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  1. Welcome. The last official stance on release was 50% chance it'll be done by the end of June, 75% by the end of September, 100% by end of 2017.
  2. Thanks for the update as always Dark. Great to see some finely detailed specifics. Keep up the good work!
  3. I joined in August and lurked for a while. Here's hoping the next anniversary sees a special event in-game.
  4. I think something you have to keep in mind and that has been mentioned several times on the forums: the developers can't interact with the general populace like they did in the early days of the project. If you aren't able to believe people when they say they're working and believe that all the new beta testers are a ruse, then why would you even hang around? You might as well just go play on another server and ignore Crestfall altogether. Either it will launch or it won't. I get that you're disappointed; a lot of people are frustrated by the delays (myself included). This seems like it will be the best vanilla/PTE experience there has ever been, and I absolutely understand the desire to partake in that experience. But we aren't owed anything. If the server never launches, yes it will be heartbreaking, but I will still have enjoyed my experience in this community reminiscing about the good old days of WoW and interacting with some wonderful people. I will do my best to hold no ill will towards Dark or Asura or anyone because I will not have actually lost anything. And if this does end up being a sham, I think the hype it has stirred up will at least push forward the next generation of WoW emulation.
  5. Welcome!
  6. So in case anyone was not aware, Congress just passed a measure to veto the FCC regulations preventing ISPs from spying on you and selling your personal information. They may also attempt to install malicious tracking software on your computers and mobile devices. If you don't currently use a VPN, now would be the time to look into one. I'll be running mine permanently until there is some measure of safety to browsing the internet again. Here's to hoping this get fixed before CF launches, but more likely than that my hope is that it's easy to allow CF as an exception.
  7. Hey everyone, Just wanted to post on here that I will most likely be making a casual raiding/pvp guild based in US Eastern timezone. Thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and see if I can generate/gauge interest. Play whatever you want, we're here to have fun. Feel free to ask any questions.
  8. I think it depends on what kind of experience you're looking for. If you want to be a hardcore raider and a paladin, you have to be a healer and wear cloth. If you don't care about being in a guild that has the raids on farm status, you probably have more options. I personally wouldn't care if you wanted to be a ret pally in a raid or group as long as you know how to play the class. There isn't a "meta space" for ret paladins in vanilla raiding, so it's just a matter of finding a guild of people who just want to have fun playing the game.
  9. Just to highlight this specifically.
  10. I'm happy with what the Developers have mentioned so far. I'm not going to be in a top tier guild that has each raid on farm status within a month. However, I like the concept that the raids should be challenging for everyone. The biggest thrill in WoW for me was the excitement of learning to overcome new challenges, which is not inherently possible on a private server emulating an older version of the game. I think that changing some of the functionality in the fights, not just buffing hp/damage, is really what will provide the "vanilla experience".
  11. Welcome!
  12. I have always played a either a hunter or a priest as my main. Hunter is the most fun for me to play personally. I will say, playing a mage is a lot more convenient than playing a hunter, especially in vanilla. The portals are huge time savers in vanilla. Your hearthstone is on an hour-long cooldown, and on PvP servers the boats aren't always safe to use. Being able to conjure food and water is nice as well. Mages can also farm much more efficiently at the end game than hunters can with all of their AOE spells. Hunters aren't going to do as much damage in raids in vanilla as mages, but both will usually have guaranteed raid spots anyway. Hunters are typically (not always) better at soloing appropriately leveled content than mages. Either way, hunters are not very enjoyable until after level 10, but mages are pretty fun right from the start. Until hunters get feign death, it's a lot easier to get out of hairy situation as a mage. It's also nice to not have to worry about the deadzone as a mage. Neither class really has to worry about repair bills. The only other thing is the non-combat management of your pets. You have to feed them constantly to keep them happy, and you have to constantly tame new pets to learn higher level abilities. You do not learn the majority of pet skills from the hunter trainer in vanilla, and that can be a time sink sometimes.
