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  1. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the forums in the meantime and i hope i see you in the HORDE side ^^
  2. Nice job keep up the good work, and i hope that asura bring us some good news we need it desperately ...
  3. Than untill we meet in the battlefield mon ami
  4. Soyez le bienvenue, horde ou alliance !! J'espère la première
  5. Is it just me or crestfall forum became the new '' Earth's quiest place " #Free #Discord Let me propose this #Chill playlist, maybe it will bring some NOISE here . I will try to update this playlist asap, if everyone enjoyed it of course and if you like a diferent music genre don't forget to mention it : Holmsey - Wilder FLETCHER - Wasted Youth (Michael Brun Remix) Unlike Pluto - Worst In Me Two Feet - Go F*ck Yourself Blackbear - Idfc (Tarro Remix) Blackbear - Califormula (Tarro Remix) Tycho - A Walk Møme - Aloha Drake - One Dance (Koni Remix ft.  Casey Malone) EDX - Cool You Off SLUMBERJACK - Afraid, Unafraid Son Lux - Easy Unlike Pluto - No Scrubs ft. Joanna Jones (Cover) Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix) Azari & III - Hungry for the power (Jamie Jones remix) Jamie Woon - Shoulda (Samy Chelly Remix) Idir - A Vava Inouva Bloc Party - Where is Home (Burial Remix) The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home (Jernalism Remix) Malukah - ‪The Dragonborn Comes
  6. ''a monthly project update '' and '' monthly Q&A '' and "blog posts '' time to go back to the old days , i hope that i live to see crestfall server launch
  7. Congrats Elicas In my topic "last hope crestfall" you were clearly sharing a honest thoughts, without fearing to lose your beta tester spot so stay as you are . My questions is , if crestfall team launch a vanilla server this year , the next expansions will be released in a margin rate of 1 to 5 years or a little bit longer !!?
  8. My biggest problem choosing class :3, i was a warrior : good in pvp and massive in pve , paladin in wrath of lich king was incredible also priest and hunt but finally you have to go with class that you love, with the class that you have spent years playing with, in your case i think warrior is your best and as always FOR THE HORDE my friend
  9. Elanthus I'm not waiting for crestfall to be perfect i know it won't and finally a beta tester share a honest thoughts
  10. @Elanthus borther we share same idea and that's why i'm waiting for crestfall to not fall hope that this project to win our bet on best private server . Till we meet again , hopefully with each other on the horde side @duzyizly I don't know what's the probleme between us, we crealy share the same thoughts we want this server to work badly , we both enjoy the pte project and we all have been also fucked hard many times like Elanthus sayes . So pick Alliance and maybe when crestfall launch i will show you how you could be a pro player without been payed
  11. @Elanthus i'm 100 % with your thoughts about crestfall after that elysuim thing i have never seen Asura posting anything , and launching without cross realm was really disappointing to me but let's be real , this guys try to bring us the best private server ever made for FREE so encouraging them is our duty, let us dream big for crestfall
  12. @duzyizly you seem like a pro player i'm not like you but i've been playing world of warcraft from 2009 in frensh ivalive-sienna i played there for about 5 years as a pvp player "Takrizz" , also i have played on millinuim and molten so i know so much about privat than you that's for sure And just a question for you tell me if you can work for free in a long time project and please just read what i say about " BEST SCRIPTS EVER SEEN" if you want to to alt tab google translate while rainding than off you go if you don't believe in crestfall project what the heck are you doing here !!
  13. I know that crestfall team is doing a great job but after that elysuim drama i start to lose some hope but i have no other choice than waiting for crestfall to save pservers community and take us to a safe land , we are drowning here . For a year i have tested almost every single pserve from south America to Germany to warm to gs , dw and so many others : .Some have the best script but they don't have rdf and others have p2w shop :3 . Others also have the best script i ever saw but "ich spreche kein deutsch" or "no hablo espanol" Special thx to google translate .Low population , over populated, with really bad script . Others they don't know what the fu#$ they are doing This journey have taught me that we shouldn't complaine too much about scripting , there is no such a thing as a perfect scripted private server , it's for free for god sakes , but Crestfall seems to be different from others : pte , cross realm , over 4 years working for free "big up guys" ,active development ... I'm not expecting from crestfall to be a free retail version , i'm not expecting from crestfall to be perfect but i have a message to Crestfall team " with persistency and consistency........ SUCCESS will follow " so please don't blow ower dream away . One last thing FOR THE HORDE
  14. Keep the good work and big up guys can't wait to play on crestfall
  15. Willkommen mein freund hope to see you in horde side FOR THE HORDE ?