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  1. It's like that web browser game where you are a little ball eating other balls. Elysium is the king of that game. GG. There's a rumor / joke / meme / w.e. that Crogge is Shenna's romantic partner. If this is the case, then it seems Shenna got her Crestfall afterall hahaha. Well played to all of you! Adieu.
  2. What are colors? Did you know that 'blue' didn't exist until fairly recently. There's little blue in nature. The sky and water were described as white, green or grey until around the 15th century.
  3. It is buggy sometimes indeed. Still, it's breathing the known and appreciated air, but fresh. Discovering things again, having a hard time and wiping in mc again. I am very drawn to the endless build possibilities and a new way to tackle the old sweet vanilla.
  4. There is one such thing out there. It's an amazing server... I opened a new topic under Off-topic section but it was soon locked and labeled as advertising for another project. Send a PM if interested.
  5. It was supposed to be a joke, guys! (I hope so at least)
  6. Edit: No advertising for other servers please.
  7. Yes but try to see his point through the percieved arrogance. While I am not a fan of many of his posts, I am grateful to him because his words sound honest considering he obviously cared a lot about this community. All people posting on these forums are interested in CF, otherwise they would not be here. This interest is manifested as time spent reading and writing here. Our times could be spent elsewhere, with other hobbies or with our family and friends, but instead our interest makes us spend a few minutes per week on these forums. Outstanding was somewhat dramatic but it is not a false statement that every passing minute brings us closer to our deaths, of which we are mostly afraid, hence the value given to 'time'. Now maybe he attributes a higher value to his time than most of us and he was not confident with the project situation based on his personal experience. He expressed his opinion about CF's status quo and that's it. If Asura decides to shut it down, then be it. If he releases an awesome server in 2019, great! But I'd rather have more information to gauge how interested I am in the project and decide how much of my time is 'worth' spending in this community. To Outstanding I have to say: "thanks for the honest thoughts". For discussion: do you guys think that the staff and tester NDA was a good move? Being open is rarely a bad idea...
  8. Well arena was introduced with Mara in patch 1.2. I don't know if these will be available during release date. If yes, be sure that some other folks will also be very interested in an easy chance to obtain the almighty AGM. I guess some level <5 PvP brawls are to be expected there :-P
  9. While I agree with your points, project management is not just keeping people on track, but overall resource management and structure organization. Regarding free software projects, fact is that the main coder is (almost) always also the project manager. For Crestfal, this figure is Asura. The problem is that Asura is a bad PR person and very closed to opinions on how things should be, according to other CF staff members. These two personal characteristics of him make him not an ideal project manager and I think this is what Outstanding was trying to point out.
  10. If you level by questing solo, there will be always quests that will grey out for all level ranges. If you would visit all zones, there are more quests than needed in total, given you would do them all. Leveling as duo of course split the exp from kills but those extra quests that normally grey out make up for it. The experience as duo is pretty nice, since you get to visit all leveling zones and do almost all quests available. Of course you suffer less from ganking and it's easier to organize dungeon groups. I've done it once and can only recommend it. The 'downside' is only that both have to patient and sync the play times. If only one is online it's best to play an alt instead of doing stuff ahead. Edit: the warrior will be very happy to have a leveling buddy, as solo warrior leveling can be tough. Any partner will do good. A ranged DPS or hybrid healer would be best of course. There are some leveling tricks as warrior if you have a mate, such as go prot until you get improved revenge. The stun from improved revenge combined with the prot talents you get up to that point will make you beefy and take little to no damage per mob. The partner can DPS freely and very little downtime for regen is needed. Most people will say leveling war as prot is totally stupid, but the improved revenge and the few prot points will get your downtime to zero and will make dungeon tanking fun and super easy.
  11. Obama was president from 2009 to 2017. Afghanistan war was from 2001 to 2014 -> 5 years during Obama. And then restarted in 2015 -> during Obama. Iraq war was between 2003 and 2011 -> 2 years during Obama. War in North-West Pakistan started in 2004 and is still on going somewhat -> 8 years during Obama. Libyan Civil War was in 2011 -> Totally during Obama. War on ISIL (in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Nigeria) started in 2014 and is still going -> Started during Obama. The Nobel Comitee should seriously review this one.... Well this is not really fitting into this topic. I criticize not only Obama, but all of them. But I responded to someone who wrote about Obama. I am not fond of the others, mind you. I also criticize all american citizens. How the hell can you not stop your government from going into wars and killing innocent people?? Oh yeah, because you are at home, watching netflix, playing WoW, eating a pizza you ordered with an XL Coke. The american way of life, isn't it? Disclaimer: I am not saying americans are less politically engaged then others, as in Europe most people are just as passive. But you complained I criticized only your beloved Obama, so that's what called for this reply.
  12. Yeah, meanwhile he was also waging wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, North-West Pakistan, Libya, Syria and Nigeria. That AFTER he got a Nobel Peace Prize . What a great man! EDIT: why was the USA in those countries during his administration? Did any of them initially attack the USA?
  13. Why do you project your minmax mentality into others? Some people have fun spending 200g/person X 40 people per riding night in consumables to finish a raid in less time. Others have fun experimenting and enjoying the dungeons. Everyone has a taste man... In K2 I was running a lot of 60 dungeons even after I got full T2 and BWL weapons. Oh boy it was fun to 4 man strat live in under 30 minutes, or 4 man UBRS ;-), 3 man BRD. I am glad others also enjoy doing this kind of thing instead of focusing on theorycrafting and trying hard to top your 'hardcore' guild's DPS chart.
  14. Very interesting indeed. The leveling beta seemed very solid TBH. All quests I tried were working nicely, though level 58-60 dungeons were not properly scripted. Edit: Should we be expected to know what you mean by "VoA"?
  15. Prot warriors are maybe the least class in demand for raiding. Each raid needs 2-3 (which are players with VERY high attendance) and has other fury warriors who mostly also have tanking gear either for OT or for replacement. If one of the prot wars stops playing, they simple promote one of the DPS wars to tank and recruit another fury war.