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  1. Didn't think much of the game when I first saw it, but then I played it and now I'm hooked. So any other people out there that wants to play some games together? PvP or PvE mode.
  2. For me it doesn't matter if it releases this year, 2018 or later. My life doesn't revolve around this server releasing, I am like a lot of people excited and hopeful but I think you should take it at your own pace and release it when it's done. And I do still believe you will release it eventually even though the original "leak" was a bit worrying.
  3. Sounds awesome, I'm going to level Alchi and herbalism on my gnome warrior or mage!
  4. Gaboda on the Crestfall sub-reddit requested some videos that were only available for members on Warcraftmovies, and I uploaded them on Youtube. There's currently 16 videos uploaded, if you got any video you want uploaded just leave a post here or a PM. Those uploaded at the moment are mostly for Alterac Valley research so expect videos with a lot of AV footage.
  5. Sweden of coårse.
  6. Fantasy General free on GOG.
  7. Would anyone be interested in doing some sort of tiny Crestfall guild in ESO for Morrowind? Doing the new area/s together and other content? This would be on the EU server (PC).
  8. Personally I prefer hpally for pvp. So much fun and you got so many tools like mentioned, blessings etc. You can be so versatile with your healing as a (look at blessing of sacrifice for example) hpally in PvP it's never the same, sometimes you even get to equip a 2h and whack some suckas. And if you are wpvping with a arms warrior, the kills will never stop coming.
  9. Quit after 2 years, couldn't stand the toxic people and Russians. Moved onto another MOBA which I will not name.
  10. Never got to try Conan during it's peak, I remember my friend really liked it but I never played it because I thought it would die out quickly. Looking back I do regret that, would have been nice to experience it.
  11. I'm PC atm, although I'm considering going PS4 for Morrowind, not sure though since losing all my progress would suck. But playing with a controller feels so much better for me.
  12. That's the thing I love about ESO, the classes. You can do them however you want, there's nightblade dps, tank and healers. And same goes for most classes. I remember reading about one guy who used to only play unarmed just pushing people haha.
  13. Yeah took a while for me to find the class I liked, and I'm not playing the most optimal build but I like it so yay ^^. Cool ty!
  14. Hehe we've all been there, only MMORPGs I havn't tried are those that are P2W.
  15. It's 25 for the base game, the expansion price varies from where you buy it, I think the lowest I saw was from a store here in Sweden which was 35 (I think).
  16. Well as I said, it is very different. Almost no point in comparing it to beta/launch since they've made such major changes. Would be like comparing vanilla WoW to retail I suppose. I'd go as far as to say it got the best leveling experince, but that's just my personal opinion (if I exclude 1-60 in vanilla). Yes you still have to pay, but no subscription just like 25 euro for the game which I'd say is fair and pretty cheap for a MMORPG. There is a optional sub and it unlocks all the DLC stories (Dark brotherhood, Thieves guild and Orsinium and you don't need those only thing you might "need" is the Orsinium DLC if you want some incredibly rare weapons that will be useless next patch) but you can also just buy those in a DLC pack or separately. The sub also gives you 10% more xp and unlocks the crafting bag. Pretty optional. I think it costs a little more on Steam though and if you play on console it comes with that usual sexy premium price like all the other console games.
  17. It is very different nowadays with the new major updates. The world is very open and you can go everywhere. But it's obviously not for everyone, mostly wanted to see if there was any interest.
  18. Also if anyone is new to ESO let me know if you got questions and I'll try and help ya out.
  19. There's some stores that will build the PC for you, you just pick the pieces. I suggest going that way if you don't want to build it. Personally that's how I've always done it, pay someone else to do it or get my mate to do it.
  20. I ran duo-pally on Nost. AOE grinding, just blasted through the levels and I tanked in dungeons while my mate healed or DPS. In PvP you are a pain in the ass as well, while leveling or at max level. Depends on what you guys spec at max level though. But if you are just thinking about the leveling speed I suggest duo-pally since it's the fastest I ever leveled to max level as.
  21. Pussydestroyersixtynine.
  22. Well then you can replay it and pick other dialogue options!:P Currently doing my 3rd playthrough but this time with different opinions and doing absolutely everything in the game.
  23. Witcher 3?
  24. Yeah off-peak hours I'd say it's about 2k-2.5k people on, I did see it hit 4k during peak. I think the current cap is 4k and from what I've heard from Discord there's a queue everynight. Those in Hellfire should have it pretty nice since there's only like 20 people above level 58 haha.
  25. I'll give it a go maybe I'll find someone here from my country or someone I know. I live in Sweden (born and raised) I currently work as a emergency medicine nurse which means I spend most of my days as a paramedic but sometimes I have to work in the emergency room due to lack of staff. I do have some other hobbies besides WoW, and those are snowboarding (watching and riding), watching NFL and every now and again I'll watch a home game of hockey. Been playing since vanilla although I was too young back then to understand most of what I was doing but I still hooked right away, I even managed to get inside BWL and get my ass carried. And of course I got pets, a dog and two cats!