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  1. hey @shagu I am using pfui and i love it! Brilliant job man. However there is an issue i noticed and i would like to address it. The chat window on the bottom right side (Loot & Spam) keeps disappearing. I have recreated it a couple times and set it up but for some reason after some hours its gone. Do you have any suggestion, or perhaps has anyone else reported this? Thanks again, keep up the good work!
  2. The point is WoW is an mmo so its expected to meet all kinds of people. If someone is a bad player, no offence meant, and they get into content they can't/wont cope with they will get bad feedback from other people in that group. After all Vanilla wow end-game requires good co-operation and some amount of skill from players. I disagree that games are a waste of time. Its a great way to relax, spend time when you aren't at work or whatever and they augment perception, the ability to make fast decisions and in the case of WoW even social skills. It begins to be harmful when you spend all your time on it without moderation, but that applies to almost every activity. On topic with bad players and toxic community, imo if a player is unskilled and does not have the time or will to practice and get better, they should stick on content that is made for their skill level. Everyone can dps a 5-man full of geared players or farm herbs. And again no offence meant. But if you join lets say a raid and behave like a headless chicken you are dragging 39 other people with you. After all if someone wants to feel like "the dragonborn" without putting any effort he should play skyrim, not WoW. PS. Sorry if i missed your point, i am half asleep at the time i write this but i just wanted to put my opinion on the topic.
  3. Vael the Corrupt: "Nefarious's hate has made me stronger than ever before! You should have fled while you could mortals. The fury of blackrock courses through my veins!" Such an amazing boss at the time! I know there are better lines overall but this one always gave me the chills.
  4. The real Illidan died in icecrown ;-)
  5. Interesting work you 've done here mate. I dont have the knowledge or experience with tanking to confirm or deny that the thought process is legit, but it surely is impressive.
  6. I can confirm this. Playing retail vanilla as a druid, a tactic i used to sneak into hard packed places was "i 'd go near a pack from one side in stealth until some mobs catch a glimpse and look at my direction and then i 'd quickly sneak from the other side on their backs". It was a common sneaking tactic among druids since we did not have distraction like rogues.
  7. In my experience....professions.
  8. Closed at first according to devs, with people being chosen specifically for testing some content they are familiar with. There will be some application forms for those interested prior to beta launch. (That's my understanding of it and it may be subject to change)
  9. Am I the only one who at first though this thread wrote "Do you guys believe in lucifer?"
  10. The first thing that came to mind after reading the comments here is that no one considers the financial difficulties that come with opening a new realm or pushing the pop higher. I have absolutely no idea of the costs that come with it, but it makes common sense that making those changes demands some upgrades in hardware, not to mention the hours of work that go into it. The second point is that the devs have certain standards in their minds, which are the result of many discussions. Obviously you cant have a server that suits everyone. There are as many opinions as there are people concerning what they want from the ideal p. server, so at the end of the day people will either compromise on something they want to play on a great server or they will move on. That will happen whatever the case is and its perfectly natural. So to conclude my post, imho we should just wait and see how the server turns out. At first we ll see the crazy population that comes with the release. Then the pop will settle down and we ll have a clearer image. Then we ll see how the donation shop turns out and if it can generate enough funds to sustain-evolve the server. Then i guess the devs will decide if there is a need to take any action towards population limits or open a new realm, and act accordingly. After all lets not forget that they are funding the whole project out of their pockets right now.