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  1. AFAIK Shenna only took money once (~5000€) and it was due to a family member being seriously ill (correct me if I'm wrong though). The team members knew about it, Shenna told them about it and she was supposedly really ashamed for doing it. Someone posted a thread on the whole situation in wowservers and said that Whitekidney was infact aware of Shenna's IRL situation and the Elysium team had collectively refused to bring in any cash-shop type of stuff to pay for the project. Crogge claimed to have payed the money back through the gold business I believe?
  2. That's the exact reason why Blizzard removed downvoting on their forums. If you don't read the whole thing then you don't have the right to call people to downvote it "because the start felt like shitposting". It's written in a neutral tone if you read the whole thing. It's not just giving CF team a hard time, it's also listing the positive stuff about it towards the end. Giving negative feedback with alleged proof =/= shitpost,bashing,shilling,whatever negative words you can find.
  3. Check out that link and see for yourself. I managed to get 270ms at best: ------------- I've noticed that people seem to learn to account for the "lag" in time naturally, and have no problems performing as good as anyone else with lower ping. Even if you do miss 1 skill over a long-ass fight because of the micro-lag, I don't believe for a second that it will cause you to perform noticeably worse. Even the best players of WoW screw up their rotations once in a while in raids due to distracting factors. 500 dps vs 490 dps for 2 seconds. It's an elitist jerk way of looking at player performance, is it not?
  4. Ping does not really matter that much unless you get 200ms+. I have 110ms from Estonia (East Europe to NY) and I can barely see the delay. As someone said - below 200ms latency is similar to a human reaction time. If you die with 200ms, you still would have died with 10ms.
  5. "CF betrayed me, im out." . . A few days later... . . "G..G..Guys? I didnt really mean it. I'm back"
  6. <OurGuildNameDoesntFi>