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  1. Corecraft when?
  2. Since September 21st I've done A LOT of testing/research and now I see clearly the differences. 1. Bloodcraze is superior to few more AP (coz' of overkilling but also because of bloodcraze actually decrease your downtimes ALOT) 2. imp. heroic strike is useless (3 more parry is way better), you are not using HS is lategame never ever [especially if fury specced] 3. more tactical mastery is superior to imp. charge; also tactical mastery > imp. hamstring (I feel like imp. hamstring is kinda useless coz there's no need to "root" your enemies in pvp [the 40-50% slow is way enough] 4. booming voice is superior to un. wrath (unless you are pve dps specced {for endgame content but we are tlalking here about leveling}) 5. leveling as Arms may be better than Fury (but it depends of your playstyle, loot RNG and type of server {pve/pvp}). There's a big gap of 2h axes between whirlwind axe and another superior (easy obtainable); also mortal strike is only working with SLOW weapons and while leveling few of those "late game" axes have a quick swing. The list of easy obtainable 2h-axes from lvl 31 to 60 (with arms build you skill axes spec [+5% crit] form lvl 31 to 36): REQ lvl - dps / atack speed / text - name [how to obtain] 57 - 53,1 / 3,4 / hit:55dot - Gravestone War Axe [Scholo boss] 54 - 50,5 / 3,7 / 30ap 1crit - Dreadforge Retaliator [BRD boss] 53 - 49,8 / 4,0 / hit:100dmg+6dot - The Nicker [LBRS elite] 51 - 43,5 / 2,6 / 22str 7sta - Angerforge's Battle Axe [BRD boss] (pre 1.10 version) 50 - 42,6 / 3,3 / 72apVSbeasts - Beastslayer [Un'Goro quest] 50 - 42,7 / 2,4 / 21str 6sta - Limb Cleaver [BRD quest] 48 - 45,8 / 3,2 / hit:230dot - Gatorbite [MARA boss] 37 - 37,3 / 3,5 / hit:WW - Ravager [SM:arms boss] 32 - 32,6 / 2,7 / 18str 7sta - Thermaplugg's Left Arm [Gnome boss] 30 - 35,6 / 3,6 / 15str 14sta - Whirlwind Axe [Class quest] 29 - 28,9 / 3,8 / 15str 8sta - Corpsemaker [RFK boss] Pink items are not the RNG drop. Ofc. You can always buy a blue axe around lvl 43... (but prices at fresh server are horrible) Big thanks guys.
  3. Greetings, First of all - I'm not a very good warrior player, and that's why I've got some questions to peopole more familiar with this class. I've been looking for LEVELING spec as warrior on a few forums like Nost, Kronos etc. And most of the suggested builds are wrong with some talents in my opinion. There's nothing like fury is better than arms or w/e, It's just about some cons/pros about talents. 1st example: Unbridled Wrath or Booming Voice (Fury). So In almost every guide ppl suggest to get booming voice 5/5 over unbridled wrath 5/5 (because it gives You more rage points). Lets calculate this... 1. Booming voice: 50% of 2 minutes buff = 1 min more, so w/o talent battle shout cost cost 5 rage per minute. with 5/5 talent battle shout cost 3,33 rage per minute, so this talent actually gives You 1,66 rage per minute. 2. Unbridled Wrath: 5/5 of this talent gives You 40% chance to generate 1 rage point when You hit with weapon. Due to vanilla-wiki Your hit chance with 2h-weapon is eequal 95% (against mob with same level). Lets say Your chance o hit is about 80% because of dodge/parry etc. You are figthing 2h-weapon with a 3,5 sec swing time so... 4 of 5 swings hits (80%), You attack 17 times per minute, so You hit 13 times. 40% of those 13 attack generate 5 rage per minute. 5 > 1,7 So why ppl choose Booming voice over Unbridled Wrath? 2nd example: Tactical Mastery over Improved Charge (Arms) and Tactical Mastery over Improved Heroic strike. In this example i don't understand many things. 1st - should I never use heroic strike and why, or should I stop using it after I get Whirlwind (lvl 24) so 5/5 tactical mastery allows me to stance swap + use 25 rage for it? Also why Improved charge 2/2 is worse than 2 more point in Tactical mastery. Improved charge gives You about 18 rage per minute (If you cast charge 3 times in a minute - Charge CD is equal 15, but killing single mob takes a bit longer as warrior). 3rd example: Blood craze (Fury). Some guides says - It's awesome beacuse of bonus , some says - Imp. Battle shout 4/5 is better because of bonus damage. So by calculating... Bloodcraze regenerates joke amount of hit points during leveling. 3% of total life. Let's say, You are lvl 45 so You've got about 2500 hp. Mob's crit chance is about 5% so every 2nd or 3rd mob is going to crit You at least once, so every 3 mobs You are going to regenerate 75-100 life. Is it worth it over bonus Attack power? Please explain and tell me if I'm wrong with theorycrafting, TY. And this is how I see the leveling spec (with 2h weapon):
