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  1. Absolutely true! The server can be connected through this realmlist, the address is there. I never claimed you could play WoW on it yet, as you pointed out the obvious reason: account creation is not public. You are totally wrong about Crogge not being part of the team though.. On 2017-10-30 Darkrasp said again: Meaning that if he (Crogge) released this script, he knew Darkrasp wouldn't mind. Moreover, since Asura left nothing much has changed and I GUESS the domain (crestfall-gaming.com) and VPS contracts are in Crogge's name still. I don't care about this at all, just pointing out that he might still be in some way 'part of the team', as you can read in this same very topic: So owning the forums and server means he kinda can take them offline at will. But w.e. Crogge seems to be an okay person so this will probably not happen. I think the remaining Crestfall community is on Discord, as this forums have been mostly abandoned anyway. The server should be also pretty lightweight since there is no population so a cheap VPS for double digit euros per months is surely enough to host it.
  2. Apparently this is the server release, yeah. You are not supposed to do anything. Some explanation, however, would have been welcome, considering the person who asked was for a long time one of the most important members of this community. From your comment I supposed you don't use this launcher script to connect to the server software, is that correct? In any case, the realmlist seems to be: logon.crestfall-gaming.com I might try connecting at some point, thanks for sharing Crogge.
  3. You make too many assumptions. All info we have is that they will try to recreate the original experience, including lack of QoL stuff. Where did you read it will not progressive through expacs? I didn't find that quote anywhere.
  4. Who cares man? Holding a grudge is a poison that YOU drink. Try to look at it this way: there will be quality vanilla servers. Scripting, raids and mechanics are all working as intended. No corrupt GMs, actual support and no P2W. If anyone comes up with a server like that, I'd pay 15 a month to play on it. Be it blizzard or not.
  5. If they'd planned to hire anyone from the pserver dev community, he would have been working for them for a while now. Blizz wouldn't announce it if they weren't already well progressed into the classic server development.
  6. Oh gosh finally! I trust they won't disappoint and will deliver true vanilla servers. I hope they observed well and learned much from pservers: what people really want, no group finders, pop cap between 3 and 5k, etc. This is great news and a breath of fresh air after so much stink that came after Nost's shutdown!
  7. Side with vanillagaming. They host in Switzerland. It's expensive but very safe. Many absolute privacy servers there.
  8. Damn, now it's clear Crogge is rotten. Shenna and Vitaly were still on Elysium all along and the 'haters' were somehow right... Given that CF joined that wagon and Asura + Darkrasp trust(ed?) Crogge, I wonder if CF still has any hope. I just really wanted a transparent and good vanilla server. This drama runs are getting tiresome.
  9. Mac is an operational system that most Personal Computers can have. I don't understand what the OP wants.
  10. I know he is here. But as I stated; he seems to be kinda leaving, given the fact his posting frequency has been shrinking during the past year, his last post was 2 months ago, and given the project's change of brand...
  11. To be honest, at this point it wouldn't hurt if the emulator was released as FOSS. Actually Asura mentioned that he'd do that if he'd leave the emulator scene, which seems to be kinda happening?! :-/
  12. What are colors? Did you know that 'blue' didn't exist until fairly recently. There's little blue in nature. The sky and water were described as white, green or grey until around the 15th century.
  13. It is buggy sometimes indeed. Still, it's breathing the known and appreciated air, but fresh. Discovering things again, having a hard time and wiping in mc again. I am very drawn to the endless build possibilities and a new way to tackle the old sweet vanilla.
  14. There is one such thing out there. It's an amazing server... I opened a new topic under Off-topic section but it was soon locked and labeled as advertising for another project. Send a PM if interested.
  15. It was supposed to be a joke, guys! (I hope so at least)