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  1. oh, its quite nice of you to do so after last year's fiasco or however it was; thanks for that
  2. a little slow? the board's practically dead! only two things would make this board come back to life: #1 is open beta for Crestfall, and #2 is Blizzard Entertainment announcing that Classic WoW will be changed from the original in some way(s) and don't forget that the website host was crogge, who as far as I can tell hasn't been replaced these forums won't be here for too much longer since crogge stopped paying for em; for all you know they could go down tomorrow
  3. and ebon hilt of marduk, tainted pierce, sword of corruption, and skullforge reaver; also, iirc, HoJ procced too often, and effects that granted bonus spell damage against undead completely ignored spell damage coefficients and flat-out added the value to every tick, with like +48 per dot tick if it added +48 spell dmg vs. undead
  4. you can't the server has yet to be finished; it isn't out yet
  5. i actually recall them generally acting allright on nost pve unless they were gold farmers or something but i also recall that the attitude of the playerbase became much less patient in wotlk(remember gearscore and asking for achievements?), and ive recently read on the official wow forums that people screamed at you for not knowing the mechanics to the brand new bosses in the brand new raid on the same day that it came out im not quite sure if anti-social was the right word, though, though i'd meant that from an in-game standpoint, not a real-life one
  6. i guess there would be the people having a new experience, but many legion players, from what I've read, tend to act... anti-social, in-game edit: from an in-game standpoint, not a real-life standpoint
  7. they should make it a $10.00 sub that is separate from legion/BfA that way classic players who dont want to support legion can play classic without supporting legion, and itll also improve the quality of the classic realms by preventing some legion players from playing classic without unsubbing from legion
  8. crestfall has no released servers yet all of them are currently in closed beta
  9. those posts were made before the fiasco was revealed perhaps they have actually de-adminned crogge, but havent gotten around to removing his forum title yet, or maybe theyre just skipping that since the forums are going down at an indeterminate time that is also soon anyway, since crogge was the one hosting them, iirc
  10. scylla would you please post in the EU thread what I posted,after the line that says CONTENT: , at the bottom of page 1 of the blue post in that EU thread did state "Please keep the conversation rolling, and bounce around your ideas.", so I assume that my post isn't out of place there, and it'd actually get read by actiblizz edit: i have no wow character anymore though, and i'd rather not dig up the CD keys and disks to do it; and i presume from your reply you can only do it if you're EU, thx anyway
  11. @Darkrasp, i think you should not take a job at blizzard entertainment they're an SJW company and theres 2 good non-PC reasons that overwatch is a bad game, that warlords of draenor sucks, and that legion sucks, and those aren't even all the reasons marketing departments and revenue do not make a game good, neither does pandering to a demographic that DOESN'T PLAY VIDEO GAMES EXCEPT TO VAINLY PLAY IT FOR 10 MINUTES OR PUT THEM ON THEIR SHELF AND NEVER TOUCH THEM SO THEY CAN POST A PICTURE OF IT WITH THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND MAKE SURE THEIR FRIENDS KNOW THEY'RE "HIP AND TRENDY" sorry i got carried away there, but still; their CEO either lives under a rock or is paid(or forced) to aid in subverting western civilization as a whole, and other ones too, with SJWism, or maybe leftist unions just have a stranglehold over them idk anyway just dont get a job there, they might get you arrested for pserver development anyway; "premeditated copyright violation" or something edit: also, unless some drastic political shift in california(where blizzard HQ is) happens, don't move there; its only a misdemeanor to knowingly spread HIV to someone there(was recently a felony); I'm seriously not joking, look it up if you dont believe me
  12. we should see if blizzard messes this up first given their track record as of late its bugs are likely gonna be comparable to feenix
  13. youll be back if classic wow turns out to be as buggy as destiny 2
