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  1. Even if you could do that, theres no proper boomkin gear in the game in vanilla. You would have those random pieces here and there, sure. But its not exactly as simple as just make a class viable.
  2. My patented rating system, Bestest: Forsaken, Embrace the end! Bester: Trolls, We be Jammin! Best: Dwarves, For Khaz Modan! Worst: Humans, What? You're lord again, Well I didn't vote for you. Worster: Gnomes, Sieze the ass toucher! Worstest: Male Draenei. In Twisting Nether, Exodaar fly yo..... But no really, WHAT THE HELL BLIZZARD!
  3. Because yes, they do occasionally play their old songs... And its awesome when they do.
  4. Log in, get world buffs, get fire resist buffs. Get killed by this guy ^ because people don't understand the meaning of go all at once. Get mad, then laugh cause I realized I was still Hemo Spec anyway. Rinse, Repeat.
  5. Going to try something I've never done before... Heal, Undead Priest it is! (Though you can count on some Shadow PvP goodness as well!) Then in TBC i'll likely respec to shadow for PvE and be the mana battery I was always meant to be.
  6. What? Its a good soundtrack.
  7. What if its a circular room?
  8. 1.) Remove LFD/LFR 2.) Remove Cross-Realm. Only thing that stays here are cross realm mergers for servers with sub-optimal population, but only in small numbers to ensure a healthy population (so like 2-4 linked constantly, but only due to low pop) 3.) Re-introduce Threat & Bosses that can't be Taunted 4.) Bring back the talent trees, allowing for the return of hybrid specs 5.) Bring back utility roles to classes; Shadow-Priests, Enh Shamans, Feral Druids ect. 6.) Make legendary's mean something again, Hidden quests, spanning multiple raid tiers & expensive rare materials from world/raid content, rather then collecting 2345 of random orange token you get for raiding the same content for 7 weeks. Not every class should have one available at the same time. 7.) Keep the interesting secondary stats that gave players a reason to chase after BIS gear, rather then make item-level the only thing that matters, because your primary stat is now supremely better then anything u might get from a secondary stat. Speaking of which- 8.) Remove Item Level, If your to lazy to find out what kind of gear is actually good for your class. You probably arn't raiding in any meaningful capacity. 9.) Introduce Non-binary hard modes, far better solution then having 4 different difficulties. 10.) Squish stats back to a TBC level, the numbers today are stupid high for no reason.
  9. Priest: Benediction/Anathema, Argent Dawn Tabard, 2nd Eye of Shadow. Hunter: Arcanite Ripper, Ancient Amani Longbow Couple other keepsakes I've kept , but those are really the ones I really hold significant value in having.
  10. Actually prior to 1.3.0 there is no mention of player caps in dungeons at all, apparently you could bring as many people as you wanted, 40m RFC? Stranger then that, apparently there was no cap of 40 people in raid? I've never heard of it but that was actually written into the 1.3.0 patch suggests to me, It was in some way possible to have more then 40 players present in a raid at any given time. Anyway, moving along. 1.3.0 They added limited to the dungeons making all current dungeons limited to 10 players, with the exception of Diremaul (Capped at 5) and UBRS (Capped at 15). http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Patch_1.3.0 In 1.10.0 It was changed again, that the End Game dungeons would be reduced to 5 players specifically: Scholo, Strath and BRD while Black Rock Spire was reduced to 10. This was mostly as a result of the introduction of the Dungeon quest set, as it was meant to keep the content challenging for the new sets that could be obtained in game. *I believe this is the patch they disabled quests in raids as well* http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Patch_1.10.0 1.11.0 We've Nerfed Fear again! 3.3.0 or 4.0.1 And finally all Vanilla Dungeons became locked at 5 either in 3.3.0 or 4.0.1, it was an un-written change from what I can tell. Either they went away as a result of the introduction of LFD or because they were revamped in Cata. Seems to suggest more that they really had no clue what was a good number for dungeons back in the day, and ultimately just went with about what players seemed to be comfertable with based on the content available at the time.
  11. Welcome to Vanilla, were you see that little island down in the south seas? That's were game balance lives... Not here... No but in all seriousness, If you want an Ironfoe be prepared to drop a lot of time into getting one. The claim that its somehow a endgame weapon for warriors has very little truth in the matter. First, Hit. For DW Fury to even be viable, you are going to need a lot of hit gear. You wont find enough hit gear for warriors (provided you get upgrades over those rogues that can dodge threat-cap. Which well get to) till around the time we get ZG, and AQ. (So don't expect it to be super viable till then anyway) Second, It is not irreplaceable. I know people who have replaced it as soon as Ony with Deathbringer, and anyone els would swap it for a AQR. Multi-swing while cool, unless its totally broken and over procs is not going to compare to how much harder weapons from later content hit, Even if you had endless rage (Which Ironfoe won't actually give you) that would not matter because! (See the 3rd) Finally, Threat. A warrior is always going to have to keep an eye trained on their threat meter. Unlike most other DPS classes, you have no threat drops (why rogues and hunters will get gear before you). You pull threat you die, then your doing 0 DPS. The problem here is even if you had endless rage, you could never use it because no matter how geared your tank is a DPS war going ham is going to strip aggro off the tank in no time. Which means that the only time Ironfoe would be really strong is in a fight were no matter how much threat you have, you can not pull ago... so Patchwerk. And even then (assuming it was broken), I severely doubt that its so far ahead of its contemporaries that it makes a huge deal. Also, some previous servers have had hilariously badly scripted proc effects. Meaning Ironfoe vastly over preformed.
  12. Would recommend put the 5 points into precision, although if you want the best leveling youll need to take Weapon Expertise and a weapon skill when it becomes available. You will struggle to land hits otherwise on mobs. Trying to level Daggers will gimp you beyond belief, as you will likely spend most of your time face tanking. Hemo at level 40 is a perfectly acceptable leveling spec, its not quite as quick as combat. But its still functional and makes you much more flexible for world Pvp. I'd recommend you spec (You get very potent at level 40 with Hemo) http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fhxboxZG0VZVMe0chRo Go Comabt for Precision first, then go subtly and cap out with assassination talents.
  13. The Best DPSer in the game (at least late game) is actually Warriors. Were talking AQ gear were hit is abundant. HOWEVER (Very Important) Your are severely limited by your threat cap, unlike a Rogue that has many threat drops, Warriors have none. (Which means your tank has to have some amazing gear to allow your threat ceiling to be higher, Think Thunderfury) You also have pretty awesome cleave on demand for a melee as well. Horde or Alliance: Horde gets Windfury Totem (EHUHEHEHE DPS) Alliance gets Blessing of Salvation (WTF BROKEN) If you want to play it to its fullest, you roll Human or Orc as per faction.
  14. The bug that bothers me to this day I've never seen it fixed anywhere, Shadow form for priests. If you mount while in shadow form, for some reason it changes its coloration (making it more transparent and removing the purple coloration) and does not reset till you either recast shadowform or enter an instance.