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  1. Just say online dating sites?
  2. I agree on realm choice, not on faction. Someday I will find @Outstanding with his PvP tag on and make the end of him.
  3. We once had a rough approximate month and missed it. Learned our lesson to not promise if you can't keep it.
  4. There has been talks already
  5. I suggest you ask people around if they have spare ones while waiting for open Beta
  6. I've stated it before and will state it now: The only bad thing about Cata was the addition of raidfinder. Dragon Soul was a bit underwhelming compared to the other raids in Cata (especially Firelands which was awesome) but it still was okay. I personally just lost motivation the moment they introduced LFR.
  7. I think its hilarious u kids talking shit about ferals. U wouldn't say this shit to them at lan, they're jacked, not only that but they wear the freshest fur, eat at the chillest restaurants, and hang with the hottest bitches. Yall are pathetic lol. /meme
  8. Well, Cata was fine until LFR. DS was still challenging but LFR is what killed WoW.
  9. No. Newey's aerodynamics melted that engine. Not enough cooling. Or then it was just Mercedes incompetence back then because McLarens from 00 to 05 were really unreliable engine wise. Kimi was on fire on that season tho! Multiple poles even with the heaviest car in qualifying!
  10. Hockey.. F1. 2005 McLaren Kreygasm
  11. Keep it civil and on-topic please.
  12. Just our webservers being crashed with all the population. @Crogge is working on it, and as I said previously we are looking to upgrade webservers anyways.
  13. This thread has turned into a mess of off-topic chat. Locking this thread down.
  14. We encourage people to play on other servers until we launch. We are however closing in on a milestone, more of that later tho.