  14. EDIT: nevermind i made a free trial and did it myself I posted something like this on the blizzard forums, I'll leave it here since it was already put here THREAD TITLE: so you're gonna remake vanilla? it has 14 non-QoL issues; solutions are provided CONTENT: so I'm gonna make some Classic WoW suggestions, but NOT QUALITY OF LIFE SUGGESTIONS SUCH AS FLYING MOUNTS GUILD BANKS OR DUAL SPECCING, IN FACT I DON'T WANT THOSE IN VANILLA WoW AT ALL these suggestions are about not messing up the game, and about preventing exploits, and fixing AV, and making some non-QoL changes to the game that are ultimately minor, aside from the last ones I don't have a Blizzard account with a WoW character, so someone else hopefully posts this onto the blizzard forums for me before listing the suggestions, I'll point out some ways that Blizzard Entertainment can manage to mess up vanilla WoW, which is pretty hard to do; in fact, if you just release the game exactly as it was(in 1.12.x) with progressive content releases and moderate the game the way you had in 2005, it'd be good enough, but I'll point these 6 things out anyway: 1: GMs banning people for frivolous and/or PC reasons; believe me you would lose a lot of players if word got out about "SJW mods" or "people being banned for world PvP" or "Barrens chat isn't allowed in Classic WoW". YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SATISFY EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO HAVE FUN WITH CLASSIC WoW, EVEN IF YOU TRY TO, and also remember that a certain vocal minority of left-wingers doesn't actually play video games, or so I'd read somewhere 2: releasing all of the endgame vanilla content at once; doing this will cause tryhard players to get bored too quickly, since they have nothing to look forwards to after they get BiS gear from naxx except tbc, you see? the solution to this one is simple: do progressive content releases like a certain e-famous illegal WoW server did, even for the yearly new servers mentioned in #5(on their own content release "timers") 3: bugs, plain and simple; if the game is as buggy as Destiny 2 or even close to it, and you treat bugs like that one emote that gets(or got?) abused in PvP in Destiny 2, the majority of the illegal server community is gonna drop classic WoW like a hot potato when a certain illegal server that actually cares about fixing bugs comes out, and you won't be able to shut them down cause they'll be operating from Russia... just take care to fix each and every bug, except maybe some of the visual bugs if you REALLY won't bother to fix them all 4: pulling a Sonic Mania; if you do add in something obviously controversial(among other negative descriptors) like LOOTBOXES(not as bad as denuvo but still) at the last minute without telling anyone before they can get a refund... well I shouldn't have to explain this one any further 5: this one won't actually mess it up but would likely cause you to profit less; releasing all of the initial Classic WoW servers at once... try staggering out maybe a fifth of them over a month or so, as some people are skeptical about the quality of your post-2009 products, but would come back(to a brand new server) if Classic WoW is proven by the playerbase to be as good as it used to be(meaning that you don't do the above), aside from the community(it ain't 2005 anymore) and lack of knowledge of the content... also be sure to release a new classic server every year or so; supposedly some people like server hopping and/or competing for server firsts, and some brand-new players(and returning ex-players) would rather start on a brand new server with that aside I'll get to something else; there are certain not-profit-destroying issues with vanilla WoW; notably(to me) among them are these 14 issues... the game WOULD be good enough if you didn't fix them, but it'd be, at least imo, better if you fixed them: players of certain class(es) are able to solo-farm mauradon and dire maul: east and north to get very high amounts of gold very fast(EPL farming isn't such a problem because competition) black lotuses spawn at certain locations, that part isn't THAT big an issue but i think it'd be an improvement to make them randomly spawn off of any appropriate-level herbalism node some quest chains are unfinished I won't blame you guys if you dismiss this one since tanks and healers have a hard time getting gold, but too much gold flows INTO the in-game economy(players), and not enough flows OUT of it into the hands of NPCs, after several months(if not sooner) into a server's lifespan; extra non-cosmetic gold dumps are imo necessary that affect mostly high-level(55+) players... yes yes the epic mount+training costs a whopping 900g at honored on top of the cost of regular mount training, but ITS A ONCE PER CHARACTER GOLD DUMP, unlike what I'll suggest... AFTER you get past that and have 100+ gold, gold isn't a considerable issue unless you use consumables other than healing/mana potions and elemental protection potions alot, and even if you do, most of that gold flows into the hands of players; there'd oughta be more NON-COSMETIC gold dumps... the specifics are detailed below the alliance in vanilla(and tbc and wrath) is slightly better than the horde at PvE and arguably also at PvP; only 2 small changes are necessary to sufficiently balance them out for vanilla, aside