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  1. If a man states something when alone in the woods with noone around to hear it, is he still wrong?
  2. 5/7 cuz gb
  3. ~600xp seems to be what https://www.amazon.com/World-Warcraft-Master-Guide-Second/dp/0744008190 states
  4. They got added with the linked auction houses patch (whenever that was). Previous to that patch all trading took place in IF/OG or the goblin towns which caused other "major" hubs to be more or less empty
  5. Woop woop! http://i.imgur.com/mgF86Pp.gifv
  6. Well you take the route to the left directly through all the patrolling packs, should take 1-1½ mins to get to Incendius and then jump down. Run / lava dodge to the left and volia. On elysium in particular you can pull the emp as a hunter, have your pet or another player gain aggro and then feign as the threat of the packs doesnt translate to your group.
  7. With the right setup on other 1.12 projects you can easily manage 15min/emp run, I'm not saying it is originally intended as game mechanics abuse in the torch room & emperor pull are usually used. I mean on Elysium you can get to the torches within 5 minutes if you're a seasoned BRD lover, another 5-8 minutes and you can pull the emperor without the rest of the room. Anyways, would be interested in a 2006 video showcasing EMP runs below 20minutes
  8. A loot council which is fair and can recognize effort put in towards common guild goals is great, period. Loot councils are never truly "corrupt" even though #CLC (corrupt loot council) is an easily used term, they can however be incredible stupid beyond belief - and this is actually important to remember. In HC guilds the most trusted long term members who perform superb in raids, world pvp & scout are usually rewarded first. On server launches the most trusted potential long term members & superb performers are rewarded ahead of every other player who is not investing enough time in gathering gear, consumables and materials for the guild. The loot council is perfect for these guilds as you can dump the best pieces on your best players, thus accelerating your progressionrate whilst avoiding casual larry to log off never to be seen again with 1-3 items that others could've used. In casual guilds it can look a bit different: The LC can for no obvious reason other than stupidity try to reward trials over core raiders (Oh look X has *insert green item* whilst Y has *insert preraid bis* => Clearly X needs it more and thus should get it!), or "core raiders" over outstanding trials/members who have become "core" due to showing up to the raid 3-4 times in a row. Picture the following scenario: Item A drops, player X (core raider, slacker, still missing 8-9 pieces of preraid bis 2 months after his first raid with only upgrades being epics from raids, whilst performing POORLY in raids) and player Y (trial, first-second raid, has since joined enchanted all gear and gathered almost complete preraid bis whist performing like a god in raids) both wants the item: Who should recieve item A? Honestly, if you are a normal-styled guild then just roll with DKP: You aren't competing with anyone but yourself and all above average players will stop putting up with your "loot councling" and move along when they quickly come to the realization that the council have next to no clue when they do their handouts. Loot council under such circumstances is like being visited by someone telling you they been abducted by aliens: You're not sure what the hell he has been smoking but you know you'll be outta there in no time.
  9. Each .tga screenshot takes up quite "alot" of space in comparison to a jpeg or png.
  10. There's also IrfanView which has batch processing.
  11. Did you ever find a firm PPM number for it? Not one that pleases the data for daggers, one handers & two handers. I used normalization speed in the sheet with daggers/onehanders seperated which matched what was available at a ~1.1 ppm rate or so.
  12. Should stay around 11dps +/-2 depending on amount of attacks + instant attacks. (Can obv differ a bit for the dudus)
  13. So I take it Asura has been the tank then?