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  1. This article is from 2008: http://www.almarsguides.com/wow/farming/60below/winterspring.cfm Kinda vague, but I'm pretty sure he's implying they aren't skinnable.
  2. Anyone know who this is? I noticed his/her name highlighted in red at the bottom of the page. Slightly confused, as he/she has no posts and his/her name shows 0 results in the forum search tool.
  3. The whitekidney thing is definitely off-putting. Not to beat a dead horse, but I hope they don't believe he's "helping" for any other reason than to gain inside knowledge on ways to exploit and manipulate the server for fiscal gain; methods that he can and cannot use. With that being said, one asshole with his unkempt, dorrito dust-covered claws sunk into the servers economy probably won't ruin it... It's the principle behind the corruption. It's the distorted psychology that comes with such perpetual, machiavellian tendencies. It's the stark contrast in intent, when compared to the rest of the staff. Any reformation or benevolence will always be precluded by avarice, and don't think for a second that he won't stick a knife in your back or damn an entire server's population for his own gain, no matter how much he's "proven" himself. It's all part of the long con.
  4. Exceptionally creepy, bro. Leave a little for the imagination. Christ. The combination of my clinical rotations and work leads to 14 hour days M-F, so I'm not doing shit at the moment. Eight more weeks and I'm free. 🎉🍻💃
  5. Shit, never mind.
  6. Do not speak so carelessly of such horrors.
  7. ..Like a couple of braying mules fighting over the last low-hanging apple.
  8. The fishing timer wasn't reduced to 20 seconds (from 30) until patch 2.1.0 in Burning Crusade.
  9. All trolling aside, I think 18 months is a good initial target. My raiding perspective is from live vanilla, so I haven't much insight on how quickly that shit will get cleared on CF, or any other private server, for that matter. I'm one of those people fortunate enough to be able to devote as much time to game as i'd like, so I'm sure I'll end up with a geared main who will be waiting on the next tier of raid content. Hypothetically, I'll love the game enough to always find something enjoyable to chase, even if it's just a pack of level thirties as they run for their lives. I know i'll have an alt, which i'll use for farming. Doing magic find runs in Diablo 2 is an exceptionally enjoyable chunk of nostalgia, so I know I'll enjoy farming on my mage... but how much and for how long? I'd like the opinions of those who have played and casually raided on private servers. Were you able to find yourselves sufficiency entertained to warrant a time extension of any magnitude? Even then, there's also the variable of the other servers being broken in various ways, which Crestfall has postulated to fix or prevent. Maybe extending the time-frame of the hardmode versions of the raids would prevent most guilds from gaining full BIS before the next raid. I guess the question is, do you prefer to battle against the difficulty of a raid, or just rush through an easy raid as many times as possible before the next one releases? I'd prefer difficulty. Instead of just abbreviating the duration of the raid tiers, why not extend the difficult adaptation for a longer period of time? I guess there's only so much you can do to core mechanics while maintaining the integrity of experience. It's just, these short timelines seem to support the idea that raids will be on farm status within no time at all, so I suppose we need an idea of just how difficult these raids are going to be, and for how long. Just an idea. I'd like the game to unfold as it did in my youth, but this idea isn't an attempt at creating a "blizz-like" time-line. I just enjoy the game and would love to see it remain functional for as long as possible.
  10. No opposable thumbs. 👍 Rogue all the way with a mage alt.
  11. Hunters didn't lose melee until much later on. 5.0 or some shit. Burning crusade is super solid for hunters and has tons of great looking ranged weapons. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't carry on into B.C.
  12. You forgot #24hasmyvoteforsure at the end of your post. Please kindly edit your post to include the hashtag so the devs know you support the 24 month vanilla experience.
  13. Seems like a fallacy to spend all this time on something so wonderful, only to have it irreversibly transition in 16 months. #24miamore #24causemoreismore #24isthecure #24forfuckingsure Cum in me, bros.
  14. I tend to choose races that look the best in armor. For rogue, that's always female (aside from orc). Blood elf females look second best in armor, but their shoulders are too narrow, making their head look huge and the shoulder armor too small. Their stance in stealth is by far the best, though. AOE silence is also killer. Night elf female look the best in gear, imo. They have a balanced physique and are small enough for weapons to look perfectly ridiculous, but without taking away from the aesthetics of the other pieces (lookin at you gnome and dwarf). They also have the best hairstyle, but it wasn't released in vanilla unfortunately. Their racials are terrible though... Hard to turn down human, honestly, even if the female models have zero chill in their posture. Anyway, I'll be damned if I'm playing an animal in a video game (other than Winston 💕), so I guess worgen and Tauren are my least favorite.
  15. Assuming this isn't a typo, the one developer is probably far too busy to address such a menial topic.