  4. Well I'm also a big fan of basic wow UI but there's a lot of stuff missing in vanilla's basic UI. You should rly think how Your UI is supposed to look like (make a prototype on a paper or something). Then, think what addons You need to make it so. 1st of all I recomend to decrease UI scale (escape/video options/ui scale) and check in options what else can you change w/o using addons (for example you can customize chat). So talking about "what is missing in plane vanilla UI"... For sure You are missing enemy casting bar (added in TBC). [there's few of those addons; for begginers I recomend NECB] [/necb to open option window] The 2nd must have is threat metter, ppl are usually using KTM 17.34 or 17.35 - it's almost impossible to raid w/o it. [/ktm to open option window] EQL - enchanted quest log (better quest tracker than basic one [better because it allows You to track more quests and it's not buggy like vanilla's basic] Mobinfo2 - le must! Shows current/max hit points of your enemies. [/mi2 to open option window] Some Crowd Control timers (chronometer, debuff timers or w/e, just google which one fit fot you). So those are like MUST HAVE. UNIT FRAMES There's some more or less popular like: Xperl, Titan, Luna [unit frames]. Good thing about chaning You unit frames is about "Unit frames usually have some other addons inside". For example Luna has enemy casting bar (so you can avoid NECB); Xperl has MobHealth etc. And here, some more BASIC stuff making You life easier (and your UI cleaner): Move anything (allows You to change location and size of most of UI stuff). [escape/move anything/select frame] Cartographer - map is not full screen anymore. Bartender - customize actionbars (and also some other bars), Super ignore: (get rid of gold sellers spam) ImprovedErrorFrame: no more annoying lua errors on your screen. align: creates a grid on your screen. Let's make good example (of thing you need/you don't need/trash addons/etc) of my current UI (it's not perfect clean but I use laptop nowadays and my screen is pretty small; I could change UI scale but I like if important thing are good visible). As You can see I have there all I need: Luna UI frame: There is good view of my enemy (I can see his casting bar, hp numbers and %, his target, class, buffs/debuffs). Also at bottom one I can see my casting bar (so i get rid of blizzard's casting bar), XP bar, my buffs/debuffs. mobinfo showing health/mana. For CC timers I use "debuff timers". I have also customized party/raid frames [still Luna]. Bartender (OmniCC shows cooldown) EQL also KTM in bottom right corner Chat - chatsuey (it just allows you to use mousewheel and remove buttons) Tooltip's location is changed my moveanything (also minimap is little bigger [done with same addon]) My minimap looks clear just because I turned off all minimap buttons. And that's pretty much it. Changing UI scale should make is looks more clear. Here's list of all addon I use: Meh I don't use grid anymore. BUT... I still could improve it by clearing it a bit (coz as I said before: many of those addons has more than one use; for example I could delete Xloot and config correctly lazypig (coz it does the smae job); same thing with shagumount). So I'm trying to tell - do it Yourself, spent few hours, days for that. There's nothing like "perfect UI", it sohuld be perfect for You. One more thing... If You watch close to the UI at "show You UI topics" You can see missing stuff in those "super clean UI". They are usually missing party/raid frame, KTM, questlog... so be sure those UI's don't look 100% like on pictures : ) Cheers.