  13. Can't speak to proxies, but I would imagine if they are detected in a similar manner by the server they would be automatically rejected as well. I get that. World PvP is at its best (to me, anyway) when it's spontaneous, and having specific areas of zones that are heavily contested is a bit of a double edged sword: you can pretty much always get a good fight there, but but it also means going there will usually always be a battle whether you want it or not. I suppose PvP doesn't solve the issue of conglomerate monopolies if they're on your faction as easily, but I think ultimately if a monopoly starts to arise, other players will band together to combat it if it actually bothers them. It's hard for me to imagine the level of monopolization and economic manipulation that you're describing without the existence of widespread botting, and I just don't see that happening on this server.
  14. All VPN connections to the server will be automatically rejected.
  15. I agree completely. The only way I see this being successfully resolved is with random or semi-random node spawn locations and timers, but honestly I'm fine if the Developers leave everything exactly where it was. The only thing I'm really ok with gameplay being artificially manipulated is the difficulty of raids. With everyone knowing how to do all the fights now, it just isn't a challenge unless there're some shenanigans by the Dev's. We already know that Chinese farmers will not be an issue since no one from China will be allowed to connect to the server. Botting will also be discouraged by all VPN connections being blocked. Anyone who bots is risking having their actual IP perma-banned. We all know there will be bots, but I think it will not be as big of an issue as some people seem to think. It sounds like OP just shouldn't play on the PvP server for one. If you have an issue with people waiting at nodes to kill you, then you really aren't suited to play on a PvP server IMO. I know that's a bit blunt, and I usually try to not make try-hard/carebear references, but that's just how the game works. I think being on a PvP server actually solves the conglomerate issue by itself; if there is a group monopolizing something you need, just make your own group and kill them.
  16. IIRC, there were both random and static spawns. Especially areas like Darkshore/Ashenvale where there are a lot of wandering animals, most of those were random which is why on the quests to kill the matriarchs you have to literally kill everything you see until they spawn. However, some places were static, like the transition between the two aforementioned zones. In northern Ashenvale, if you kill the stags, only more stags spawn in that area. On the path into BFD, the casters and melee mobs were pretty random. I didn't play much in Goldshire on vanilla, but I do think you are correct there. Same thing in Arathi Highlands, there's a quest to kill x number of a specific type of syndicate, and they shared spawns with a few different mobs nearby, but not all of the spawn points were shared. But I could just be talking out of my butt and be completely mistaken.
  17. Looks great so far. I love bagnon, so it's great to see you have integration with that. I have a few suggestions: Make items equip-able at a higher level a different color from items you can never use, maybe orange or yellow. I would also recommend having learn-able recipes be green and another color, maybe blue, for recipes that you already know and a third color, purple?, for recipes you could learn at higher skill levels. Adding commands and potentially a GUI to allow the user to customize the color of each of the listed categories of items.
  18. I'm almost certain that the moonkin in Darkshore are supposed to be skinnable despite being humanoids. I would commit genocide on them for eggs, and I remember skinning them as well. I haven't played retail since WotLK, so could be that they were changed at some point.
  19. As always, very much appreciate the updates. Great to hear that everything is screaming along full speed like a mag-rail. I don't really care about the promo stuff being done if it means the core is ready earlier. I think things will take off as soon as the servers are opened.
  20. Welcome! Quest tracking is definitely a newer addition. The main reason they didn't have it when the game launched is because it wasn't a thing anywhere. Even having the quest givers marked when you could pick up a quest was considered a very casual friendly move by a lot of people at the time. Crazy how games have shifted to be more accessible over the last couple decades.
  21. "Ninja looting" is another term that came from earlier MMOs and isn't really an issue in World of Warcraft the same way that it was previously. If you think someone is going to "Need" an item, just wait until everyone else has hit their selection. There's nothing that forces you to press "Greed" or "Need" before anyone else. Honestly, you should just communicate with the group beforehand on how they want to handle BoE gear. That makes it easy if you do end up needing to get a GM involved later because you can show them in your chat log that everyone agreed to whatever method beforehand. If I got a ticket as a GM requesting to remove an item from a character because he/she rolled "Need" when everyone else in the group rolled "Greed", I would feel bad for you, but I would tell you that's your own fault. If you showed me in a chat log where they specifically agreed to handle it a specific way, I might consider it, but ultimately lying to other players isn't against the rules, and if you get deceived, well, just be more careful next time. If someone does that, it's their own reputation that gets damaged, so just spread the word for people not to group with that person. It's very hard to hide from a bad reputation when you can't change your character's name.
  22. Welcome!