from fixing alterac valley which is also addressed below alterac valley itself is quite unbalanced, whether with or without the way to hike around the Alliance's bridge warsong gulch gives a little bit more honor than alterac valley and arathi basin per hour, unless turtling happens improved scorpid sting is bad, its perhaps the worst talent in the game; improved arcane shot isn't that great either certain white items that seem like they should be valuable, are usually just vendor trash; these are elemental water and air, heart of fire, core of earth, globe of water, breath of wind, ichor of undeath, essence of undeath, and before AQ comes out, living essences... also essence of earth IS valuable, but imo not as much as it should be crafting, aside from engineering, isn't that useful for things other than getting gold or being convenient; I mean I know that people can craft stuff that can be equipped, but someone else can do it for you and you can just pay them for their product(s)... this one would be sorta complicated to fix(suggestions found below), and I guess its okay if you skip over this one it is very, very difficult to compete against a hunter of the same faction when trying to tag an enemy for credit if that hunter knows where the enemy is going to spawn there is one and only one bad endgame talent tree and that is beast mastery; fix this by having hunter pets scale a little bit(a little bit compared to TBC) with your stats via BM talent(s) fast 2 handed weapons aren't useful compared to slow ones; a solution is provided below words been going around that the only viable vanilla tanks are warriors; for druid tanks I believe that to be largely untrue, and for paladin tanks I'd read that either they dont make enough single-target threat or they just run out of mana, don't remember which; i didn't play alliance anyway this ain't really an issue, but there'd used to be a rank of -1 called outlaw in... the WoW beta was it?; I think that it was a good idea and should be implemented, but its okay if you don't I guess so I will propose these changes to fix vanilla WoW: ...this assumes that the 1.12.x talent trees are used throughout the whole thing, with the few modifications suggested below DUNGEONS/RAIDS: whip lashers no longer drop loot princess theredas and some other maraudon bosses gain a new ability(functions up to you) that makes them much harder to solo at level 60, at least before AQ40 gear is available to players every 3 seconds while king gordok is aggroed, he will check to see if captain kromkrush is subdued; if he's still standing where he is before someone attacks him or talks to him with a suit, king gordok will yell out for him, causing him to aggro... this yell will also aggro cho'rush the observer make MC, BWL, and maybe ZG a liiiiiiiitle bit harder, if you'd be using 1.12.x talents for the whole lifespan of each server WORLD: all mining and herbalism nodes, even those inside of dungeons, are dynamic and randomized, so that no two nodes have the exact same spawn location, as far as a player should be concerned, but each type of node will still only spawn in certain parts of certain zones; furthermore, black lotuses will no longer spawn on predetermined herbalism nodes, but will instead randomly be found on herbalism nodes of a high enough level with a low chance to spawn finish making all unfinished quest chains, such as the one involving the chained essence of eranikus ECONOMY(gold dumps): the following values don't consider reputation discounts, though they would apply, except to the ZG stuff the 15 fire resistance to cloak enchant and 15 nature resistance to cloak enchant and all AQ enchants additionally require two of a reagent from enchanting supplies vendors that costs 20g each; this reagent(not BoP) may only be found at enchanting supplies vendors +15 agility to 1h, +25 agility to 2h, +30 spellpower to weapon, +55 healing to weapon, +15 strength to weapon, and the crusader enchant all additionally require one of that reagent that costs 20g at enchanting supplies vendors all flasks require an additional reagent that costs 40g and is only found at alchemy supplies vendors; if you REALLY need flasks to clear a raid, then that raid done by your GUILD is gonna have that flask money come from the dps all ZG enchants additionally cost 50g, including the shoulder AND leg/head enchants; this and the above changes should make gold be more valuable in the LONG run if these changes are found to be too insignificant or extreme, then the gold costs of some or all of them will be raised or lowered significantly, but the changes will not be outright removed; in sum max lvl healers and tanks who can't farm gold as easily MIGHT have slightly worse enchants than players with more gold, and flasks are much more expensive, and gold is still gonna be valuable after you get your epic mount+training and all of your skills if you use consumables other than