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  1. We're looking forwards to Classic release for that very reason.
  2. Coolmodi is a beast BTW. ^^
  3. I'll pass it on to the discord to make sure someone sees this. Thanks Wyke.
  4. We still got a fair few people knocking around, don't know how much detail I'm allowed to go into, but we still got a healthy chunk of people to say the least. I myself have been missing in action since the Classic announcement, but now things surrounding that have settled down, I'm feeling the urge to get back into action :). (I'm one of the testers BTW)
  5. Bottom line is, all the Beta testers and Devs are still committed and unfazed, just need to figure out the best way forwards.
  6. I'm going to be a little rude here and say you don't know what you're talking about. The server will release when it's ready, end of story.
  7. I'm not convinced OP is genuine.
  8. Hello, you've come to the right place, Crestfall is probably going to be the definitive private server when it comes out, in my opinion at least. Definately the most innovative if nothing else.
  9. Cross realm action house is definitely a big no no, they don't even do that on retail, you're essentially bringing cross realm mail into the game. Cross realm BGs would definitely be a good thing though, just a matter of developing it, maybe it will get developed post launch if BG queues become an issue. Definitely needs developing for TBC in my opinion.
  10. At the end of the day, if there's no exact numbers, you can always just go with something that feels right.
  11. I think both servers will use the same 4-6k cap, I think a lot of misconception might come from them saying something like 'we don't expect to get any more than 2500 on the pve'.
  12. I'm pretty insensitive to that sorta stuff, but some of what was said was pretty disgusting and definitely out of order, a ban was no doubt fair.
  13. Not sure I understand you 100%, but hopefully this answers you question, you keep your character through out all the expansions, so if you make a priest in Vanilla, you'll keep it when TBC rolls around, when TBC is out, you'll be able to make your paladin and mail the stuff from your priest to your paladin. So in other words, when TBC comes out, you keep all your characters and progress from Vanilla.
  14. Hi New, I'm Dad. If you're a Beta tester, yes, but to everyone else, no, release is looking to be somewhere around early 2018, the official statement on the matter is that they're aiming for 2017, but that's looking less and less likely by the day. Yes, you're probably looking for this: http://forums.crestfall-gaming.com/index.php?/topic/25-frequently-asked-questions/ Rates will be 1x, everything will be blizz-like, custom changes are only made when there's a very good reason for it.
  15. Removing posts that are even slightly negative isn't very confidence inspiring, it's the sort of stuff Warmane and Feenix would do, I really want Elysium to improve and get past behaviour like this. That said, it might've just been a one off.