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  1. Not entirely but certainly justified. I find declining staff activity on these boards a more pressing issue.
  2. Focus on kill quests and avoid quests that requires moderate amounts of collecting. If all you do is grinding you will have a bad time, repeatedly.
  3. ...so what I'm reading is that we can't possibly rule out the following scenario as some sort of community event? (I never really got the bloo memes, I just couldn't stop laughing when doing this one even if it possibly should be the opposite?)
  4. Anyone else missing the 1 reputation/kill grind back when it released in 2005 without automatic grouping?
  5. Played it since TBC. Done this, done that. Started out as a p1/p2 player and played it extensively until 2011 with kunkka as my then trademark hero, have since switched to p4/p5. Currently on "hiatus" since 2016-11, should probably start selling off all cosmetics (:
  6. We are Hive. Our cause is yours. Hive-Guild.com
  7. Worth also adding in here is that Darkrasp et al. put extensive effort towards the loot system (which he mentions in some of his blogs dating "way" back), which I reckon to surely have quite the effect in early endgame content. Here's also a (very) short topic on Contest Winner's Tabard from suggestion boards: Regards Soyo
  8. How it is read from a minmaxing perspective
  9. I just wanted to respond that this has been noted. I currently have a tad bit going on but I'm slowly working towards a new version where these things are sorted as well as the underlying energy calculations being revamped (which is what's causing me most headache whenever I work on it). Thank you for reporting these errors
  10. You can spend -alot- of time playing non-stop after release and still progress slowly due to inefficiency that arises in regards to the logistics involved.
  11. The key to get ahead of the median, especially on server releases, is to have a thorough plan that you are ready to follow and continiously adapt on the go in ways that minimize downtime. Leveling the first levels by inn quests and exploration experience is both slower whilst having impact on your curve when you approach 10-20, by which I mean that many small streams merges into you lacking enough experience to accept a quest chain at the right time which will overall slow down your pace. Grinding will be acceptable on NPCs that are characterized by either a low healthpool or subpar resistance values (e.g. armor), but will in general be worse than straight up solo play or group questing for harder quests such as The Absent Minded Protector in Darkshore.
  12. Vanilla ice cream into tbc chocolate. Within 2017.