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  1. Pretty sure both of those will get you banned.
  2. Ha! I'll take the wager up a notch. If this gains enough traction and >75% of players follow through it, I'll go to the PvE server, buy an amount of gold from Whitekidney that's equivalent to the winnings, and match the total amount myself.
  3. There's no way even 1/4 of people would follow through with this.
  4. Not sure if what you're asking is in reference to the very distant future when they added BG xp, but BGs didn't give xp in vanilla.
  5. Your argument is based on the exact same evidence we've been given. How have you formed an opinion conclusive enough for your assertions to be considered valid if you lack that which makes our opinions incorrect and naive? Oh, right.. Because you're projecting the current circumstances of another server onto the outcome of this one. Your lack of reason and the disturbed patterns in which you convey your unorganized, rudimentary thoughts reflect more on you than they do on the topic you're attempting, and failing, to scrutinize. I recommend you stop drinking the contents of those glass thermometers and licking old wallpaper, regardless of how pretty you find the colors to be, because it seems to have lowered the frequency on which you communicate. I suggest you lose all the lead that may roam your head before you start criticizing our illusions.
  6. Training dummies?
  7. You say this a lot. Just because something is written in Latin and you have it tattooed on your lower back doesn't make it legitimate in every instance.
  8. Lol @ exalted over a weekend and 15 minute games. Most of the rep you gain in vanilla AV comes from turning in the supplies you gather from corpses. Once the supplies cap, you summon reinforcements of various types to help you push past choke points. Games can last upwards of 24 hours at times. Though this is extreme, you can expect to devote hours, not minutes, to each loss/victory if you want exalted.
  9. I gank all kinds. The more mad they get, the better. If there was a way to infiltrate the PvE server and gank people, I'd probably do it and get banned. I understand your woes. However, the most enjoyable pass time in wow, besides taking all your money in the AH, is shitting on those who do the exact same thing as me. They rage the hardest. Locking out a level 60 in stuns while a 2-3 level 40s beat him to death... That's why I love vanilla. Even a moderately geared level 60 can still get his o-ring distended to the point of non-function by a couple of skilled 40s. I wouldn't miss out on the WPVP while leveling for the world, even if I only had 3 hours a week to play, because that's what I love.. just as you all love feeling the masculine strength of your boyfriend's hands, as he grabs your ass in Ashenvale while you fish together. That wink afterwards, am I right? 😉 💕 My point is, I avoid the PvE server for the exact same reason you guys avoid the pvp server; it doesn't allow me to play like I want. It's all about what the game is to you. Personally, I would rather none of you have a choice but to play pvp, just so I can pillage your infantile temperaments until you rage-log, but I do understand. Not really that difficult to comprehend. If something you enjoy more is offered as an option, why wouldn't you choose it? I think your question as to "why PvE" is one that would be better geared towards the developers that created it, not those who choose to play on it.
  10. Since we're all made of money and time, let's open up three servers with a 2k cap instead of one with a 5k cap. We'll just out-source some low quality moderators and break a couple Benjamins off the vestigial branches growing from our backs to help fund it. That should do. Surely these exact same people won't be back in here QQing about the quality not being as blizzlike as the population... God forbid we get in a tag war with other players doing the same quest as us, because i've literally never found a way to work around that minor inconvenience.
  11. Get mad bro.
  12. If you want to play like a casual, join a casual guild that moves at a casual pace and hits the content after the difficulty has be lowered to a point where neglecting consumables and world buffs won't be as detrimental. Easy fix. Don't expect the world to cater to your lackadaisical human nature or shitty schedule that is a by-product of your decisions. That isn't an ideal that vanilla wow possesses. It is what it is and YOU conform to IT, not the other way around. If you want to play Hello Kitty Island Adventure, I'm pretty sure the servers are still active.
  13. Rogue, because I love recording the muffled cries for help my victims make as I tea-bag their open mouths without consent, then mixing them into my favorite Skrillex songs.
  14. .....And the flood gates reopen.