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  1. To bad this project take so long time... But still wondering when we will seen open beta and on later stage release I don't expect perfect server and i know that always will have something to be fixed .. this can take forever if there is lack of developers If @Darkrasp can make some update on what stage is it or how many work still need to be done
  2. Lol i remember my first time Blizz just announcement that they will open Eu Beta and i make registration on their site .. but downloading with 80kb/s take me so long time .. and beta over.. After they release the game i start to playing on private servers .. i saw so many bugged servers lol .. with 1-2 nps-a at beginning 1.1 - 1.2 version (wrong spawn locations) no quests and etc .. the great old time..
  3. Never play on PvE realm bcs i'm addicted to PvP part of the game (wpvp or bgs) you want 3.5k other ppl want 8-10k then 6k is normal lol
  4. most of ppl want 7k + (bcs its fun and always will have ppl for quests dungeons and etc ) but crestfall team tell it many times : 6k is max and other will ruin gameplay with so overpop realm
  5. 5-7 k is best server population and if admins and staff split Battle Grounds from pvp and pve will be awesome If you remove Chineses and other Asian nations from Nost that are like 30% from 10k pop .. I have big disappointment when i reach 60lvl and start to doing AV on early morning hours no one speak English (only4-5) Asians walking like zombies and farming , afk and etc (i'm not racist) but this is the truth from Nost .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X_ytdWLNok
  6. Nice to seen other guy who like Trolls I will be in PvP Server to !! p.p. Waiting the Bataa =]
  7. yeah bro its not like to sell my hero for money.. i know that is not allowed =] @Darkrasp sry you don't understand me .. my English is bad here is what i want to say : this is one quote that i find before krno s start this function on their site it will be nice if later add it here to
  8. no no you don't understand me i mean if i levaled 60 lvl or lower hero and i want to trade if for other guy who have 60 to =] in kronos have option like this
  9. what about trade function like kr o nos ? it will be nice option that allow us to change to trade our heroes to other on ppl who don't like it =] ?
  10. Nice news .. how far is from open beta ?
  11. I always enjoi on high populated servers.. 4k server will be fine (3k) is lower bcs some time at non peak time have so small ppl in server that we can't make some group quests like elites..
  12. Kronos is big (tuut) now with this DDOS attacks .. hope all ppl here to do like me.. and to wait Crestfall to open =]