hate you (just because you play ret pally), you also gonna have problems to join 5/10-man end game dungeons. Loot: you are pressing "need" on warrior's loot - guess who hates you even more. Loot2: you are pressing "need" on hunter's loot - but who cares about hunters. Ret pala is super expensive (not because of items, but because of consumeables - you need a lot of consumeables to shine in dpsmeter) Ret pala is more consistent in later expansions. Actually in TBC at least on ret pala per ride is awesome. My personal opinion: playing ret pala is like leveling warrior (in vanilla), kinda suicide gaming. hepi easters
  10. The question is: Q3 of 2017 or Q3 of 2030?
  11. Ok so... I understand that You are going to level up as fury or arms (something like 20/31/0 or 31/20/0) and then you are going to respec to 31/5/15 or 17/3/31. 1. About 31/5/15: a) why do you need imp. revenge? b) there's no shield block 1/3 (why?) c) you get toughness over anticipaton (why?) d) you get imp. hamstring 1/3 (why?) e) where's the point of getting mortal strike if you wanna play 1h-sword + shield as dungeon tank? 2. About 17/3/31: a) imp revenge again, why do you need it... b) imp shiled wall 2/2 for dungeons but imp sunder armor 0/3 c) I dont get why deep wounds/impale are so good for tanking d) also about "c" - 2% less critical chance (cruelty 3/5 insead of 5/5) gives you 2% chance to apply deep wounds/impale Also, you didn't explain if you wanna play full pve or pvp/pve and what role you wanna take there.
  12. Good addon idea but It won't force hunters to press greed on shields or plates : (
  13. Once server release date will be known - ppl should start creating/transfering guilds here. PS: I joined Corecraft guild back in 2013
  14. Why not both?
  15. Hmm... In Vanilla, You can't sap druids while they are shifted into cat/bear/moonkin/seal form (because sap can be only used on humanoids). Due to wowhead Owlbeasts are humanoids (they still have "beast" in their names...), but they are not skinable. Due to popular vanilla database (you know which one) they are humanoids but they are skinable. Most of vanilla p-servers or all of vanilla p-servers are probably using that "known" database. Y, it's vanillagaming.org. The problem is that probably none of old retail players is going to rememeber if he/she ever skinned owlbeasts in Hinterlands (back in 2004-2006), because back in those days nobody gived a fok about it ; ) And because these "old retail players" have already played one or few p-servers the stuff might be mixed in their heads. The 2nd problem... Maybe it was possible (to skin em) and it was a bug, and Blizzard didn't fixed it before cata (coz it's semms like low priority bug). Or maybe this one blizzard folk who was implementing owlbeast was cruel, bdsm person or he just completed BG2 bridge district quest and had a great idea to... Anyways... Since when skinning is bad? Big regards, Chuck Testa. PS: Is that possible to skin pandas in MoP? I hope so...
  16. 2/10
  17. Introduce post in 3.. 2.. 1..
  18. em... Hi What about " Need before Greed " http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Loot Not even talking about master loot coz it's obvious... Let's be serious, there's always this guy who doesn't understand phrases like: "roll for the chest please" or "please everyone press greed if 16-slot bag drops" But the problem is not because it can be fixed - It's about players. You can't fix players.
  19. guide

    I'm 99% sure back in vanilla this also gives some frost resistance. or maybe just 50%... But this 15 frost damage mmm...
  20. guide

    BFD buff pls : ) Naxx strats...
  21. Greetings, First of all - I'm not a very good warrior player, and that's why I've got some questions to peopole more familiar with this class. I've been looking for LEVELING spec as warrior on a few forums like Nost, Kronos etc. And most of the suggested builds are wrong with some talents in my opinion. There's nothing like fury is better than arms or w/e, It's just about some cons/pros about talents. 1st example: Unbridled Wrath or Booming Voice (Fury). So In almost every guide ppl suggest to get booming voice 5/5 over unbridled wrath 5/5 (because it gives You more rage points). Lets calculate this... 1. Booming voice: 50% of 2 minutes buff = 1 min more, so w/o talent battle shout cost cost 5 rage per minute. with 5/5 talent battle shout cost 3,33 rage per minute, so this talent actually gives You 1,66 rage per minute. 2. Unbridled Wrath: 5/5 of this talent gives You 40% chance to generate 1 rage point when You hit with weapon. Due to vanilla-wiki Your hit chance with 2h-weapon is eequal 95% (against mob with same level). Lets say Your chance o hit is about 80% because of dodge/parry etc. You are figthing 2h-weapon with a 3,5 sec swing time so... 4 of 5 swings hits (80%), You attack 17 times per minute, so You hit 13 times. 40% of those 13 attack generate 5 rage per minute. 5 > 1,7 So why ppl choose Booming voice over Unbridled Wrath? 2nd example: Tactical Mastery over Improved Charge (Arms) and Tactical Mastery over Improved Heroic strike. In this example i don't understand many things. 1st - should I never use heroic strike and why, or should I stop using it after I get Whirlwind (lvl 24) so 5/5 tactical mastery allows me to stance swap + use 25 rage for it? Also why Improved charge 2/2 is worse than 2 more point in Tactical mastery. Improved charge gives You about 18 rage per minute (If you cast charge 3 times in a minute - Charge CD is equal 15, but killing single mob takes a bit longer as warrior). 3rd example: Blood craze (Fury). Some guides says - It's awesome beacuse of bonus , some says - Imp. Battle shout 4/5 is better because of bonus damage. So by calculating... Bloodcraze regenerates joke amount of hit points during leveling. 3% of total life. Let's say, You are lvl 45 so You've got about 2500 hp. Mob's crit chance is about 5% so every 2nd or 3rd mob is going to crit You at least once, so every 3 mobs You are going to regenerate 75-100 life. Is it worth it over bonus Attack power? Please explain and tell me if I'm wrong with theorycrafting, TY. And this is how I see the leveling spec (with 2h weapon):
  23. Well.. If you will get bored of Your Main you can always roll a new character (and make it Your new main). Leveling an alt is way easier (taking less time) than main (especially on a fresh server). Also Your guild mates may help You leveling an alt. There's no horde paladins and alliance shamans in vanilla so I believe many people are going to roll 'em once TBC is released (DK in wotlk etc... [etc = kung-fu pandas]). For example I would love to play tank pally in vanilla but I'm not rly the Alliance guy. Damn it! So I'm going to roll a Warrior (at least I don't need to flask for UBRS). But if You wanna keep with "one single main" I suggest to pick a class that fits in every expansions, I mean... The class that is getting stronger (and more important or "irreplaceable") or more (not less) funny to play in TBC/WotLK. I'm talking here about class utility in expansions; for example: -no one need teleports in TBC+ so mage teleport spells becomes more useless with every expansion -shamans can hex in WotLK so mage polly is not irreplaceable anymore (also non-talent sap in TBC+ is not breaking stealth anymore [but not working on beasts before WotLK]) -paladins and druids are officially tanks in TBC+ so warriors aren't god mode of taking after 2 years of playing vanilla (DK in WotLK) -etc. So... I think vanilla classes that are getting stronger or more useful trought TBC and WotLK are: 1. Shamans (one button four totems [sounds like movie for adult, isn't it?], hex) 2. Paladins (they can be a "real" tanks, they can also become a retri dps in WotLK [or even TBC]) 3. Priests (just because shadow spec is more viable in TBC+) 4. druids (moonkin and cat dps are relatively stronger in TBC+) Cheers
  24. hi