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  1. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated; and no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the per- sons or things to be seized. This is a lot more than just what you look at on facebook or reddit. I don't have anything to hide either, but this about a person's fundamental right as a human being to privacy. This will be who do you bank with? What exactly have you ever bought and where did you have it shipped? Who else has had things shipped to that address, and what did they buy? This is being sent a subpoena for for being involved in anything anyone regards to questionable, such as playing on a private server of World of Warcraft. This is having your webcam and microphone activated at all times and having your facial expression and conversations matched with the content you're looking at. Heaven forbid there's ever an SSL encryption error, because then it's also all of your banking account information and your social security number, and you can bet that there will be some "accidents" that try to break that encryption. I just don't understand how anyone could not at least see this as a negative even if they aren't as upset as I am.
  2. For the hardcore/casual comparison, my mind always goes to the trek trying to get to a different starting area. If you think the run from Teldrasil to Ironforge/Stormwind is bad, you should load EverQuest and try the run from Qeynos to Greater Faydark or vice/versa.
  3. I had no idea that the background could be changed. So glad this post got brought back up. For anyone else who sees this and doesn't know, here's where you do it:
  4. This is an interesting idea. I don't know how viable it would be in the beginning, but once progression moves onto TBC it could be a good way to keep the vanilla experience fresh. I don't know that the community would want to give up their progress and attachment to their characters, though. Thinking about it where I am now, there's no way I would be for this. But if it's 2 years from now and I have the option to start on a fresh vanilla server, that might be a lot more appealing. I think ultimately, I would rather just roll a new character, even if it is the same class I already have maxed out. I wouldn't want to risk losing the relationships I had built over the time I had invested on the server. You an usually get enough people together to do the content you want to see, and you could probably generate enough interest in a guild that progressed through content in the order it had been released to make that a viable option.
  5. I'm a fairly casual player, but I have a good amount of free time, and I expect to be able to raid near the first batch of casual guilds that start raiding. That said, I don't want to see the content rushed. I remember how much of an undertaking the war effort was back in the day, and to know it will be over as quickly as it will makes me sad honestly. I know that since this is all old content that the feeling of exploration and discovery can never be what it was, but that is the thing I miss the most. I would actually love to see the difficulty of the raids be tuned to be extremely difficult to clear on launch (not impossible, but nearly). I think more so than emulating what exactly the stats and mechanics were during that time, creating something that presents a challenge and provides the opportunity to test your abilities as a player and a guild is what would be the true "blizz-like" experience. Maybe in the minority on that and people just want to do the fights they have memorized and get loot, and I can understand that. But for me, the appeal of World of Warcraft was always two things: the sense of scale and conquering new discoveries.
  6. @Elicas can't kill stalk be your Druid friend if you're in Thunder Bluff.
  7. So in case anyone was not aware, Congress just passed a measure to veto the FCC regulations preventing ISPs from spying on you and selling your personal information. They may also attempt to install malicious tracking software on your computers and mobile devices. If you don't currently use a VPN, now would be the time to look into one. I'll be running mine permanently until there is some measure of safety to browsing the internet again. Here's to hoping this get fixed before CF launches, but more likely than that my hope is that it's easy to allow CF as an exception.
  8. I'll most likely main a hunter and a holy priest depending on what I'm feeling. I never really got into many of the other classes, and at this point I'm looking to relive the old experience, not learn something new.
  9. Thanks for the update Outstanding! Always good to hear that things are moving in the right direction. As others have said, it's nice having some actual news to talk about in between Dark's updates.
  10. Welcome! @Zau There will be 1 pvp and 1 pve server at launch. Launch will be sometime this year. You can check out the FAQ here:
  11. My avatar is myself, in a cardboard box, smashing a tv with a sledgehammer.
  12. 10/10. Purple is the best color. Jaina is the best mage. Popcorn is the best snack. Everything about it is the best.
  13. I think it looks good. Glad to have an updated FAQ I can point people to. Some people will always find something to complain about, but there is definitely enough there to explain who we are and what we are doing to someone unfamiliar with CF. I would consider putting a link to the staff page at the bottom and mentioning Outstanding's position as CM to direct people's questions.
  14. I assume the Dev's are building some tools to help detect cheating into the server since they are literally building it from the ground up. I don't have any way to prove that, nor will I speculate as to what those would be in case I guess correctly. It's just that it's what I would do if I were in their position. The community here (both players and staff) do not have a lot of tolerance for any form of cheating, so I imagine it will be dealt with swiftly and intelligently.
  15. Welcome! There are a few threads regarding RP already, so feel free to bring those back to life or start your own. I'll be on the PvP Alliance side, so maybe we'll run across each other.