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  1. As someone who dabbles in voluntary projects every now and then I truly have to express my deepest respect and appreciation to the level of tenacity, consistency and pure passion you guys display. It is so easy to get distracted and detached from a project this large and extensive over time, but you guys beat the odds every day anew. It is, and I don't mean this lightly, awe-inspiring to follow your work. Thank you.
  2. I don't think that's what he is implying. I'm pretty sure that he knows, as you probably know too, that the primary 'reason' for people to not want Chinese players on their realm is plain and simple racism. Let's not pretend that a perceived superiority of gaming culture, community and social behavior is not the primary reason why people who are anti-Chinese vigilantes think the way they do. Of course there are valid concerns, most of which have been discussed in this thread, most I'd even agree with. We can definitely have a civil discussion about those issues and potential work-arounds. But the majority of the vocalized sentiments on that topic (not this thread) don't just happen to use obvious racist language and rhetoric. Edit: And no, I am not ignorant to the fact that the worst people are usually the loudest. But they still set the tone, which influences the general narrative.
  3. I'm playing on the PvE realm, so I won't have that faction restriction problem (I hope)!
  4. The more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to play a Shaman too. Not as a main of course! Although you could argue that Arthas, once merged with the soul of Ner'zhul, may have had some shamanistic traits conf... nah. But as an off-faction alt it seems very intriguing.
  5. You would have leveled a priest just so you can do some old school wall-walking exploration? And I thought my nostalgia-level was high!
  6. You could have stopped right there. Even if this project was to progress all the way to Legion, it would take years to do so. To imply that we just want to play retail-WoW without having to pay a few peanuts is just ridiculous. There's not just Vanilla WoW and retail WoW. There are (as of now) 12 years of game progress between these two.
  7. Paladin. Always. Side note: The responses of the PvP people in this thread so far show me, once again, why I will play on a PvE realm.
  8. I'm no expert, but I guess it would prevent hackpatches by checking which mpq files the client accesses. If someone modifies the content of their patch.mpq directly, I don't see how that would be detectable. You're not sending different data to the server - unless your char gets collision or location values that it shouldn't, in which case anticheat would catch you.
  9. As far as I know, just like account sharing from the same IP, it is not detectable unless exploited in such a way that makes it detectable.
  10. Pretty as a Princess! Zaetar had some grade A taste for sure. s
  11. I guess it is pretty obvious in my case... I'd say more, but Mal and Elicas said it all!
  12. No, the Arcanite Fishing Pole was released with the event in Patch 1.7. We thus, luckily, don't have to petition the devs Added image for reference.
  13. Yes, I think Outstanding is slightly confused on this one The Fishing Extravaganza rewards the Arcanite Fishing Pole, which gives +35 to fishing - should you choose it (unless you're a druid I'd recommend getting Hook of the Master Angler). The FC-5000 with the +25 bonus is indeed a rather ordinary Horde quest reward.
  14. 20808 Combat Assignment - 22648 Hive'Ashi Dossier (33%) - 22649 Hive'Regal Dossier (33%) - 22650 Hive'Zora Dossier (33%) 15103 Corrupt Tested Sample - 12234 Corrupted Felwood Sample (33%) - Random World Drop (67%) 5738 Covert Ops Pack - 5692 Remote Detonator (Red) (100%) - 5693 Remote Detonator (Blue) (100%) - 5694 NG-5 Explosives (Red) (100%) - 5695 NG-5 Explosives (Blue) (100%) - 5737 Covert Ops Plans: Alpha & Beta (100%) 9265 Cuergo's Hidden Treasure - 9360 Cuergo's Gold (50%) - 9361 Cuergo's Gold with Worm (50%) - 9355 Hoop Earring (33%) - 9356 A Wooden Leg (33%) - 9357 A Parrot Skeleton (33%) - 9358 A Head Rag (33%) - Green Random World Drop (100%) The Cuergo's Treasure one made me wonder. It splits halfway through from ilvl 51 green to ilvl 42 green with a different drop chance. How would you want to calculate that out?
  15. If there are 50-100 items inside, those qualify as what he classified as "random world drop".