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  1. Hmm... I was starting to wonder why the amount of people subscribed to that subreddit just doubled overnight.
  2. I think I remember reading ages ago that Asura and gang will take care of the final tuning themselves, but I could easily be wrong; my memory is quite hazy on that.
  3. Personally, I don't really care about following blizz-like stats, values and so forth. I just want things to be satisfying, I don't really expect Molten core to be crazy hard or anything like that, but as long as the challenge is some what similar to how it was on retail, then I'll be happy, that is, it should go something like MC>BWL>>AQ40>>>>>Naxx, where Naxx is pull your hair out difficult. Hopefully during testing, they're be able to figure out where to draw the line, and figure out if AQ40/Naxx need retuning, or if it's ok just as pre-nerf, Cause player skill and 1.12.1 changes probably go a long way towards making even high end content like Naxx not as punishing as it should be. When it comes to tuning, I think the thing we all need to bare in mind is that not only have the top end guilds gotten better, but all the strats and meta the top end guilds use have naturally trickled down to the mid and low tier guilds, meaning that the average guild is FAR FAR more capable that an average guild from back in the day. Anyway, the last thing I want to say is that I don't want to see the top end guilds just one shotting all the top end raids, minutes after release.
  4. First of all, I'm happy it's you filling this role, like Outstanding, you're pretty well known in the community, and you do a lot of high quality posts without showing any favouritism. I feel you're someone who says it how it is, so to speak, and I'm happy for that. Secondly, the changes moving forwards as outlined in your post is exactly what Crestfall needs, and addresses probably the biggest issue some people have with the project. You can never please everyone, but this is a solid step in the right direction. Overall, I'm happy about this, thanks for the hard work, as you know, it's highly appreciated.
  5. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. The fact Crestfall's Alpha testers have stuck around for such a long time speaks volumes to me. I don't think the Alpha and now Beta testers would've stuck around for so long if they thought it was a lost cause, and that to me says that it isn't a sham.
  6. It will be 1.12.1, macros are much more limited in 1.12.1, but you already knew that. You can get past quite a lot of the Vanilla macro limitations through LUA scripts and macro addons, such as Super Macro. Sorry I couldn't be more help, I'm not a massive addon nerd, I just know enough to get by.
  7. Yeah, I thought as much, thanks for clarifying.
  8. @Darkrasp Question: Imagine I have Ironfoe + Windfury, and windfury procs, since windfury gives 2 addition strikes, would both those addition strikes have a chance to proc Ironfoe, or would it just behave as one chance?
  9. Well, part of the issue with Ironfoe, is that it's proc chance was more than double what it was supposed to be. It's proper rate was like 1.7% or something, and on Elysium it was 7% (I can't remember the exact numbers, but it was something like that). Like I said in my other post, the way Darkrasp has done it, Stacking extra strike effects will no long be slightly over powered, but at the same time it won't be slightly underpowered, it'll just be even.
  10. You do realise Enhancement shamans suck at pvp anyway, don't you? Plus if you're only using Windfury, it'll work exact how it did on retail. Getting double windfury procs was a bug that was fixed fairly early on during Vanilla.
  11. The more I think about it, the more Darkrasp's rules with item procs makes sense, and are very fair game play wise. Also, it isn't a massive nerf, because you shouldn't be able to get multiple procs from the initial hit in the first place, it's a very minor nerf at best. With Darkrasp's proc rules in place, having more than one proc effect doesn't get exponentially stronger, nor does it have diminishing returns, it's stays exactly flat.
  12. What animal is Darkrasp, and Crogge, I wonder...
  13. If you are interested in Pally dps, you might wanna go through this guy's videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChX76aZbAkJBdQQ2iAm-GQg/videos I don't know how much of his videos will carry on over to Crestfall though, since every server can be different.
  14. While I still disagree with some of your other points you've made previously, I can see what you're saying now.
  15. I think it's quite easy to see that retuning classes would have far more dire implications compared to raid retuning. Plus, how the hell do you even go about tuning classes, it would be a massive undertaking. Let's say we retune classes so that Molten Core is more challenging, well fuck, now AQ40 is literally impossble. When Blizzard were originally designing the raids, if they decided a boss was too easy, they wouldn't go and start nerfing classes would they... Retuning raids is the cleanest solution to the problem at hand. Obviously no approach is perfect, but they've gotta do something. Anyway, I think all this discussion is probably moot, since Crestfall already 95% decided how they're handling it months ago.