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    Me myself i have seen that on weapons with 1,8 attack speed plus the hawk proc and some insreaced chance to hit and tons of crit you may pull more dps on a boss fight with this cycle:arcane->multi->auto->repeat. Warning:on Kronos and from what i know in vanilla for some reason arcane shot may proc the effext on hit of your mellee weapon so make sure you have equiped one.I raided a bit with nightfall hunter so i had to abuse arcane shot a lot and it proced at 1 out of 40-70 hits sometimes it could get way higher and sometimes it could proc on 20 hits(hits=arcane shot). Anyway i found myself dealing more dmg with hight attack speed weapons while having quite good crit/agility/chance to hit due to the fact more autos=more crits also more autos=more hawk procs(and 5% is enough for you to proc quite usually) and because i found myself doing better when i had the option to reposition myself after every auto so yeah thats my perspective,tho i wouldn't mind fully this opinion bc i raided as nightfall hunter and my whole playstyle was quite different also my group cared not for my ranged dps but for how many nightfall procs i get without dying,when ranged all i could do is some damage and hope for arcane shot procing nightfall. Hope i helped if anything pls feel free to respond