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  1. The gameplay and world interaction we saw at Gummy's brief period was great, Corecraft the same even though it is a "beta" realm. We got Netherwing possibly coming out in the future as well.
  2. I play on this forgotten gem called "Crestfall", I doubt that you champs have heard of it but it is looking fairly *censored* so you should *censored* it!
  3. no ibid ibid
  4. yes, before 2031 is certain.
  5. Welcome! P.S: Northshire background rules supreme
  6. Quite the rollercoaster. Shutdown aside small details were very satisfactory which today is a shame considering that there's quite the possibility that a lot of the effort put in may be lost.
  7. Not entirely but certainly justified. I find declining staff activity on these boards a more pressing issue.
  8. Focus on kill quests and avoid quests that requires moderate amounts of collecting. If all you do is grinding you will have a bad time, repeatedly.
  9. ...so what I'm reading is that we can't possibly rule out the following scenario as some sort of community event? (I never really got the bloo memes, I just couldn't stop laughing when doing this one even if it possibly should be the opposite?)
  10. Anyone else missing the 1 reputation/kill grind back when it released in 2005 without automatic grouping?
  11. Played it since TBC. Done this, done that. Started out as a p1/p2 player and played it extensively until 2011 with kunkka as my then trademark hero, have since switched to p4/p5. Currently on "hiatus" since 2016-11, should probably start selling off all cosmetics (: