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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad to see @Nogar and others help out with the db side of things.
  2. Good work as always. I take it Schaka wants to have a go at BC scripting.
  3. Legacy Logs from Shino is much better than Raidstats and Kronos take on it. It's actively updated to provide more information as you can read from the changelogs. It's not widely known for whatever reasons but I expect it to boom in popularity if Raidstats doesn't add a lot of its features. He also created DPSMate, his own addon, similar to the style of Recount to show various graphs, etc. SW Stats is completely obsolete or anything close to that addon. Example raid parse: http://legacy-logs.com/Vanilla/Raids/Evaluation/index.php?rid=1183
  4. It seems as though the database side of things is ready for closed beta, but more core work has yet to be done for stability reasons. Asura needs to get well to keep doing his stuff. Btw bros, keep communicating and don't let legion create a wall between you guys. Now's the time for a round of motivation for all staff members.
  5. I'm reminded of this interview (2012) which has parallels of the poor design philosophy between both Diablo and WoW over the years. Some of the things brought up remind me of systems WoW implemented that destroyed the traditional RPG experience. It doesn't feel like an MMORPG but more of a single instant gratification roller-coaster ride without the need of building friendships with others. I think that's why we like Vanilla so much because of the environment created by such basic systems.
  6. I'm pretty sure Monitor was #1 towards the end.
  7. Ralimonx, best Warrior EU. Where the hell is Cryptica anyways?
  8. 7 druids so far... We're gonna have to convince some of you to roll PvP server.
  9. You haven't seen anything yet until the avalanche of population pours into here. The problem is, people feel the need to comment in the off-topic section because it's on the front page of the forum. I think it would be wise to hide it from showing posts on the front page right side blocks. The off-topic section should not be given credibility to be in these two areas. This is World of Warcraft after all and to see the section mingled with posts related to the server or game itself is unfortunate. Out of sight, out of mind. Less attention.
  10. Solid points brought up by a few people here. It just reinforces my stance to stop playing on that project. I'm not going to bash the server but it's just not an experience I want to endure. The item progression and inadequate mechanics for the raids is unfortunate for those of us that want a more satisfying experience. Blackwing Lair has been out almost an entire year there and it reflects on the project in a negative sense when these simple issues aren't resolved. I'm not impressed at all in the slightest regarding that video.
  11. It's a bit into the future but I'm curious about this as well. @Darkrasp The Primal Hakkari Idol wasn't added until patch 1.11 and could only drop off those two bosses. Is the plan to release 1.7 (Zul'Gurub) with correct quests at the time for the enchants?
  12. I thought about it for quite a bit and agree with you regarding WSG and AB. A disabling of items seems to be more reasonable with them later being available for BWL release.
  13. Four months seems okay. It's going to take a while/short while (for some) that first month anyways. Some of the items being held back should make things a bit more interesting.
  14. Welcome. Any plans with Exiled coming here?