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  1. dont ask me why but id actually prefer having to wait for respawns, even for sarkoth also you can just wait a week after release and itll be alot easier if you really care that much
  2. what if you're just in a guild most of the server has never heard of? id imagine those would be quite prevalent 8 months after the server has come out and i sure hope gearscore isn't made for vanilla, but achievements went along with gearscore
  3. "IF YOU DONT HAVE THE MOLTEN CORE ACHIEVEMENT YOU CANT JOIN THIS MOLTEN CORE PUG" guys like that would make that addon pretty much mandatory, and furthermore, since its an addon, you could "hack" in the achivements since they'd be stored client side anyway WoW would've been better off without achievements
  4. would you remind me what those mechanics are and how they're different from vanilla?
  5. you do it by playing on a buggy server
  6. you are not gonna hit level 60 in only 50 hours unless you powerlevel really hard
  7. you have a lot of posts ...maybe you could spend time doing other stuff too
  8. I might go to DM and get buffs, then I port or hearth to org and wait for the ony buff, then I hearth to kargath or wait for a summon because my hearth is in org and in the meantime i can make sure i have the necessary healing and elemental protection potions and that I'm repaired; you can viably raid without every other consumable that doesn't give mana immediately when used or is a greater/dreamless sleep potion I'm always in PvE spec
  9. cause i was in high school and got pressured into it, it was years ago; afterwards my mother made me keep an account so I could post happy birthday messages when she told me to but later I just said no and deleted it anyway
  10. I'm some guy who thinks this website isn't facebook id like to keep real life separate from the internet, and i dont use fb anymore anyway
  11. did you really need to make a thread about a typo? you could've just PMed a web master/dev
  12. id rather there be 2 3.5k servers than 1 5k server thats constantly full id also rather there be 2 3.5k servers than a 5k server that's almost full but never has a queue if you want servers with 7k+ players go back to elysium and hope they get more players; nost later on hadn't rendered everyone at once for each player anyway
  13. hey Crestfall staff members, if any young girls suddenly take a liking to you or any other Crestfall staff members, i advise that you turn her away, as shes extremely likely to secretly be under 18 years old and non-secretly want to sleep with you if they'd go to the extent of putting trojans on all your computers to shut you down, they'd probably sick jailbait on you to blackmail you too though of course, willing jailbait may simply be a resource that they don't have, as this isn't the pharmaceutical industry or the CIA or anything like that, but if they had jailbait, oooh believe me they'd do it I also wouldn't be too surprised if I'd become the victim of a character assassination for merely posting this post
  14. for all I know its a virus that'll take control of your computer how about you post some screenshots of the program?
  15. for WotLK, I would remove: titan's grip LFD LFR badges, all of them tier tokens arenas 10 man versions of all raids except UBRS naxx most loot from trial of the crusader, but not the 5-man faction changes race changes gender changes revamped onyxia 90% of gold given at max level by quests, including daily quests achievements dual-spec, no I am not high every man for himself, or whatever that human racial was called shadowmourne the cutscene after the lich king dies other WotLK changes: I'd add 5+ minute cooldown and very limited duration for flying mounts, starting when you fly I'd reduce the item levels of the loot dropped in every heroic dungeon introduced after 3.1.0 to those of heroic nexus naxx would be replaced with the scrapped azjol raid, to be introduced in 3.2.0 old naxx would stay 3.0.0 would introduce an underwater raid; the lich king had been amassing an underwater army in secret, and during the scourge invasion event, they were found out by the nagas, who told the alliance and horde about them, you'll wanna bring a warlock the ToC raid would still exist, but have far less loot and exclude the final boss, and you would only get to fight 1 boss in a reset of the dungeon, chosen at random; furthermore, you would be saved to the raid when the boss spawns, and the boss won't spawn with less than 20 players a hard mode would be added to every WotLK raid boss except those in ulduar, which I think already had one, though for all I know a few didn't have one the size of the cut taken by the auction house when something is bought there would be additively increased by 5% all socket bonuses would have their effects multiplied by 1.5, rounded down that one buff and all of its variants that gives .25% of your total mana per second would be nerfed to giving 10 points of mana per second the threat generated by tanks would be lowered by at least 20% of retail 3.3.5 values fury warriors would get heroic leap as their 51 point talent, but instead of selecting an area to leap to, they would change their location as a mage does when blink is casted lifeblood would be changed to make you receive 20% more hp when healed while active the alien goat racial, heroism, would be nerfed to give a 5% chance to not get feared instead of 1% hit chance's worth of hit rating tauren would gain mace specialization frostmourne would have a teeny tiny chance to drop off of hard mode lich king, but you also need to have an item in your bags that is obtained by a multi-raid-spanning means in order to wield frostmourne without having an 80% chance every minute to be possessed for a minute by evil spirits that were attracted to icecrown citadel's tremendous evil frostmourne has a tiny chance on hit to turn the enemy into your ally for a minute, which can't be controlled like a hunter pet; there are many enemies that it won't work on, not including players below level 81