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  1. When Kronos 2 released, I managed to join a cool guild and we leveled in large groups of dungeon farming to level 60 (quest areas were overpopulated). While farming LBRS for a week in 10 man raids until we had some UBRS keys I was hearing a neighbour also play something during the farm. Due to voice chat, we found out to be in the same game, guild and raid! -moments when you realize the world is indeed small :-)
  2. I very gladly would pay for quality. I still subscribe to Ryzom 2 years since I last played it, just because it is such a brillant game. But I wonder how good can CF really turn out. Some people who really care about the server like Elicas (thanks for the reply) and Outstanding, maybe the 2 most active community members, have no voice in this little dictatorship of Asura. On top of that, many things point now to a very late 2017 release at best. Between keeping your 'community' benched and then disappointed with delays or just announcing a 2018 release, the latters seems more reasonable. In past matters like the LGN, it turned out the community was right. Ignoring it over and over is no longer a mistake, but stupidity. Nevertheless, knowing Crestfall will also be my last WoW experience, I also hope it turns out to be a real/good server.
  3. The big question is: why Asura decided to hide development status? If development is slower than imagined and they still need 2 years to release, they would benefit from saying it: people would stop creating these threads, stop asking for updates and would not have their 'last hopes' broken by a major 'delay' (from what they expected, or were told). Then hyping it now is a bad idea and they should just be frank and cool things down. If they are getting comfortable with the progress and release is emminent, they would also benefit from saying it: hyping the server and atracting a big player base is needed in order to get a healty population and to provide a good WoW experience. Elysium is bleeding players by the hour and many of these might leave the emulation scene for good if there is no clear signs of a good alternative. Players from projects running 2.0+ will also come, but in much lower numbers as CF supposedly is planned to start with 1.X. If development is on track and release is to be expected until the end of 2017, then where the hell is the website with a progress bar? Why bi-weekly updates where very basic aspects of development are being described? (Energy generation, weapon procs, etc...) There will be a plethora of higher complexity bugs only seen during a larger scale testing but from what Darkrasp describes, they are still plagued by lower level ones. My guess to answer the question formulated in the first line of this post is: 'because they know release will be way overdue their 2017 mark'. Judging simply from the frequency and content of the so-called 'Darkrasp's Updates', that seems to be a reasonable conclusion. If you disagree, please let me know why.
  4. so the more-frequent-than-2-weeks update channel from cf is broken. I wish the website with a simple progress bar was online. If cf aspires to become a good server it needs a healthy population, but the owners don't seek to start hyping it.
  5. Those videos are heavily biased. Ret pally has hardly a place in BWL and harder raids. It's a spec tuned for pvp, and shines at that.
  6. PvP: agree. For PvE, while in a few encounters you have the upper hand as healing druid, you are spot on for early raids. After AQ40 though, druids become unstoppable healing machines. With very high-end gear, a priest gotta sweat to compete with a druid.
  7. But in the third line of our OP you wrote: If you care about minmax and theorycrafting, a PVE set should be as efficient as possible for your task. If you heal, then you will be using those ugly mixed sets. If your tank is retarded and you need to be able to survive a few hits, then you should find another tank. Now if you don't care about minmax, you should chose whatever armor pieces you like. This will likely have more survivability than a set optimized for healing, but no list is needed. Any armor combination with some + healing + int + sp and mp5 will do you good. I don't see the point of your list. It is not an efficient set for "pve". So maybe your first post was right and this is indeed a rp set?
  8. What do you mean with this? How is this reply constructive? I'd also be interested in knowing this. This is a pretty cool mod and would be nice to have it running. I hope the anticheat does not flag it as cheating. Kronos has a pretty strict cheat / hacking / multibox policy and there you can use this without trouble. But of course this should not influence CF's policy.
  9. Well said. I just hope 1984 remains the amazing fiction story it is.
  10. Zizek is brutally unique.. "We paid our super-ego tribute" haaha
  11. Elon Musk, Noam Chomsky, Nick Bostrom, Slavoj Zizek, Linux, Hinduism.
  12. @Lilaina @Elicas and others, you are not a minority. Most people think that way. It's a sad thing that this is the case. This is a selfish mindset that I suppose reflects one's lack of interest in the homo species as a whole and of general intellect and curiosity. No offense intended, just statistics. (See discrete Pareto distribution or Zipf's distribution). 'Having nothing to hide' means we shouldn't be interested in securing our privacy? This is a philosofical and economical question and this is the reason why few folks care about the answer (or about privacy). I will try to briefly explain my answer discussing the two aspects separetly. Let's tackle the philosofical part first; It is related to the old and complex "What am I?" question. We are not our physical components as 'our' cells, molecules and atoms are not really ours. They are replaced many times over during our lifetime. So I think the best answer is "we are our minds", in the sense of memory, thoughts and consciousness (and soul or whichever word your religion uses for the Self). Also, being that consciousness can probably only exist given there is memory, we are in fact purely our memories, history and thoughts. Our browsing habits and Internet footprint are part of our history and memory and, therefore, part of what we are. Not caring about keeping those private means we are giving away part of what we are for others to use as they please. Good, now to economics; Giving away part of what we are would not be a problem if any of these were true: a) nobody would make use of this information for personal gain or, b) everybody would have the same opportunity to use this information. However, I think for you and for most people it should be clear that both are false. a) is false because some people and companies do indeed make use of 'what we are' for personal gain with the help of advanced big data statistics and data mining for targeted advertisement, information selling, intelligent product placement and development, etc. And b) is false because not everyone have access to the tools and theory that enable the use of the personal information, therefore, those who do have a clear market advantage. The leverage that some companies have by possessing personal information and tools to use it cleverly is a very big and scary leverage. It is totally not fair to the homo species as a whole that some entities have a much higher power just because they can control and monitor the flow of personal information. This means they can use and sell that information (which, remember, is part of what we are) for profit. If it does not scare you that some people are using and selling part of what you are for profit, then I'm sorry you read this far. Using logic, it is best for us, as a whole, if all have equal rights and opportinities. Otherwise, some will oppress and some will be oppressed and the colonization will never end. For me it's just very sad that most people don't care that others are using part of what makes us 'us' for profit. And this is the reason for which I think ALL should care dearly about protecting their online footprint, so that some of us can't profit over others and we finally get closer to a more neutral society in terms of economical and social domination. If you read this far, I hope at least some of my text makes sense to you and maybe you could rethink the "they ain't got nothing on me so I don't care" mindset. Most mining software are confused by a Linux connection under a proper VPN. So do humanity a favor and get it. Linux is free, awesome, reliable and runs WoW flawlessly :-P.
  13. To those affected, some advice: install Linux (I'd recommend Manjaro), get a paid, descent VPN and unless your browsing habits are too extreme, you will have no problems.
  14. Love: Trolls - Amazingly, most horde idiots pick Undead, sometimes Orc. Taurens and Trolls are played by more chill folks, and the latter are almost always good people. Trolls have good racials for DPS and healing, they are super tall and have cool villages. Sadly, no Troll capital city though. Hate: I guess that'd be the Humans - So boring and over populated race. One third of alliance is made up by ugly nerds picking female Humans. Also, these bastards go to Dwarven lands for early leveling, polluting the pure snowy lands with their bad taste. Dwarves rock !
  15. As a side note, Pottu' s resignation as Elysium's lead GM and his statement today are a bad sign. Ely's history still have theater scripts to fill it seems. I wish those still associated with both CF and Ely would leave the latter for good.