greater X protection potions and whatever healing/mana potions you manage to loot ALLIANCE/HORDE BALANCE: reckoning is capped at 1 stack, not 5 tauren, like dwarves, get the mace specialization racial alterac valley is in its pre-nerf state(like a certain illegal server wanted to do), but with the following changes: you can no longer hike around the alliance's bridge in alterac valley the horde's towers that can be captured, like the alliance bunkers, have guards who have ranged weapons the horde's base has many more guards, especially in the "inner" "half" the horde got rid of that snow hill next to the fence next to the entrance to their base; no longer can you jump the fence by using that hill of snow OTHER CLASS CHANGES: improved scorpid sting's stamina reduction is increased to 33/66/100% of the str/agility reduction(68 with 3/3 at max rank), instead of the current 10/20/30% of the str/agility reduction(20 with 3/3 at max rank) improved arcane shot is more improved somehow; it exists as an ability that hunters use to help them kite, and in the talent's current state no seriously-specced hunter in their right mind who can also read would put a point into that talent after learning that aimed shot shares a cooldown with arcane shot hunter traps and all NPCs that are controlled by players(including temporary pets such as a scarlet tracking hound) can no longer tag an enemy on their own, no matter what... the talent, endurance, also causes your pet's stamina to be increased by a percentage of your stamina; that should be a small percentage of tbc's regular pet scaling the talent, thick hide, also increases your pet's armor by a percentage of your armor(that should be a small percentage of tbc's regular pet scaling), but the flat % increase is slightly reduced the talent, unleashed fury, also increases your pet's damage by a percentage of your MELEE attack power(hunters DO get 1 melee ap per agility, don't they?)... that should be a small percentage of tbc's regular pet scaling holy shield is buffed to give a small amount of mana when you block(so they can tank for longer), and if they have more than minor single-target threat issues compared to warriors anyway, then you can also buff improved righteous fury feral instinct's threat buff is increased to 4% per rank, from 3% thick hide reduces the damage taken from critical strikes by 3% per rank while in bear, dire bear, or moonkin form if seal of command was a PPM spell, it should be changed to have a static chance on hit of dealing the bonus damage stormstrike's damage is changed to 30% of your attack power, increased if you're using a two-handed weapon to 45% with the above two changes, 2 handers that aren't quite slow, such as kalimdor's revenge, typhoon, treant's bane, finkle's lava dredger, blade of hanna, vendorstrike, blackfury, and many blue items will be useful weapons(for some), but the horde still won't have much use for not-slow 2h swords or polearms, though blade of hanna can be put on the neutral AH... don't try to make fast 2h weapons useful for warriors unless you manage to find out how to not mess it up; don't forget that slam exists too OTHER: warsong gulch gives VERY slightly less honor, since turtling is a possibility I wouldn't just balance it out with AB/AV honor per hour completely, but instead by maybe half of what it'd take to balance it out; I dunno how much the actual difference is though the PvP rank of -1 called outlaw would be implemented; with the outlaw rank, any member of your own faction can attack you(even on a PvE server), and all members of your faction are hostile towards you by default and cannot party with you(but you can with other outlaws, including those formerly of the other faction... though there'd still be the language barrier), and some will try to imprison you in such a way that your hearthstone stops working while you are... your ex-faction may put a bounty on your head if they hate you enough becoming an outlaw reduces your reputation with the capital cities that you had reputation for to the middle of hostile killing a member of the opposing faction that would otherwise give you honor increases your reputation with all of the alliance's or horde's capital cities by 1 until 0/3000 unfriendly, at which point their reputations with their ex-faction jumps to 0/3000 neutral... and killing someone of the outlaw rank gives you honor, even if he was a member of your faction, AND even if you're 59 levels higher than him as an outlaw, killing a member of your ex-faction decreases your ex-factions' reputations by maybe 5 points, and an outlaw will never be friendly with the opposite faction outlaws are not allowed to SEND mail from mailboxes that are owned by their former faction; they must use goblin mailboxes... unless the goblins hate them too, in which case they are not allowed to send mail(with that character) at all until they reach at least 0/3000 neutral with one