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  1. Removing posts that are even slightly negative isn't very confidence inspiring, it's the sort of stuff Warmane and Feenix would do, I really want Elysium to improve and get past behaviour like this. That said, you're just 1 person, might've just been a one off.
  2. Guess I'll just copy what I said on Reddit. Objectively, Crestfall will be in a stronger position than what they would be otherwise, it's just swallowing the fact that it's Elysium that's hard part, even so, I trust Elysium more than I trust all the other P.servers like Twin-Star, Atlantiss, Warmane, etc. You've gotta remember Elysium have removed a lot of their bad apples and that they're still Humans over there.
  3. I'm not sure what the implications are going to end up being like long term, but this seems like a reasonable enough play, people are obviously going to lose their shit since there's such a negative stigma around the name "elysium" even though Elysium has change a lot internally since LGN. Also, a lot of people probably don't appreciate the fact that sharing GMs is a massive benefit from Crestfall's perspective.
  4. >Vanilla >Added convenience Something doesn't check out here.
  5. Crestfall will get a lot of free publicity from "Crestfall" google searches after the expansion hits I guess, that's assuming Crestfall doesn't get pushed to like the 3rd google page or something. It certainly is quite a funny situation. I don't think Crestfall is enough to make them have to change name, since it's just a zone. Also, Crestfall has been in the game since before Vanilla, just FYI.
  6. That would completely screw over the whole server-first folks, and then orchestrating such a system would be a massive pain in the arse (think about all the bitching and complaining).
  7. Tell me about it, the wait is bloody painful, but it's like any other game, you just gotta wait for it to come out.
  8. I'd be happy if Asura just shared more unlisted videos on Discord, just small 1 minute clips with no editing, but as to official videos, there's really no need right now IMO.
  9. I wont lie, this make me pretty happy, since the whole stuttery movement thing was one of my pet peeves when playing on other Vanilla servers, I know for a fact the movement wasn't so bad on retail Vanilla (though it did still stutter occasionally).
  10. I kinda came to a similar conclusion, they've put work into the custom stuff, but otherwise, it's just buggy. As far as I can tell, it's just a stock core with all the custom stuff thrown on top.
  11. Probably Western Europe, I would assume France. As to the main developer, he's located somewhere in Eastern Europe, so I guess he has "protection".
  12. I really hate to be posting about this subject again, but I just wanted to correct a mistake I made, if we're comparing my modified system to Dark's system, with WF totem and HoJ both active, HoJ sees a 0.4% nerf to how many swings it grants, and if it was WF totem + sword spec, it's be a 1% nerf to how many swings sword spec would grant.
  13. Yeah, that's fair, it does change how the proc chances behave and so forth. Although it doesn't matter too much, since it's the underlying mechanics I'm more concerned about, not how they interact with specific weapon combinations.
  14. @imbaslap It isn't a big debate, everyone involved in the discussion understands that it's a very minor thing, it was known from the start that we're talking a less than 1% dps difference. At this point, it's just an exercise in curiosity, the thread concluded many posts ago. The reason I made the thread in the first place was more for the sake of the system itself, rather than any sort of tangible ingame benefit.
  15. Oh, don't worry, I understand it's a very minor difference, it would be a 13-20% nerf to an item that already is negligible on it's own merit. As I've alluded to in the past, the change would simply be for the sake of making the system more mathematically sound.