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  1. No not anywhere, probably talking out of his ass like he always does.
  2. I know I called people drama queens, but cya!
  3. Very nice indeed, but sadly all the screenshots are gone now
  4. Personally like Window 10, especially over Windows 8, I don't get all these ads and preinstalled stuff though (got Windows 10 this summer). I had some program preinstalled but I just uninstalled it. Do you mean the free or paid version? The control panel being gone is strange though and annoying that I can agree with but I tend to just press Windows button and search anyway so it doesn't bother me that much. I really like it for all the cloud and streaming being easier. I do have a Xbox one so I'm a bit biased since they are obviously made to work very well together.
  5. Yes big fan, and I also really really liked Age of Empires Online but they sadly shut it down -.-
  6. Hide and Shriek free on Steam.
  7. This community really is filled with dramaqueens, can people take it down a notch? It's just all drama and crying since the update.
  8. Humble Bundle giving away Outlast Deluxe Edition for free. 22 hours left on this giveaway.
  9. I used the TBC one is TBC myself. Was awesome when leveling in different zones with my friends, hunting rares!
  10. Ah, this is a newer than that. But yeah we'll see if it gets any use except for me and my mates skimming through it for that sweet nostalgia:P
  11. Ah yeah the info is out there but these are numbers I thought might be useful and gathered in one page. And I assume it's accurate since it says "in-house gathering data" and "Ben Brode for keeping us up and running and for providing the little application..." not sure what they mean by that but it got to be accurate.
  12. So was looking through the World of Warcraft atlas and I thought maybe the info about rares and special vendors might be useful. Info about rares includes spawn times, where, if they got any special behavior like roaming around etc. And according to the book this info is directly from Blizzard, they gathered it at Blizz with their tools. Few more pictures here.
  13. Since it's CD Projekt Red there is probably good games in there.
  14. Deadlight: Director's Cut free on GOG for 48 hours (45 hours left when I post this)
  15. hype

    That does look really interesting, let's hope they manage to complete it.