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  1. hype

    Discovered that too lately and played all episodes in 4 evenings. Hella great game! There wasn't any game like that for me for a long time. Looking forward to the prequel and LiS2 someday =) Besides I play on Darrowshire (PvE of Elysium) till CF releases for the Vanilla fix. Might clear AQ40 there before that
  2. Tainted Pierce =) together with First Mate Hat
  3. I don't really mind it being reduced to 25. It's still not for free. But keep in mind, that it's only changed on Elysium, not on Darrowshire and Anathema.
  4. I think it's fine to make this extreme gold farming like DM Trib and DM E inefficient. At ppl saying it wouldn't be blizzlike: I think Blizzard would have changed something about this too. It just wasn't used so heavily back in the days that it was a real concern.
  5. Onyxia: "What a happy coincidence! Usually I have to leave my lair to eat." Nef: "Let the games begin!" Thermaplugg: "Explosions! MORE explosions! I've got to have more explosions!"
  6. I think it doesn't matter. Quality should win. And on Nost PvE there were almost enough people for two realms. I think the playercount will increase even more with Nost Relaunch and Crestfall launch.
  7. I killed Skeram and Bug trio in AQ, few tries on Sartura and then I quit. I came back to TBC but didn't see rest of AQ and Naxx though. Hope i will some time, here or on Nost =)
  8. Nost PvE had ~3-5k players online at a time. I think it's more than likely that both servers could have a good population (even 1.5k is totally fine). I think we'll get even more players playing classic than there were before during Nost times. So much attention has been drawn to this scene =) I'll play on Nost/Elysium PvE. I have a lvl60 there. But I'll try out Crestfall for sure. I think it will have way higher quality. Though I'm not really sure if I want to go the TBC way. Time will tell!
  9. nice idea! Here are things I didn't accomplish: lvl60 with a Paladin, Rogue, Druid, Priest, Mage, Hunter Raid past Sartura in AQ40 (no Naxx though) fishing 300 engineering 300 exalted with any of the grindy reps pvp rank 13 (only got to 4 or 5 i think) Alliance char past lvl20 Of these I'd like to accomplish hitting 60 with every horde class, raiding Naxx, fishing 300 and exalted with some of the grindy reps
  10. There were some great moments: First time going to Echo Isles in the Beta First walk through Shimmering Flats with the racing cars and entering Tanaris (such vast zones) First time entering MC and didn't know anything what to do First kill of Nefarian
  11. I really hope that they won't switch to BC fast. Best thing would be to have the Vanilla server even after launching BC like Nost has planned it.
  12. This time I'm really unsure. I played Warrior and Shaman in Retail Vanilla. On Nost I played Warlock. I think it'll be a Shaman again, but still thinking about a Priest or Mage, too. Already played plenty of hours as a Mage in BC though.
  13. Can't vote on this yet. I'd probably start again on Horde side, but if most of my guild wanna start as Alliance I'll join them.
  14. Most of the time I played on Dun Morogh (PvE) in Vanilla+BC. Some time my home was on Lordaeron (PvE) during BC. I hope time on this server will be way longer than on Nostalrius and even Retail =)
  15. Hey, that's a great idea. Here one more: After completing the famous quest Lost in Battle in the Barrens Mankrik cries (/mourn) I'll try listing some more here =)