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  1. Is PTR really the best term here? Wouldn't that imply open to public? Which it obviously isn't. Otherwise, really top notch stuff, it's great to see people like yourself chipping in. I've never seen this many testers and researchers working on the same project before.
  2. It isn't very genius, I'm sure it's been said many times by people before me.
  3. I used to come quite a bit, but truth is there aren't very many threads that really interest me, so I only find my self coming here once a day or so, despite being an avid fanboy of the project. When people need help, I'm there offering support, advice and insight, but there isn't a whole lot threads asking for that sorta stuff. There are a lot of smart people on the forum, and because of that I don't really have to help many people, which is what most of my posts usually consist of on other forums.
  4. ^^ Don't sweat it.
  5. >name isn't in Beta list Feels bad man. JK :3 Good to see more names joining the pool though.
  6. I think he said something along the lines is he doesn't want to leave stuff half finished.
  7. set realmlist You can thank me later.
  8. If it's an E-peen contest you want, then I'll throw my system in: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/v4yVgL I wont lie, I still need to by the Case and Heatsink, and need to choose a new PSU /w custom cables. I'm using other parts for the time being.
  9. Well why do you think he's waiting for Crestfall :333
  10. Back when Nostalrius first launched, mob grinding as a group was good and quite popular. In terms of number crunching, you gotta take into consideration that you get bonus XP when killing mobs in a group (on top of being split across group members). The bonus XP multiplier is as follows: 1 person group = 1.0 2 person group = 1.0 3 person group = 1.166 4 person group = 1.3 5 person group = 1.4 Mob grinding as a group is also easier to organise, you don't have to worry about one person getting ahead or behind in quests or anything like that. From personal experience, questing with friends long term can be a nightmare with just 2 people, and I can only imagine how bad it would be with 4, so I wouldn't recommend it.
  11. It's pretty mediocre like all the other TBC servers around ATM, loads of wonky bugs and stuff. If you want to kill some time till CF, might I suggest Tauri-wow MOP, it's shockingly well made for a MOP server. I'm personally going to be messing about on Tauri MOP for awhile since it seems decent for what it is, and I want to stay away from Vanilla for awhile so when CF comes out, it still feels fresh. Playing another Vanilla server up till CF launch would simply sour the experience.
  12. Crestfall EXPOSED, this is Reddit gold!
  13. Happy to see things are humming along, hopefully I can get into beta soon , although I know I'm not since I choose leveling and I guess you're still doing classes. Anyway, just know that you have our support, thanks for the update.
  14. Quite nice indeed.
  15. I think the best thing I've seen so far is what @loeth said, with odd numbers being better for votes. Otherwise, I think maybe we shouldn't look at it as 1Tank/1Healer/3DPS, but rather 1 Tank, 1 Healer, 1 melee, 1 caster and 1 CCer. Roles in Vanilla aren't as clear cut as just "3 DPS". Also, by having 5 people, loot is unlikely to be wasted.