  5. Hmm... a) You earn about 2x more exp in outlands (then in azeroth), which means: lvl 60 quest from azeroth gives you 5k xp lvl 60 quest from outland gives you 10k xp (also grinding mobs gives twice more XP) b) If you are max level (no mater of patch) - all the quests XP are turned into gold (1xp = 6 copper), which means if you finish any quest in vanilla as lvl 60 hero you gain bonus money. c) Number of lvl 57-60 quests in azeroth is damn low (most of em are chains or dungen/elite/raid stuff). Also... I'm sure You gonna need to do most of those quests while leveling up to lvl 60 or gearing your endgame hero. d) I understand going straight to zangarmarsh is kinda safe play coz you are going yo avoid HFP PvP madness but You are also going to avoid some strong blue drops (there's a few elite/dungeon quests that gives you nice blue items). e) While everyone is fighting in portal opening event you are roaming world to turn in quests : ( f) I'm thinking about PvP quests...
  6. Webside?
  7. hi

  8. Treant ally http://db.vanillagaming.org/?npc=5806 Hits like a truck on *every P-server. But when You open youtube and write joana's levling stonetalon 23-25 you can see treants deal like 30 damage per hit. *by "every" I mean: every I played (and I played lots of em
  9. This. I play this game since 2006 and about 95-99% hunters I meet are super BAD (P-servers since 2010). By BAD i mean: -they can't control pets (pulling random trash in dungeons, also turning pet's taunt off is somimes super difficult) -they can't use freezing trap properly -they are typical "GO GUYS" aka "me not waiting for tank, my pet better tank, fu nobz, omg faster" -they roll need on items they don't need (aka "fire dmg robe is increasing trap damage so STFU noob") Once I roll a tank on Kul'Tiras I'll be avoiding hunters in my dungeon group for sure. Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like this class was designed to single player gaming. There's no reason to group up as hunter before end game content. You can farm most elite quests solo. Any non-elite quest is super easy. You have pet so you there's always this +1 guy in your party. You don't need to upgrade your items with dungeon loot (questing stuff is way enought and you are still fastest leveling class). But let me answer Your question as best as I can. pros: -raid guilds need hunters for late game content cons: -reputation of hunter class is very bad (but I might be wrong) Protip: roll warrior.
  10. I love leveling in Nagran, it's such beautiful place. I love the bloodsport chain (aka kill 200 mobs for Hemet Nasingwary or w/e he's name is). The ring of blood fok yeah! And the Hero of Mag'har (the first time You meet Garrosh Hellscream). it's probably the only place in Outland where You can feel like in Vanilla again. Y, Nagrand is my Fav. The zones I hate? Probably Dustwallow Marsh (ugly shiet zone, full of elites and crapworth quests).
  11. hi

    I'm playing lolysium : (
  12. Farming soulshards...
  13. push-ups squats actions per minute
  14. 2030
  15. hmm... theorycraft?
  16. More like 2k in Azeroth
  17. The question is: how CF devs are going to solve it
  18. Doing quests is always better option then grinding. For sure you will be lacking XP just by doing quests but you can always grind those 10-20% of bar (the missing XP of solo farm). Go to the every low level dungeon (also get all of possible dungeon quests). There's no problem of completing all of them since you got a "team". Make sure your 4-man team have a tank, healer and 2 dps (because It's always easiest to find 3rd dps). I would say: warrior, priest, rogue, mage is a best 4-man composition for leveling (it's also awesome for dungeons [since you have: best tank class, best heal class, strong melee dps and mage with polly]. Also this team composition will never have "need/greed loot" problem [the lock/priest/mage you suggest is kinda overwhelmed with "cloth" characters]. Also, with a "team" you are able to do all elite quests outside dungeons (and if you are familiar with leveling guides you know there are always things like "skip elite quests, it's to hard to do solo"). You can also try different talent builds (different of basic leveling. Example: backstab rogue [since he always has a tank]).
  19. World record of speedrunning lvl 60 (v1.11) is 116 hours but you wanna beat it in "1 and a 1/2 weeks 4-5h per day" which is 40-50 hours. Good luck
  20. Torch of Retribution
  21. uncorurpted loot council > dkp dkp > true loot council
  22. This proves Diablo designers knows shit about the game
  23. I believe Blizzard folks been using this calculation: a - number of maximum teamed up players in diablo 1 b - number of maximum teamed up players in diablo 2 lod c - number of maximum teamed up players in starcraft bw (4v4 game) d - number of maximum teamed up players in warcraft 3 tft (6v6 game) x - maximum player numbers in wow dungeons so, a = 4 b = 8 c = 4 d = 6 x = ? x = (a+b+c+d)/4 = 22/4 = 5,5 (and because you can't take 0,5 for a dungeon, then it's 5,0) IZI PIZI