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  1. WoW isn't quite Lord of the Flies Online, but a PvE server is much, much further from that than a PvP server and some people don't like the idea of Lord of the Flies Online edit: not only that, but PvE servers have less of those sorts of people who want to turn the game into Lord of the Flies Online than PvP servers do
  2. im not sure whether or not to be insulted, but that sounds better than premades and queue dodging... though maybe you're referring to that
  3. please roll on the PvP server while you're at it; id rather minmaxers stay off the PvE server(and that they get their own BGs)
  4. do flaws make a game better, or do they make a game worse? what in this case is a flaw? is being able to completely ignore the mechanics of MC bosses before BWL comes out and turning them into AoEfests or tanknspank bosses by just dpsing em really hard with buffs and protection/restoration/free action pots a flaw? is having flasks and potions and other such items other than potions of protection healing mana rejuvenation and dreamless sleep in the first place a flaw because some players are always going to strive to be completely buffed and flasked up everywhere they go after they hit 60, even for world wpvp? is it a flaw that reckoning is OP in PvP if you let it stack? is it a flaw that shamans have a higher skill ceiling than paladins? is it a flaw that alliance is better at PvE than horde, but horde is, barring all low-skill players on both sides(which isn't actually the case), better than alliance at PvP? was devilsaur leather a flaw? or is it better that devilsaurs are nearly extinct on servers that have an active population over 500? was tidal charm a flaw?
  5. so you're gonna make it so pre-BWL guilds can't kill shazzarah in under 40 seconds by sending all their melee in with a prepopped greater arcane protection potion and a second one to use after it wears off? I think that in particular could be fixed by making the curse make you take 50 or 100% more arcane damage every time you're hit by it; decursers wouldn't be able to keep up and melee would just die also increase shazzrah's armor and hp by maybe 10% ...maybe you could give shazz whirlwind instead
  6. well would you at least have a poll for whether or not to unbuff bosses before you actually do it?
  7. oh yeah, make sure the majority of level 60 players don't get the carrot on the end of that stick so easily; even the ones who aren't tryhards if you're gonna change the boss fights a little do it for good; don't just make it harder for the first few weeks or so, as some other people may also want the additional challenge, and it might make it take longer before people get bored of MC, then BWL in fact im not sure if the old nost guild i was in is even gonna roll the same faction as i am again(or on the same server as i plan to), and in the case that both that happens and i dont get into a good guild anyway, i still want to experience the buffed content
  8. i think that instead of making bosses use abilities a bit more often the timers should be randomized a little to throw off bigwigs/CTraid imagine how hard raids would be without those mods!... still not quite as hard as they would be if newly released as if on retail edit: guess you have a good point imbaslap
  9. if you're playing for 24 hours you'll get over the hump which is the starting zone in maybe 12 hours, even if you do every single quest, even if its in durotar or probably dun morough too then you can have a relatively easy time in the barrens if horde, or an even easier time in silverpine if undead then you can just quest in the barrens and (hopefully) do RFC till you've finished all the xroads quests, then the next day you can do the 3(technically 4) quests at the border of stonetalon then start on camp T you'll be fine if you just do the entire starter zone in the first ~12 hours though, even if you take some time out for professions, then you can sleep and on next day you can do all 5 RFC quests(try to get a tauren party member), then you can do the barrens which is gonna be another bottleneck till you've finished the xroads quilboar quests, gotten 12 raptor heads, and gotten the plainstrider beaks and prowler claws i dont remember that much about silverpine and i havent played alliance past level 1 except on a dev server where i wanted to know how some paladin thing worked
  10. many of those players can easily be filtered out by releasing 4 servers across the span of a month and not doing it all at once first, you release the first server, a pvp server, and it gets some thousand players at release then people see that the server is what it was coughed up to be, so another pvp server is released a week later and even more of those you'd call locusts join that server then you release another pvp server 3 weeks later for the players who don't wanna play with those guys, such as yourself, though some of them are gonna play on that server anyway; the pve server is also released then
  11. are black lotuses just gonna have a random chance to spawn at any herb node that both can potentially have one and is in a location where one can be found? like, would I be able to herb any plaguebloom in EPL and have a chance to find a black lotus with any one of them, or would black lotuses, as in retail, only and always spawn in certain locations?
  12. threads like this aren't such a good idea unless you don't mind someone else using the name you wanna use
  13. going from no hit from gear to hit capped, maybe 10% or more crit, and alot more mana, and 500+ more spellpower makes a big difference in damage, it can easily be 200% more for mages warlocks and hybrid casters, if not even more also, considering ignite, it goes up by maybe 700% or more for fire mages, though it doesn't actually get that high because if they do they pull aggro and die spam scorch
  14. that is disgusting and I hope that their permanent ban is never ever lifted
  15. its maybe 350% for warriors at least, barring ironfoe+felstriker with ironfoe+felstriker its more like 250%, assuming that 1500 is the max im not so sure about other classes, but its probably around 200 or 250% for the rest for pre-MC BiS compared to naxx BiS