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  1. Thanks
  2. Yup, it's devided. The main problem about leveling as 2+ players is about "quest require level" - so you have to grind mobs A LOT (which especially sux for low clvl characters). It's also sux coz low level zones on new servers are overpopulated.
  3. I'm curious if Naxxramas can fly into space?
  4. naxx is WotLK spaceships are TBC
  5. Not sure if Lolysium or everywhere...
  6. Greetings, This is my guide to BRD quest run at low level (suggested lvl range 54 =< lvl < 58) Horde side (but the Alliance side is probably preety much the same). I decided to create this guide because I used to run this many times (with many characters at many p-servers), and always there was few people who didn't know how to route it well. This run allows you to gain a lot of XP (which is not useful at lvl 60) and few pre-raid bis items around lvl 56 (so you don't have to clear whole BRD more times). Just because leveling guides usually tell something like "don't go to dungeons while leveling - it's waste of time (unless you have a good organised group)" - Yea... Let's start with the team composition: TANK - doesn't matter if druid or warrior - those are pretty much the same tanky at this level (druids might be even better because no warrior spec prot before 60). HEAL - I suggest priest (because of stamina buff and because shadow priests may heal aswell (shamans are not very well single target healers and druids can't resurect if someting go wrong). DPS1 - mage is a must (polly is a must; and if mage has imp. blizzard talent - the run is very smooth) DPS2 - warlock (imp gives you more stamina, banish is a great CC here in BRD aswell) DPS3 - rogue (someone have to steal Guzler key...) Quest and where to pick 'em: 1. KILL ON SIGHT: Dark Iron Dwarves (pick at Kargath "wanted sign") - You are going to kill those dwarfes just while doing a single run. 2. The Last Element (pick at Kargath) - Same as Kill on Sight you and your party are going to kill enough elementals for the all 10/10 x5 drop. 3. The Rise of the Machines (require pre-quest from Burning Steppes [Joana's guide leads you to this prequest around lvl 53-54]. 4. Ribbly Screwspigot (You can grab a pre-quest while doing Un'goro route) - the quest leads you to Grim Guzzler. 5. Lost Thunderbrew Recipe (You can grab a prequest while doing some Hinterland lvl 50 route [the prequest require lvl 50]) - same as before it's a Grim Guzzler quest. 6. The Heart of the Mountain (It it a vault quest - there's a big chance enought keys will drop during one run to get this item). 7. Dark Iron Legacy (you have to be dead to pick this quest [but it's shareable]) - probably the most important quest here to get a key that allows you to do lava runs later... (you turn in this quest above the arena). 8. Disharmony of Flame (this quest is done just outside of BRD - it's super good if anyone already done that before starting BRD quest run just because it allows you to get 2 more quests which are 9 and 10). If someone is missing it - You could make Kargath Your home - kill pyron - stone to Kargath - go to BRD with 2 more quests. Btw, You can kill overmaster pyron during Searing Gorge/Burning Steppes leveling route. 9. Disharmony of Fire - require Disharmony of Flame. 10. Commander Gor'shak - require Disharmony of Flame aswell. It's saving the princess 1st chain quest. 11. Attunement to the Core - MC attu quest I recomend to skip bael'gar quest (A Taste of Flame) - the dwarfes packs are super strong. While in Grim Guzzler you can also pick a love potion quest. If you are lvl 56+ and you already done Grark Lorkrub you can pick next part (Operation: Death to Angerforge) Here we are 9-12 quests so it's like 100k XP + XP for killing mobs (well organised run takes about 2,5 - 3,5 hours [depends of wipes counter]). BRD map and route: I. If Disharmony of Flame is not complete yet: make Kargath Your home -> kill Pyron -> Stone to Kargath -> accept Disharmony of Fire and Commander Gor'shak -> go to BRD II. if your Rogue doesn't have enought lockpick skill to open Gor'shak prision cell - kill Gerstahn [5] - open the prision cell - protect Gor'shak - talk to dwarf/go back to Gor'shak and accept What Is Going On? III. go to the Ring of Law kill arena