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  1. Poster mentioned how your source of information is wowwiki and you decide to back it up with wowwiki links. Good job. The beta patches do mention that holy resistance was removed, but it still exists in the 1.12.1 DBC and that's what we investigated. I don't see what you are trying to prove in this post.
  2. You don't actually have to change refresh rate of your monitor, just force FPS down to 64 fps for Wow.exe. If you use nvidia this can be done with nvidia inspector:
  3. Text found on wowhead is from cataclysm.
  4. I have the source code for all WMT versions. It is possibly to port it to vanilla.
  5. Prefer if you upload it to mega.nz or google drive as a compressed file. Also I'm looking for all kinds of screenshots from vanilla, a picture of your character standing AFK in orgrimmar could come useful some day.
  6. Thanks for the post, I looked at the screenshots you posted and most of it appears to be from retail vanilla. I will probably add it to the collection that @Darkrasp posted earlier. I gladly accept any screenshot that you have stored from retail vanilla, I will sort all pictures into categories when I have time, which may not be anytime soon since I currently have about 3k screenshots to be sorted.
  7. Where Palit at? They made some good 1060 versions.
  8. Intel Core 2 Duo should be enough to run WoW. Any "normal" CPU released past 2007 should really be fine for vanilla WoW no matter what you are doing. You can probably run it with an intel atom if you wanted to. For graphics I suggest a GPU with at least 556mb vram. The game is playable with something like 128mb vram gpu with steady 40-60 fps but you wouldn't want to raid with that. Any computer hardware released past 2010 is really going to be overkill for vanilla, so you can pretty much buy anything today and have absolutly no problems at all with fps. With a GPU released today you should be rocking at least 400-500 fps in vanilla.
  9. Won't happen, the old version of AV is inferior to the current version of Alterac Valley due to map fixing that blizz did in earlier patches. (Like the hole outside SH GY leading off the map) In the old version AV the graveyard would be right ontop of the graveyard flags, which obviously leads to a lot of graveyard fightning, just to cap a flag. If we were to use the old Alterac Valley map, it would have to a be mix between the old and new AV, with mostly the same layout as the 1.12.1 version but with the two sides at field of strife open. The winterax cave would have to be moved since the snowfall graveyard replaced that in earlier patch and if not moved then players will spawn directly ontop of snowfall gy flag. In terms of quests/NPCs/texts and whatever for the old version that stuff would be easy to find. Spells from the old version are still in the 1.12. game client, so that's no problem either.
  10. If you have the rare opportunity to find a mob with missing gossip text, it will display the following text: So it's very easy to notice if some text ain't right. There are some rare cases where it will display "Greetings <PLAYER>" but those are only for gossip texts that are directly related to quests and are sent through a different opcode than the normal gossip texts. They are a lot harder to find than normal gossip text but it should all be finished in beta.
  11. You will see next to 0 NPCs with the classical "Greetings! <PLAYER>" on Crestfall. Even at this stage, we are very away from other servers when it comes to gossip texts.
  12. Worst zone in the game. Nothing interesting about the zone at all.
  13. Nah, the cast time is only 0,5s
  14. Best race/class combos for pvp on alliance: Gnome mage, high intellect and escape artist Dwarf paladin, for stoneskin, better than humans perception and mace/sword specialization Gnome warrior, for escape artist Dwarf priest, for stoneskin and fear ward Night elf hunter, for shadowmeld Picking human anything other than rogue is going to be a bad choice for PvP. For horde if you want something good and unique, play orc rogue/warlock. The stun resistance is great.