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  1. MoP is the only expansion I "played" after Lich King. I say "played" because I logged in, played for a couple days, noticed some of my mounts were missing, put in a support ticket, was essentially told "nah bro" by Blizzard, and demanded a refund. I guess that makes it my favorite by default?
  2. I know this may not be the majority opinions, but personally I would like to see more boring technical things working flawlessly such as: The auction house Mob aggro radius and pathing at different levels A variety of dungeon/boss mechanics Spell interactions Actions that should/shouldn't trigger PvP Gathering nodes Things like that. The reasoning is pretty simple; we expect to have the most technically sound server, so let's show that off. Several short videos under 5-10 minutes, one per topic would suit me. Along the lines of the Wildstar promotional videos if you've seen/remember those, though more detail and less craziness. Ideally we could do them without doing a compare/contrast to a MaNGOS server, but some things just would not be discernible otherwise. However, I absolutely would not want to see any other server named in the videos. Honestly though, at this point I'm so thirsty for the server to launch that you could follow a squirrel for 10 minutes and I would watch it and enjoy every moment of it.
  3. Found the post: I think everything is in that thread.
  4. I don't believe there will be any rewards for honor at launch. The honor system at launch may just be kills being labeled "honorable" or "dishonorable" with no ranks attached. I know it's somewhere here in the forums, but I'm at work and can't search right now.
  5. I can see it being viable up through the 20s, maybe into 30s, but past that... I don't know. The damage elites do ramps up so much after that, it would be pretty slow going. I've never played shaman, but I have played a ton of hunter, and I know I couldn't take a group of more than 2 or 3 dungeon mobs hitting me and expect to live, even with an amazing healer. But hey, I'm all for trying out things that shouldn't work. Especially in vanilla, there are such a wide array of things you can do to get around the meta that formed later. The problem though, is that a lot of people are now so used to the standard roles that you'll need to find a specific group of people/guild that are ok with you shaman tanking and stick with them while you're leveling.
  6. No, don't steal my sweet underwater flips! (For real, though, why was that ever a thing?)
  7. For me, it depends on if I remembered to turn on my home pc. I remote in to do all my time wasting on my personal computer instead of my work computer. If I forget, then I only check it once after I get home. If I remember, then it pretty much stays open all day. I am definitely not ready for the influx of new people after the launch. I wish I had decided to be more involved earlier in my lurker days, so now I have to make up for that lol.
  8. Thank you, Dark. It sounds like things are coming along as smoothly as they can. My condolences for your loss.
  9. My sentiments exactly. Glad to have another (not so) friendly face around. Especially one that's so Happy.
  10. A pleasure to see you stepping into a new role of leadership here on the forums. I feel like this is a natural evolution of the role you had taken on these forums for a while now. Even when you jumped ship thoughtfully considered the implications of the LGN and found them wanting, you were, moreso than anyone else, able to eloquently put into words the sentiment of the community as a whole. You are definitely a pillar of this community, and I am happy to have you as a CM. I will be sad to see your posts take on a more official tone, but I do not doubt that you will still be able to provide us with insight and rational thought in the midst of turmoil (whenever it inevitably arises again). There is no one on these forums that I would trust more than yourself to fill this role, and I am excited that we are already taking steps towards preparing for the future growth and development of this community, especially on these forums. Here's to our new @Outstanding CM! Cheers!
  11. If only you could level in the starting zones forever.
  12. Me too. Congrats!
  13. Welcome! I'll probably see you a lot, since I'll be playing the same thing. Looking forward to smashing those impudent beasts together.
  14. I was thinking about this today and realized that for PvP and PvE most zones play much differently (really every zone that isn't controlled by the Horde or Alliance). I primarily play Alliance PvP, so of course Stranglethorn is up there on the places I am ready to be done with as soon as I start, but I think Hillsbrad Foothills has typically been a worse experience (on both Horde and Alliance side). Ashenvale is a ton of fun on PvP servers with the low level open world battles, but I find it pretty boring on PvE. Felwood is one of my favorites for PvP questing since there it's a nice respite from battle (usually not many people there questing in my experience). I think Un'Goro might be my favorite zone for both PvP and PvE. I love the atmosphere down there, and the PvP is some of the most strategic around with all of the dangers lurking about, and the PvE is usually at least entertaining.
