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  1. Are you sure? Vanilla ran for more or less two years. Your played time would be almost one year, which makes it an average of 12 hours per day.
  2. I think they do not have a choice but to go all in on this one. The target audience (read: new revenue) are people who are currently playing on private servers or Vanilla/BC/WotLK fans who aren't playing at all and therefore not paying. Speculating for them to pay again for WoW and then not delivering the exact same game experience that they long for, would imho be quite stupid. This target audience will be back in the private server scene faster than Blizzard can say ice cream. The retail people are definitely not going to be a sustainable audience for Classic, no matter what quality of life elements Blizzard might implement.
  3. I might be wrong, but there are probably going to be regional and language specific servers again. Although I'm going to use the english client I will most definitely play on a server where the people speak my language. So, a meeting is very unlikely.
  4. Well, that was unexpected. No cross-realm servers is great news. Announcing a new hobby?
  5. I remember grinding reputation for Orgrimmar to get the wolf for my Druid, so yes, they were able to ride wolves. But I'm not sure if this was a feature from the start or later added in a patch.
  6. Make WoW your life's only purpose?
  7. On their forums I read that Felmyst is going to run without financial contribution from its community (in fact, they do not accept any form of donation). Crestfall will stop as soon as the contributions fail to be sufficient. What's the difference between the two projects? Different hardware quality? Did the "owners" of Felmyst win the lottery or inherit a fortune? I'm a complete idiot in this regard, so this question is sincere.
  8. Although it looks fantastic (except the target frame) and one can see the work that was put into it, it's way too inefficient for my taste; just blocks too much of the world around my character. If the chat frame is empty for example, that part of the screen is wasted.
  9. I feel like it should, but that doesn't help me.
  10. Your description doesn't refer to the following POIs of your map: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25.
  11. I was under the impression that you also include questions from Outstanding's thread. Nevermind, there it is again:
  12. When I started thinking about playing the game I wasn't even close to being aware of something like raids. I'd never played an MMO before (and, to make it complete, after). The reason I started WoW was simply: I wanted to roam the world I learned to love in WCIII. Actually walk into Andorhal, Stratholme or Orgrimmar that I only knew from maps. The mechanics (i. e. PvE raiding or PvP) are completely irrelevant for my basic motivation to play. However, that doesn't mean, that they are no measure of the amount of fun I have playing the game. To clarify this: one reason I prefer TBC is that tanking as a Driud is more fun. Why am I here even before TBC? Because this game is more than mechanics, there's people to play with, too. Also, well I admit it, nostalgia. I would define 'settling disputes' waaaay smaller than 'overall war' where any member of one faction can attack any member of the other faction, anywhere anytime. So, the answer would have to be "No, it isn't".
  13. Then why are you playing a game that was created with PvE in mind and has a flawed PvP system (almost no controversy about that)? There are probably lots of better balanced competitive games out there. That shouldn't bother you, since the lore behind the pixels you are moving does not matter to you. So just laziness, got it. Not judging. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself, because there are way more literate people out there to answer this. But, even if the factions were in a large scale war, is it so implausible to settle all quarrels in the face of greater dangers? (I would assume that all raids are greater dangers than the fighting between Horde and Alliance). Another point: I merely invited you to make your case for this war. I do not say there is complete peace and cooperation, I only doubt that the mere existence of two factions automatically leads to war among them. I mainly refer to the following argument:
  14. Let's see. All the playable peoples of Azeroth joined forces in an effort to start a war alongside the dragons against an enemy. An enemy that is about to prove dangerous to all of them equally. Now this force is breaching the wall that leads to the stronghold of this enemy. He sends forth an army to break the attackers before they can enter. And in this situation you are thinking about what separates the factions to play PvP? To me that only makes sense if you don't give a sh*t about the lore behind the pixels you are commanding. Playing a traitor in RP style may be an explanation for such behaviour. But to be consistent, your ingame character should be dead for good after something like this. P.S. This (as said before pretty boring) topic was discussed in the PvE subforum before. Why do people need their own thread? Is this some ego thing? In general: As long as the PvP'ers cannot convincingly argue that the mere existence of two factions constitutes a war between them and coexistence is impossible, I say that PvE is the norm. And, as others have stated, that was most likely also Blizzard's view on WoW.