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  1. Love: Trolls - Amazingly, most horde idiots pick Undead, sometimes Orc. Taurens and Trolls are played by more chill folks, and the latter are almost always good people. Trolls have good racials for DPS and healing, they are super tall and have cool villages. Sadly, no Troll capital city though. Hate: I guess that'd be the Humans - So boring and over populated race. One third of alliance is made up by ugly nerds picking female Humans. Also, these bastards go to Dwarven lands for early leveling, polluting the pure snowy lands with their bad taste. Dwarves rock !
  2. As a side note, Pottu' s resignation as Elysium's lead GM and his statement today are a bad sign. Ely's history still have theater scripts to fill it seems. I wish those still associated with both CF and Ely would leave the latter for good.
  3. Well there's zero mention of it in the first post of this topic.
  4. So, the LGN is still a thing? What is the partnership with Legacy Crusade? http://forums.legacy-crusade.com/index.php?/topic/56-for-time-times-ahead/
  5. It's so obvious..... It has to be an odd number for decision making. 3 is too low (on DPS). 7 is too high (would take too long to form groups), and balancing content for 7 would also be more time consuming. (joking, I have no idea, I know other mmos use even numbers)
  6. That's why I think you are not sure you are talking about. "maintaining of open sourcing on Elysium's part" Once you do it, there's no coming back. There's no "on Elysium's part". Anyone can fork it or clone and start a totally new project fully independent from Elysium... Elysium has zero power over new projects forking from their software.
  7. You don't see the point I made before. You have your opinion about Elysium staff, I have mine. And I'm sure we even mostly agree on that. The point you seem to be blind to is that going OS is not only about Elysium. If they actually open up everything it's awesome for all persons interested in vanilla wow, as there are high chances we will have better emulators. EDIT: that's actually the beauty about FOSS. There is not necessary a monopoly, or at least not a profitable one. Let's suppose CF (or the next big thing) fails miserably. Then players would not have to wait years and developers wouldn't have to invest so much of their free time in these non profit projects in oder for us to have good servers. How can going OS be a bad thing???? I actually still deep in my mind wonder if Asura doesn't wanna profit from CF. I mean, he's a linux guy, he knows the FOSS community. Why not go OS if you don't want profit is for me still hard to grasp. Before an arguments like "os makes it hacker friendly" pop, know that these arguments are total BS.
  8. I've done enchanting while leveling twice and had money for mount at 40 and some 200g at reaching 60. Things that were needed: 1) Server with high pop of leveling toons. 2) No hurry to reach 60. 3) Be tank or healer. 4) Be social. The secret is to run dungeons and that's it. Only do dungeon quests and get all exp in dungeons. There are some holes like between SM cath and Ulda but mostly there is a dungeon for all levels 18+ Being a tank was easier than healer. Never tried as DPS. It's actually less bad than what people think. You spec properly (prot / holy, resto) and after some time you build yourself a name and a long friends list. You get added a lot too if you are not retarded. Oftentimes I had to form groups but I got LOTS of invites. Little downtime(outside of dung), lots of fun, loooots of bop blues ($) and boe greens (mats), the occasional boe blue ($$$), little exp per hour, bis gear all the time.... It's a different game than questing, but a nice poison nonetheless. /played was around 12 days I think.
  9. Then for the second time it's clear to me you have no idea about FOSS development. And 100% certain a Windows or Mac user without any OS community knowledge. /salute
  10. Not sure why? Consiser then they are this time, for once, telling the truth. Consider they will actually open a public repo and will manage the community commits. Elysium has +20k players, if one in one hundred can contribute with code, that means 200 people will be helping develop the server. If one in 10 submits bug reports, that's 2k reports. "All bugs are shallow given enough eyes are watching" And look at the bigger picture. Finally someone would give back to the community and improve the avaliable emulators. That alone is awesome.
  11. They just announced to go open source! TBH now I'm quite more interested in Elysium than CF depending on how they manage it. If it's truly OS, all modules, this will be a huuge step forward. And a good chance of Ely to get their shit together
  12. I would 'leak' the code myself, as I believe all software should be open source. (All of my 'ready' projects are open, though the company I work for, which ofc seeks profit, works closed)
  13. Welcome, bear !
  14. Blizzlike resources distribution or Blizzlike general experience and pacing? Can't have both at the same time, so pick one.