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  1. You think? Huge potential, but poor development with no endgame what-so-ever. Why would anyone stick around? Hope? Lol. Vanilla is vanilla. It's been done, and done a thousand times. The transparency is only limited by how blizzard chooses to alter it. For the most part, you know what you're getting.
  2. I have no idea how this works, but, assuming whitekidney can just copy/paste an entire server, what makes you think crogge's shady ass doesn't have literally everything you've done so far copied somewhere? With that foundation and core knowledge, could they not just open their own crestfall? Also, with the Elysium situation, there are no benevolent parties. Whitekidney isn't some savior to the community who is in it for the benefit of us all. It's shitlord vs. shitlord. It's much more believable to think he saw how lucrative being the top dawg was and wanted to cut out the competition. Hell, it's more believable that this is all some bullshit ruse that they disguised as a coup, which took place due to unforeseen circumstances.
  3. There isn't going to be a concrete answer. Ever. If you like, you can believe what someone in a position of authority asserts as the truth. Just be aware that EVERYTHING is subject to change without consideration for promises made in the past.
  4. Pretty simple.. Elysium gets a core that can carry them into multiple expansions, as well as drastically improve vanilla performance. CF community gets the best possible odds at playing on the server they were promised. Win/win. What's the problem? The fact that it didn't occur perfectly like it did on the vacuum of your imagination? Think of this shit from Asura's perspective. He has to give up the reins to something that he created from years of dedication, and all you pasty trolls can think about is the piss:milk ratio in your cornflakes. Have some empathy. Things don't always work out the way they're originally intended to. Learn to adapt like a functional human beings for Christ's sake. You've lost literally nothing, aside from a strand or two of the imaginary safety net keeping you from falling face first onto the asphalt that is reality. 💕
  5. The Elysium realm isn't too bad. High pop, stable ping, and good enough scripting for the mean time. Shame I didn't get my toon off nost, but it'll do for now.
  6. I think the issue arises when more than one account is active on a given ip address. I doubt you'd run into any trouble making multiple accounts, as long as only one account was active at a time.
  7. Right..... 😉
  8. I'm quite out of touch with the legalities surrounding such things, but what makes the developers of CF believe they are immune to the same pursuant behavior from blizzard? I'm assuming they live in the U.S. and, having already been doxed by some nobody on the Internet, I'm sure it won't be difficult for blizzard to find them and hand deliver the same CnD that threatened gummy.
  9. Come again?
  10. No thanks.
  11. Pretty sure both of those will get you banned.
  12. Ha! I'll take the wager up a notch. If this gains enough traction and >75% of players follow through it, I'll go to the PvE server, buy an amount of gold from Whitekidney that's equivalent to the winnings, and match the total amount myself.
  13. There's no way even 1/4 of people would follow through with this.
  14. Not sure if what you're asking is in reference to the very distant future when they added BG xp, but BGs didn't give xp in vanilla.
  15. Your argument is based on the exact same evidence we've been given. How have you formed an opinion conclusive enough for your assertions to be considered valid if you lack that which makes our opinions incorrect and naive? Oh, right.. Because you're projecting the current circumstances of another server onto the outcome of this one. Your lack of reason and the disturbed patterns in which you convey your unorganized, rudimentary thoughts reflect more on you than they do on the topic you're attempting, and failing, to scrutinize. I recommend you stop drinking the contents of those glass thermometers and licking old wallpaper, regardless of how pretty you find the colors to be, because it seems to have lowered the frequency on which you communicate. I suggest you lose all the lead that may roam your head before you start criticizing our illusions.