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  1. Ah good luck then!
  2. Fresh start...? You're not going back to the Nos PvP server?
  3. All these arguments aside, it's pretty amazing how the wow emulator space has evolved in the last few years. I played on Rebirth, then Feenix, with so many bugs and issues it would make you cry if you didn't love the plain fact you were actually getting to play Vanilla WoW again! Nos had bugs, but it was better. CF will have bugs, but hopefully better. I wonder in a few years someone will look back at CF and deride the bugs and problems and issues, but no one will really care because we had such a good time. WoW players are lucky just to have WoW is all I will say
  4. If I was ten again and my dad was about to enter the Whitehouse, screw bed lol Interesting times for the Americans. I think a lot of BBC reporters over here are committing seppukku...
  5. It was a burning crusade server announced end of April/May before the Nostalrius shutdown occured. When it launched several thousand people looking for a new home decided to roll there. To say it couldn't cope was an understatement. The administration announced that the servers would be up 'tommorrow at noon GMT +1' which of course mean everyone mass logging and causing server death. The admins then announced they'd add new hardware the following week, but ended up shutting down and saying their couldn't cope with the influx. They did, however, leave us with one of the best wow memes of #2016 'noon gmt +1'.
  6. Ah I didn't know that! I'm sure there was another guild beginning with C as well, but can't remember.
  7. 2 months from now to Closed Beta. Sort all those issues. Then Open Beta, then all those issues. I don't know how many reports the staff are expecting players to generate from discovered bugs, but maybe a couple of thousand to research and close (accounting for non Mangos)? Six months just doesn't seem possible buuuut...I think Asura mentioned on Discord something about Q1 still. Whether that was tongue in cheek though I don't know
  8. I think CF PvP will have enough players. Not the 6k + that Nos saw but it will be enough. And maybe the devs here don't want the shitstorm numbers that PlayTBC saw lol When we rolled on Nos after a disasterous couple of months on Feenix, I saw guilds like Nope (which I think was Team Plague?) Dreamstate, Coalition, basically all the guilds that once raided on Emerald Dream. They were either abandoned by any development after what, 18 months? Or had been banned by the Administration on ED. Nos rose with the raiding guilds and those raiding guilds brought a hell of a lot of players. It *might* happen for CF, but if Elysium keeps those raiding guilds happy they aren't going to throw away a year and a half of effort on an untried realm for another year of MC and BWL, unless that realm offers a vastly superior experience. And no the four month timeline and PTE won't cut it, Nos promised a 3 month timeline and it never materialised. I could be wrong and every raiding guild out there is salivating for CF, but even without them I think it will have enough numbers to be an enjoyable experience.
  9. I think this is probably wise, but also unfortunately what the majority are likely to do and they're not going to switch if they're happy on Nos. Especially not if they've been raiding for a few months. CF will not be out for those few months since the CB announcement. Closed Beta will find bugs, Open beta a ton more. I remember what the Corecraft github looked like, it was horrendous and that's only TBC! In my initial post I said I had no intention of play to stay, but at least five months before CF is a long time and I miss WoW and my PvE friends and there's no certainty for the CF PvE server now. I don't really trust Nos, I don't think Valkyrie will be able to deliver, but now we have a rock and a hard place decision to make
  10. That would be down to CF devs missing their plans of a four month content release gap, although I'm not sure if there would be four months between Naxx and TBC. I hope not because that's more or less what happened on live when TBC was announced, half the guilds just stopped even trying As we understand it so far, Valkyrie doesn't have plans for TBC yet but will focus on delivering vanilla content. I can't really remember the Nos timeline. It was 3 months after Ony and MC to BWL planned, but ended up 6 or 7 months? So maybe they won't go so quick that CF can't overtake
  11. CF won't die. It has (planned); clustering, capped servers, a four month gap between content, no draw distance issues, isn't Mangos, hard raids and PTE. That might be enough to draw the guilds away from their Nostalrius level 60s to a fresh realm, IF the beta can stand up to scrutiny. What might suffer is the PvE server if we don't gain enough population to make it viable. God I hate pvp but I'll play CF over Nostalysium because the devs here seem decent, not prone to exaggeration (fully scripted raids, really Nos?) and I don't see a high quality content future possible from the Valkyrie devs. (I'm not bashing them, I'm sure it'll be fine just not CF fine) But the ball is fully in the dev's court now and as much as I'm the one saying 'release when you're ready' I'll also advise 'don't delay too much now'.
  12. There's a post on reddit, not sure how accurate, that these new servers won't be out for four weeks minimum. If that timetable gets bumped, and CF's doesn't, then these two servers will potentially release weeks apart. CF is unknown and Valkyrie has years of experience under its belt, but CF is PTE and there's no mention of TBC other than 'years away'. Interesting times ahead.
  13. (This isn't a promotion regarding that realm, I have no intention of playing there once CF releases) I know there's post on the Developer's forum and the General Discussion forum but I feel this news affects us PvE'rs more than most. PvE servers tend to be somewhat less populated, though you can argue most pservers don't even bother and Nos was the first to offer a decent realm for the carebears. But yeah we're usually at the short end pop wise. If Nos/Ely are going to copy/paste the Nos PvE server, how is this going to affect us? Nos PvE was nearing what 2/3k playerbase with established guilds. Guilds are the mainstay of a good community and population. Just look at the Nos/Kronos race and where the social and raiding guilds fell dictated the rise in pop on Nos and the decline on Kronos. I think CF will be the superior product, though I'm sure Elysium PvE will be perfectly fine too, but even this reminds me of how people used to say Kronos had better scripting. I guess I just want the PvE community to be vast enough that CF doesn't cancel on us due to everyone playing elsewhere What do you guys think? Am I too pessimistic (and drunk)?
  14. So Elysium is going to pick up right where Nos closed on? I suspect this will split the community but maybe that's not a bad thing. I might even go retrieve my hunters there until CF launches
  15. Another not-really-transmog but a character called 'Manservant' I made down in the Kara crypts for a Halloween treasure hunt: