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  1. Thanks for the update!
  2. Enjoy the time with family!
  3. Thanks, Dark! Some pretty interesting stuff.
  4. Thanks as always, Dark.
  5. Thanks as always for the update, Dark. I'll be sad to see the forums go, but I get it.
  6. Crazy stuff.
  7. As always, thanks for the update! Great to hear that some work is getting done even with you and Asura being busy IRL.
  8. Thanks as always for the update. Great to hear about the progress, especially with videos this time.
  9. Thanks, as always! I appreciate the continued updates!
  10. Thanks for the update. Jealous you get head out in to the wilderness. I could use a trip like that.
  11. Thanks for update!
  12. @LilainaI'm pretty sure he means the books.
  13. I am definitely looking forward to CF being a real thing. My brother and I recently made characters on Elysium to scratch the itch, and I feel kind of dirty now lol. That said, I agree with @valaquentathat we don't really want to hype up something at the moment, especially given the way that the devs have been forced to respond to things in the not too distant past. Once open beta and 2030 release are confirmed, then the hype train can charge down the mag rail, but for now I think the wisest choice is to just continue work as it has been for them. This is coming from someone who still has a small flame of hope burning in his heart for release by the end of the year.
  14. I played the crap out of NWN, but lost some of my install discs years ago and never picked it up digitally. GOG actually gave it away during one of their sales last year, and I took a long trip down nostalgia lane. It still is one of the most fun RPGs to ever have been made.
  15. Thanks as always Darkrasp. I appreciate the details.