boss [6] - go above arena (spectators should be neutral now) - go to [7] and clear this place so you can turn in Dark Iron Legacy later IV. Cross the bridge and head to vault [8] - clear the vault and check who's the key keeper (google his location) - go down and kill Fineous Darkvire [9] (he has Ironfel for Dark Iron Legacy) - keep going down and kill Lord Incendius for Disharmony of Fire. V. Go back to [7] and turn in Dark Iron Legacy - cross the top of arena and press the whell (Shadowforge lock [12]) - go kill Angerforge [13] VI. If you have a warlock you can try to kill Golem Lord Argelmach [14] (it's important to banish one elite - they hit like a truck), if you aren't strong enought just skip it and head to Grim Guzzler [15] VII. Do both Grim Guzzler quests then steal a key - open the doors VIII. Go down - kill Flamelash [16] - kill Panzor [17] (if he spawned...) - clear 7d event [18] (if you are a miner complete The Spectral Chalice, just make sure you have items before you enter BRD) IX. Do Attunement to the Core [23] (you gonna need a warlock here aswell because 3 elementals at once might be too strong) - go back and open the vault (make sure you have at least 12 Relic Coffer Key and the Dark Keeper Key) - once vault is done die on purpose X. Ressurect at BRD entrance - run outside and turn in Attunement to the Core - heartstone to Kargath and turn in the quests That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.
  7. For those who likes arrows...
  8. You can find answer in bottom left corner of the map.
  9. Are there still soulstones in legion?
  10. Damn, my CoreCraft guild is still waiting for release...
  11. But I don't have my fav class : (
  12. Acutally NOT. Bgee up to version 2.1 was super buggy about FPS - le famous minimap/back to game fps drop is a good example (you had to load quicksave to get back your fps). This used to kill radeon cards. Also in BGee you can't turn on 60 fps mode (you play with 30), so your game runs slower than original versions of BG.
  13. Greetings again. Here is my fixed guide to speed leveling undead starting zone. Joana's Vanilla Guide or VanillaGuide Addon (which is just copied Joana's guide) represents TBC or WotLK patch content - some things are not correct there with 1.12 version of the game. First of all check the Joana's (FuriusPaul) guide to 1-12: http://www.joanasworld.com/members/undead.htm ### Leveling 1-6 ### -you can speed up this part by dying on purpose after killing spiders in the cave. ### Leveling 6-10 ### -"Deaths in the Family" requires prequest "The haunted mills" (which requires level 7 a accept) -"The Chill of Death" requires level 7 to accept -after finishing 6-10 guide you should be a bit far from level 10 - You will probably have to kill about 20-30 random mobs to get it -also a new trick: learn herbalism so You can see Glood/Doom Weed easily -you can speed up this part by dying on purpose after killing murlocks (part 17 of Joana's Guide) or Devlin Agamand (explained in "Fixed 6-10") ### Leveling 10-12 and class quests ### -there are few mistakes in routing caused by 6-10 mistakes -you will probably get enought XP for level 12 without completing last part of "At War with the Scarlet Crusade" (anyways if you are not lvl 12 while finishing Tirisfal Glades route You can get few more bars with Thrall's RFC quest "Hidden enemies") -if you are playing warrior you can complete lvl 10 class quest along with "The Family Crypt" for some bonus XP -if you wanna go for RFC in "near future" You also should poke Varimathras for "The Power to Destroy..." quest ########## Fixed 1-6, 6-10 and 10-12 step by step ########## Most of text is copied from Joana's Guide - don't kill me for that. Hidden in spoilers... So I've been recently testing stuff like 1-12 and 12-19 leveling on new elysium servers and here's some facts (due to server launch tactics): 1. It is all depends of increased spawn rate for mobs/quest_objects (but in a few aspects quick respawns are not helping - example "Family" Crypt quest): a) lets say "there is no increased respawn rate" - then Youtubers guide to explore up to lvl 4 is way better b) lets say "there is" - then clicker wars begin 2. On elysium some objects has increased spawn rate (some doesn't) a) pumpkins got about 30 sec