  15. Nailed it.
  16. For your first time playing vanilla, I have to recommend PvE. If you played TBC, then it might be ok, but if you've only played Lich King or later, leveling on a PvP server might be a more masochistic endeavor than you're looking for. Though if you do decide to go PvP, I will look forward to meeting you on the fields of battle .
  17. Welcome, glad to have you!
  18. Welcome! Vanilla is an entirely different experience; not even recognizable as the game is today. There are a lot of conveniences that you may look for and will not find. There is no dungeon finder. There is no quest helper. There are no free mounts. There is no dual-spec, and it costs a decent amount of money to reset your talents multiple times. There are no summoning stones/teleportation to dungeons. There are many flight paths that don't exist. You have to actually interact with people to get a party and walk wherever you're going together. You actually learn who the people on your server are, and your reputation matters a lot. If that still sound appealing, then we are very glad to have you . I would love for you to come try out PvP, but honestly for a first vanilla experience I would go PvE and try to hop in @Elicas's guild. If you're a druid, you won't be turned away .
  19. You know the saying, "Be careful what you wish for.."
  20. I think if you could find the right quests, you could make this work. You would need to look up all the XP rewards though, and make sure you were going to get enough, otherwise you could be putting yourself a day behind with all the running around to do turn ins. I personally wouldn't because I want all that gold, and I also loved all the PvP in HFP, but I can see why you would want to get out of there ASAP, especially at launch.
  21. As I'm sure you're aware and as Oxyda said, the main purpose is to be efficient and reduce over-healing since any over-healing is effectively wasted mana. I found that experimenting in dungeons while leveling helped me to understand practically how that worked. I would always keep the current and previous ranks of the healing spells bound (not renew) while leveling. IMO you're gear generally will not be good enough to keep rank 1 of most spells bound until you get to the end game. I did not raid in vanilla, though I did heal up through the end of BRD, and for future reference, when I did raid in TBC I found that you have such a wide array of healing spells that you generally don't want to have multiple ranks for all of them bound (unless you're trying to join a top-tier raiding guild; I'm a filthy casual). I definitely suggest Healbot over Clique since you can specify exactly which spell/rank you want to cast (though it's not 100% reliable in vanilla iirc) and, for me, it is a better visualization. But I also don't use any UI mods that represent the party differently than the standard UI, so if you're combining Clique with something else, that might be an equivalent or better solution than HB. If you don't want to use HB, I honestly would recommend setting up all the hotbars and keybinds in whichever UI bar mod you use. Something like 1 = Flash Heal current rank, Shift+1 = Flash Heal rank previous/mid rank, Alt+1 = Flash Heal rank 1, etc. Just something where the key is the spell and the modifier is constant for each spell. For example, the last time I used HB, I had whichever spell is most efficient for my gear set to left click, PW:S set to right click, Renew set to middle click, then shift+left click is something that casts quicker than left click, and shift+right click is the biggest heal I have. That way left click always has priority and shift=panic mode. Just make sure you set it up in a way that makes sense to you personally. The easier you make it on your brain to associate the modifier keys with what you actually want to happen, the easier it is for them to become second nature. P.S. As far as the addon goes, first thing is to verify the version of the addon matches the version of the game you're playing. P.P.S. I don't intend for any of that to sound condescending if it does. It felt like I moved a little away from the actual question towards the end.
  22. NE Hunter. I'll probably also level a holy priest and a druid at some point.
  23. Welcome from a former fellow lurker. Being more active on the forums is a double-edged sword: you get to know the community better, but your desire for the project to launch skyrockets. I haven't had such a strong desire to play WoW since TBC was announced.