of them a GM may opt to lower the rank of a player to outlaw instead of banning them, depending upon what sort of infringement had occurred (strictly involving those which involve griefing your own faction and/or aiding the other faction in certain manners) there should also be other ways to become an outlaw that don't involve GMs... be creative and make some up why don't you? a lvl 57 rare two-handed mace is added to the game that looks like a tree trunk(like in WC3); it has a tauren-only racial restriction and drops off of Tendris Warpwood in Dire Maul: West CRAFTING/REAGENTS: blacksmiths can now craft SHIELDS; various shield recipes of various levels are added to the existing blacksmithing recipes soul pouch now additionally requires one essence of undeath to be crafted, felcloth bag additionally requires 4, and core felcloth bag additionally requires 10, and runed stygian belt additionally require 1 essence of undeath to be crafted, and runed stygian pants and boots require additionally 2 essence of undeath to be crafted enchant cloak +15 nature resistance additionally requires 2 essence of earth 1 or 2 more pre-AQ uses are made for living essences; dunno how to go about this one though, you guys can figure it out gift of arthas now additionally requires 1 ichor of undeath to be crafted, and ultra-flash shadow reflector and +20 shadow damage to gloves now additionally require as many ichors of undeath as essences of undeath to be crafted all naxxaramas frost resistance gear additionally requires 2 globes of water to be crafted the stormshroud armor set now additionally requires as many gloves of water and breaths of air to be crafted as they do essences of water and essences of air +4 mp5 to bracers and +20 frost damage to gloves and hyper-radiant flame reflector now additionally require as many globes of water as they do essences of water to be crafted +15 agil to 1h weapon, +25 agil to 2h weapon, and +7 agil to gloves now additionally require as many breaths of wind as they do essences of air +15 FR to cloak and +20 fire damage to gloves now additionally requires 4 hearts of fire for the enchantments, and all flarecore(cloth FR) gear requires as many hearts of fire as essences of fire to be crafted titanic leggings, stronghold gauntlets, and +15 str to 1h now additionally require as many cores of earth as essences of earth to be crafted gyrofreeze ice reflector now requires as many hearts of fire as essences of fire to be crafted truesilver transformers now require an additional elemental air to be crafted greater nature protection potion no longer requires an elemental earth to be crafted, but an elemental air instead frost oil now additionally requires two elemental water to be crafted OTHER CRAFTING: blacksmithing and leatherworking: a few recipes are added to each raid for BoP items; these items use reagents found in the raid and are not necessarily better than other items found in the raid or that can be crafted into BoE items with raid reagents(except that the weapons should be 1, not 2, item lvls better than the raid tier's weapons(barring those from the last boss))... these items should also all require 300 blacksmithing AND mining, or skinning AND leatherworking to be equipped... also be sure to make use of the subprofessions; namely axe/mace/swordsmithing, armorsmithing, and dragonscale/primal/tribal leatherworking, and also make sure that you only provide 1 axe, mace, and sword option per tier of raids(not a 1h and 2h for each raid), aside from T1, for which zul'gurub gets weapons too tailoring: HALF of a few recipes are added to each raid for BoP items; these items use reagents found in the raid and are not necessarily better than other items found in the raid or those that can be crafted into BoE items with raid reagents... these items also all require 300 tailoring to be equipped enchanting: add ring enchants like in TBC(self-only and makes it BoP), except ofc not as good as the endgame TBC ones... the ring enchants should be designed in such a manner that, when combined with tailoring's BoP raid quality gear, it wouldn't necessarily be better for a warlock to have tailoring and enchanting than it would be for example, for a warrior to have mining and blacksmithing alchemy: add ONE of some sort of UNIQUE usable unequippable consumable item WITH CHARGES that has a cooldown and can only be used by sufficiently skilled alchemists(who are also herbalists)... maybe they could turn some herbs into a gas cloud or something?... alternatively, do something else to make alchemy be useful for a character who has an alchemist best friend with all the recipes who gives him whichever and however many potions he wants for free also, please use the old models for enemies and players and such or at least give an option for it(someone else can explain that one), and please don't implement achievements either
  15. oh thatd be nice, raids would be harder then