resp (so with 5 ppl camping one spot pumpkin gathering took me about 20 min) b) boxes for scavenging Darknell quest had no increased spawn rate (there was like 20 ppl moving around and playing clicker game) - this quest took me about 30 min c) gloom weeds - I've seen one during whole route (I've been using herb track) d) doom weeds - never finished gloomweeds on both fresh servers (the gloom weed quest provides about 200xp and doom weed about 400 - so if there's no inc. resp rate You can easily skip that) 3. So, the 3rd "problem" about this is lack of XP because You will probably have to join/create party for every miniboss or grinding quest (I mean like: Deaths in the Family or Graverobbers) a) and because of that You gonna get less XP than is required for lvl 12 b) and because of "a" You will have to go for Orgri/Durotar quests (To get lvl 12 I had to do Hidden Enemies and Burning Shadows everytime I've finished all tirisfal 1-12 quests) c) and because of "b" every 1-12 run took about about 5 hour 30 min (which is 1,5 hour more than on empty Kronos) d) getting lvl 6 before pumpkins is pain (I was fresh lvl 5) e) because of "d" I had to do The Chill of Death a bit later f) anyways there was a lot of improvisation because of abcde
  14. So... Can we expect questlines like: Marg Speaks or Job Opening: Guard Captain of Revantusk Village (along with 3 others Jintha'alor elite quests) exist on CF from very beggining? Or more like... Could you list unavaible quests?
  15. Ok so you can kite with hamstring and atack every 3-4 sec (if you are using slow 2h weapon). Yes because you mostly use first aid during leveling this class BUT every 5-6 mobs or level 2 or lower (just because you usually miss miss glancing glancing miss mobs with your level) My record of leveling 1-60 warrior is exact 6 days played (horde side). During those 6d played I die/died around 70 times (most of em because I get ganked or because i miss miss miss a single mob [or the 2nd mobs spawns {or I have to fight higer level mobs which is miss miss miss you died - levling guide}]). And even with hamstring+kiting I still have to first aid every same level mob (sometimes every 2 - depends of mob class). So, How do you that you eat every 5-6 youe level mobs, please tell me coz it's semms to be bullsh1t.
  16. Leveled 3 warriors in my life (2 up to 60, 1 up to 70). I'm curious what do you mean by "if you know how to play warrior" because I do actually know how to play warrior, and It's not easy at all (especailly lvl 30+). Leveling war- is painfull.
  17. Ok I'm rolling pala...
  18. OK... I would like to add that shamans and warriors are the only classes w/o CC (shamans can't hex before wotlk), so getting em as dps is one less CC for your party (even shadow priest can CC). Also I don't understand this: "IM THE BEST DPS check your recap noob". Why do you even make competition of "who is the best dps"?
  19. It's not about spec... It's not about gear... It is all about: Let's make a good conversation example: TANK: LF2M heal and dps SHAMAN whispers: DPS HERE!!!!!!11 TANK whispers: hey, could you please sign as healer, coz we are 4/5 already and missing a heal. SHAMAN: FU NOOB IM PRO DPS. Y... Usualy it looks like that - unfortently I lost all screenshots of those kind converstaions. Don't even ask how super mad I am when I can see priest whispering me "dps". Waiting for hate comments from XproXdpsX players
  20. Joana's 1.11 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCelCZCnwyGOJhPxjecUExng also unedited version of 1-60 leveling https://www.youtube.com/user/joana160unedited
  21. Not sure where to ask my questions so I ask here:
  22. They need on mail, leather and cloth. They need on melee dps gear whiile ele/resto specced. They need on healer gear while dps specced. They need on 2h weapons (axes, maces) even w/o "two haned axes and maces" talent. They need on shields (even hunter's are not doing that...) no matter of shield +stats Not sure if p-server I'm playing right now is just full of sh1tty shaman players or they was always like hunters. Ideas? PS: The moment you see shaman thinking about "should I roll need or greed" - fkin priceless (coz you know what gonna happen)
  23. I'm sorry but I was mistaken. Shamans at least don't roll on plates.