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  1. Since it's CD Projekt Red there is probably good games in there.
  2. Deadlight: Director's Cut free on GOG for 48 hours (45 hours left when I post this)
  3. hype

    That does look really interesting, let's hope they manage to complete it.
  4. Been playing on Nostalrius/Elysium but decided about 5 months ago to take a break from WoW until CF launches. Seen everything so many times now, I still love it but I rather not be burned out once CF goes live. Got plenty of other games to play meanwhile and a shiny new console as well.
  5. Didn't think much of the game when I first saw it, but then I played it and now I'm hooked. So any other people out there that wants to play some games together? PvP or PvE mode.
  6. For me it doesn't matter if it releases this year, 2018 or later. My life doesn't revolve around this server releasing, I am like a lot of people excited and hopeful but I think you should take it at your own pace and release it when it's done. And I do still believe you will release it eventually even though the original "leak" was a bit worrying.
  7. Sounds awesome, I'm going to level Alchi and herbalism on my gnome warrior or mage!
  8. Sweden of coårse.
  9. Fantasy General free on GOG.
  10. Personally I prefer hpally for pvp. So much fun and you got so many tools like mentioned, blessings etc. You can be so versatile with your healing as a (look at blessing of sacrifice for example) hpally in PvP it's never the same, sometimes you even get to equip a 2h and whack some suckas. And if you are wpvping with a arms warrior, the kills will never stop coming.
  11. Quit after 2 years, couldn't stand the toxic people and Russians. Moved onto another MOBA which I will not name.
  12. Never got to try Conan during it's peak, I remember my friend really liked it but I never played it because I thought it would die out quickly. Looking back I do regret that, would have been nice to experience it.
  13. I'm PC atm, although I'm considering going PS4 for Morrowind, not sure though since losing all my progress would suck. But playing with a controller feels so much better for me.
  14. That's the thing I love about ESO, the classes. You can do them however you want, there's nightblade dps, tank and healers. And same goes for most classes. I remember reading about one guy who used to only play unarmed just pushing people haha.
  15. Yeah took a while for me to find the class I liked, and I'm not playing the most optimal build but I like it so yay ^^. Cool ty!