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  1. Discovered a cool website where you can play videos to watch with friends and it has a chat room etc Watching episode 2 of Hana Yori dango tonight with another person on my rabb.it channel. at around 11 PM - 12 PM EST if you are interested in joining in you can watch episode 1 on youtube (link is in first post of this thread) then you can come to the channel and watch episode 2 with us my channel is https://www.rabb.it/Antility
  2. "I do not forgive, I do not forget when someone has decieved me"
  3. becuase he wrote a 3000 word reply trashing the show, when he isn't even correct in most of his assumptions. his only purpose for watching the show was to find what he didn't like about it, rather than enjoy it, he went into it to look for specific things to not like, he even says this " Maybe I'm too focused on judging the morality of the characters, so I'm inadvertently disregarding the funny and interesting parts of the show. That has happened to me with some other shows, too. " I am fine if people dislike, or cant get into a show, but his critique seems WAY over the top and pretty rediculous I think anybody who goes into a show with an open mind will be interested in this show just after watching the first 10 minutes.
  4. Got another person to start watching this show, I watched along online with them through first 3 episodes so they could talk to me about what was happening and they love it. another win for Antility!
  5. such a nice looking cast
  6. is the server close to being out? topics like this are quite hilarious. seen people from over a year ago on here talking about what class they are going to role as if the server is releasing in a few days. its quite funny to see
  7. BUMP which show is better, Kill Me Heal Me, or Hana Yori Dango? Kill Me Heal Me is definitly more emotional, its a tough call, both are great shows!
  8. yeah your problem is you are trying to be some sophisticated critic when in reality you have no idea what your talking about I think the problem is you, because everybody else who I have talked to whose watched this show, and the people I have gotten to watch it all say its a good show and give it at least 8/10
  9. Reign being assholes once again
  10. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT The Horde Guild Reign has treated me very badly. I stopped playing World of Warcraft. but I did raid 3 times on alliance 1 month ago as a rogue, because I had never melee dps'd in a raid before. so wanted to raid on my alliance rogue a few times to see how fun it was. I now come back to talk to my old friends in Reign. but, they ban me from teamspeak, and ban me from discord. they also tried to guild kick me, but I left before being kicked because nobody guild kicks me, NOBODY! they accuse me of being a spy for scuba cops, because as you all know scuba cops has been ash-blasting Reign for months. they accuse me of this simply because I raided on an alliance character 3 times. I did not even raid with scuba cops. and when I did raid on alliance was long after scuba cops started to gank. so they ban me from everything and tell me to get lost. this is very unfair treatment. so please KILL REIGN ON SIGHT!! THEY RAID EVERY THURSDAY AND FRIDAY AT 8pm est AND START BUFFING AT 7:45. PLEASE KILL THEM WHEN THEY PLAY ON CRESTFALL as a result of the poor treatment reign has given me I have deleted all my videos which include Reign. see for yourself! https://youtu.be/trqN0moGb58 https://youtu.be/C6bfq0jHAw8 https://youtu.be/yjs6-p2t5Rk https://youtu.be/OqoFH3fO75U they like to trash talk and be mean to people for no reason and yeah its not very nice Warcheif is a dental student, asked him multiple times on how I can fix my bite alignment but he would never give me advice. ALLIANCE KILL REIGN ON SIGHT, HORDE AVOID JOINING THEM!
  11. F4 doesnt tell people how to act or what to think though. lol.
  12. well the show is rated 92% on asianwiki and 8.3/10 on IMDB so I think its safe to say your judgement is not very good.
  13. good idea