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  1. I'm here because Crestfallen is an interesting project and if/when it will launch I will play, but I certainly don't have any expectations; I continue to play on Kronos where I have been for 6 months and even if CF never gets released i have lost nothing. I am baffled by all these requests for openness and communications, when at the same time people complain about hype in the past.
  2. On Elysium they put a workaround in place, they just transport you to the towers (horde side) with a Slow Fall buff. On Kronos is a PITA but sometimes if you are in the right spot on a boat and the loading screen is quick you just end up in a different place but still on the ship, but it's not really consistent. The Crestfallen developers already said they are going to fix this bug which is server side in other threads
  3. I think one way to approach this is to install one add on at a time and learn it, especially easy to do when you are levelling. Look at what issue you want to address and search for an addon that seems to provide a solution, install it play with it and then decide if it's a keeper or not. Rinse and repeat. Once you are familiar with the "useful" addons you can start looking at how to visually improve your UI, but always go for utility before eye candy
  4. macbook air 11" 2012, fan noise when playing WoW is irritating but it's better than nothing
  5. @Elicas understood, thank you for the explanation
  6. Sorry if I'm asking a stupid question but what is the rationale for having shorter cast time on heals instead of reduced mana cost?
  7. This is my priest UI on Kronos Pretty basic but it works for me.
  8. Best update I could have wished for. Thank you for continuing in your efforts!
  9. I haven't been active in a while on the forums but had to come back after the shitstorm just to add my name to the people that support you, whatever decision you end up taking about CF.
  10. It also depends on what you want to substitute the remaining points with. all other talents in the Shadow tree are not that good at the same level, and I really doubt you will not fight mobs one or two levels higher than you. Cookie cutter spec for SP at 40 is http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#bZZeMgz0tot
  11. Moonglade EU, from Vanilla to Cataclysm, then quit. (and haven't been back since) I started with a Dwarf hunter in a nice social guild called The Four Rings then switched to Horde for a Forsaken Rogue and raided in TBC and Wrath always in raiding alliances, United Slackers first then Sworn.
  12. Moderately slow, I never understood speed levelling
  13. @Roadblock Thank you, I really appreciate you offering to take a look at it. Of course I'll be more than happy to test it whenever you have something ready. I have tried to find a version control but it looks like the author only posted it in a couple of forums and 0.11 seems to be the latest version