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  1. I don't know the answer to your question, but what I can say is that you should probably skip the starting area, assuming it's packed. You should make a B-line to the near by level 5-6 mobs just outside the starting area and grind those to start of with. It's also worth noting you get bonus XP from mobs when you're in a group, here are the group modifiers: 1 person group = 1.0 2 person group = 1.0 3 person group = 1.166 4 person group = 1.3 5 person group = 1.4
  2. Question: When the server moves over to future expansions, will content from previous expansions be nerfed into the ground like Blizzard did back in the day, or will you just keep it as is? For clarity, I'm referring to stuff like this: http://wow.allakhazam.com/forum.html?forum=21&mid=1222877258125217136 I'd assume they nerfed Vanilla content when moving to TBC aswell, but I don't know about that.
  3. This is definitely a social experiment, Asura wants to see how we react when no update.
  4. It isn't an announcement though. It's just a regular update.
  5. I'm not expecting anything crazy from Asura's update, but the wait is painful none the less.
  6. Or level as an iron man on a Vanilla server, oh god that would be torture, but really fucking awesome. For people not in the know, among other rules, an iron man can only use white or grey gear, cannot use talents and can't group up/get help from others, and most importantly, cannot die. Be interesting to see if it's even possible in Vanilla, since the rule set is intended for retail, and we all know how much of a joke leveling in retail is...
  7. Wow, that's pretty awesome, I didn't actually know about that channel, but I did know about this one: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheClassicWoWMovies/videos which has some of the more famous videos in HD quality.
  8. On the note of how Extra strikes work, the system Darkrasp made is actually pretty balanced, in that stacking extra strikes effect wont get exponencially stronger, but at the same time they won't get diminishing returns either. In other words, if you go from having 1 extra strikes item to 2, you'll see roughly twice as many procs overall, whereas with other systems you might see more than double, or less than. I don't know if Darkrasp just came up with the system by accident, but it's actually fairly smart.
  9. Well, let's think for a second, first consider that the further expansion you go to, the more custom/blizzlike+ changes are warranted. Next look at how many custom/blizzlike+ changes have already been planned, and we're only on Vanilla. Logic says to me we will probably see more custom changes going forward into future expansion. I wouldn't worry too much, I trust Asura will be able to figure out what's best when the time comes, not only that, but I'm sure the points OP made will get repeated dozens of times between now and then.
  10. I believe there intention is to recreate to Wow experience as it was then, you mention custom tuning as being unblizzlike, but it's mandatory if you want an authentic experience, and want the original boss design to be relevant. Everyone has their own pet-peeve with wow, their own thing they think ruined the game, and of course there's no clear cut answer or line, and it's all subjective. The developers of the project have to choose a philosophy and stick to it, making custom changes on the player bases' whim isn't something that they can really do.
  11. Everything I'm about to say I how I think things are, I could be wrong. 4-5k refers to the population cap, not necessarily how many people will be online. It's been said that if the population is constantly in the high ranges, they'll open up another server. The intent is to have the actual amount of players be slightly higher than 'Blizz-like', as a sort of compromise, but nothing like the stupidly of Nost's population. Also, it isn't entirely known how many people played on Vanilla retail servers, the 2.5k number comes from launch day, it's thought that Blizzard upped the cap later on during Vanilla. On the subject of Cross-realm BGs, it's the sort of thing that's possible, Asura had a working prototype, but it was only for internal proof of concept kinda stuff. Getting Cross realm working would be a pain in the arse, and it'd take time. The plan is to not have cross realm for Vanilla unless there's a good reason for it, and if it did come, it would be later on down the road.
  12. Ryzen is a beast in synthetics, but it's performance in gaming is pretty shaky, and it's a very immature platform that's still being worked on post launch. Those two combined makes AM4 hard to recommend right now. There are other aspects I could go on about for why I wouldn't recommend AM4 as a primary option, such as Ryzen's sub par memory and storage controllers, etc. Also, if the past has taught us anything, it's that early adopters often get stung. This is AMD's first new platform since a while, and it's still pretty rough around the edges. I too follow the build it yourself ideology, it is better. But to force it down every random joe's throat is a very arrogant thing to do. When you've been in the hardware game for awhile, you realise some people just couldn't give a shit about learning to build computers themselves. If OP was the sort of person who would want to learn to build his own PC, he wouldn't be hear asking for help, instead he would be researching profusely. Which is why all the talk about self building is entirely moot in this thread. Pre-built is the way of this thread, all the people posting parts lists and such aren't helping one bit.
  13. @Masquerader 1. He's already bought his computer. Plus you shouldn't assume everyone wants to build their own PC. 2. With an OS, the system you linked would be out of his budget, definitely more expensive than the pre-built he ended up buying at least. Hardware costs more outside America. 3. You linked a 90GB SSD for mass storage, wut lol. SSDs are great, but 90GB is just stupid. 3. The socket is more future proof, that's a fair point. 4. That's a myth, AMD cards don't run any better on AMD CPUs, this has been debunked a few times. Some results may go in favour with the idea that AMD works best with AMD, but there are also results that say the exact opposite.
  14. Ya did fine, I get a feeling that MadeByRockets under estimates how fucking much hardware costs outside America. The thing he said about the AMD RX 470 is fair, but you can't go wrong either way. I generally recommend Nvidia to my clients, just because they seem to perform more consistently and run into less issues.
  15. Actually, a 1050/1050ti is a fair bit ahead of what's in the Ps4.