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  1. if the population goes to 8k on release day, then just announce on the same day that you'll be within 2 weeks from then opening another server of that kind if the former's population is at least 4k at primetime a week later, and i guess they wouldn't be getting so mad; repeat as necessary
  2. you wanna know NOOOOOW just be patient man; that 2030 date may just be a psuedo-meme, but some people might actually believe it ill estimate the server's release to be in 2018 at the latest if they keep working diligently, have some patience
  3. then the bottleneck would go away and you'd wanna shorten the spawn timer on lvl 10-19 quests too quite a few people don't start playing at release anyway because its so crowded in the starting zones on release day
  4. you would know that that analogy is valid if you played on any nost server on release day, or even elysium's fresh pvp server on release day people in durotar made parties to tag sarkoth, and they STILL had trouble tagging it for the whole group furthermore; do you think that 10k population is a good thing? why have you been avoiding that issue so much? are you one of those guys who would play on elysium with twice as many bugs as it has now if it'd only had at least 10k players in it? would you like elysium in its current state more if the server had 30,000 players and lootable objects for quests spawned instantly? would you like elysium in its current state more if the server had 200,000 players and lootable objects for quests spawned instantly and all enemies outside of dungeons respawned in 30 seconds excluding rares(such as nazjak) who'd respawn in 10 minutes tops? imagine the world pvp! it would be sooooo easy to do group quests and find a tank to do dungeons wouldn't it? are you incapable of seeing the problem beyond lootable quest objects with a server having a population over ~3.5k? also, shift-click
  5. just don't ban people for being non-PC or weasel your way around it to sanction them anyway and you're fine with me doesn't mean no banning people for excessive insults or something just because its non-PC though
  6. something I thought of is this: if the threat cap is 300 dps, and you could bring either a warrior who does 350 dps or a retadin who does 250 dps and can judge crusader, which one would you bring? if you could bring a warrior who does 350 dps or a feral druid who does 250 dps and can bring LotP for the tanks, who would you bring? if you could bring a mage who does 350 dps or an elemental shaman who can give WF to the melee dps or tanks or mana spring to the healers or caster dps, who would you bring? if you could bring another warlock to give blood pact to the melee or a moonkin who could give moonkin aura to the holy paladin group, who would you bring? the threat cap is pretty low in vanilla, at least until the main tank gets thunderfury, but even then, i assume that the threat cap is still relevant, especially in BWL and up i also thought that because of that, rogues and hunters are the best dps in the game because they can wipe their threat, and the pets won't pull aggro without growl anyway you shouldn't have more than enough warriors to tank and give battle shout to every rogue group, and if you need any backup tanks, it should be dps warriors or any feral druids who happen to be there you shouldn't have more than 1 mage unless the raid calls for more than 1 polymorph(like MC) you shouldn't have more warlocks than there are tank groups unless you want everyone to have blood pact for some reason or you're facing garr in fact, I'm gonna hypothetically make a 40 man horde raid group for MC: G1: warrior, druid, hunter, warlock, shaman G2: warrior, druid, hunter, warlock, shaman G3: rogue, rogue, warrior, hunter, shaman G4: rogue, rogue, warrior, hunter, shaman G5: rogue, rogue, warrior, hunter, shaman G6: rogue, rogue, warrior, hunter, shaman G7: druid, mage, mage, mage, shaman G8: priest, priest, priest, warlock, shaman 2 MT prot warriors 2 OT bear druids, can dps if not needed to offtank, or even heal in a pinch, gives LotP to the main tanks, not specced into improved mark of the wild 6 hunters to do dps and give out trueshot auras, one would use scorpid sting 3 warlocks to give blood pact and banish and curse the boss, all three are specced 0/30/21 for threat reduction and improved blood pact 2 enhancement shamans to give the main tanks improved totems that the resto shamans won't spec into, and can heal in a pinch; if that one guy who wants to be a shaman tank wants to raid with you, he can fill one of those two spots, though he'd be an OT(don't forget about searing totem for dps, always hits the closest target when one is selected until it dies or moves out of range) 8 rogues to do dps, none are specced hemo unless taunt overwrites it, in which case one rogue would be specced hemo 3 dps or prot warriors to give the rogues improved battle shout and offtank in a pinch; all 4 of them are wearing no leather or mail, and have a tank weapon+shield in their bags, and are not specced into deep wounds; if more mobs need to get sundered, they can just hold back after they finish sundering or throw their shield on and change to defensive stance... the warriors can go prot if needed 1 prot warrior who does dps and is the least important offtank; runs a modified prot spec with improved demoralizing shout and improved battle shout, and is the designated user of demoralizing shout 6 resto shamans to heal and give out totems, such as tranquil air and flametongue totem 1 moonkin to give the mages moonkin aura, decurse the raid, use innervate, use bres, and use insect swarm, and use improved thorns on the tanks, and give out improved mark of the wild 3 mages to decurse and polymorph, none are specced into winter's chill 3 healing priests to heal and dispel debuffs: improved demoralizing shout, sunder armor, thunderclap, curse of weakness, scorpid sting, faerie fire, insect swarm, taunt/weapon-specific/mob-specific debuffs/stormstrike/hemo/(if taunt overwrites it) don't want mages or warlocks pulling aggro, so no curse of shadows or elements for domo, you can swap out the moonkin for a (pug)mage to poly until you got the gear to do it with 3 polys; by the time the healing shoulders and finkle's lava dredger can drop, you can do it with 3 polys; kite strat is used so basically rogues are the best dps in the game unless you want ranged dps, in which case you want hunters
  7. real talk; what would the population of Africa be if nobody ever gave them free money and other stuff and everyone just left them alone? what would happen to their population if everyone that gives them free money and other stuff these days suddenly stopped giving that to them and the EU and everyone else who lets em in just stopped letting more of them in?
  8. tbh i think they should wait until a month after they're ready to release crestfall's servers, and leave open beta up the whole time mostly to hype it up; partially to look for any bugs they might've missed before the official launch happens
  9. if elysium turns out badly, at least 8k across 2 servers if it doesn't turn out badly, then maybe 3k if crestfall releases in 2017; unless lots of average people hear about elysium and crestfall
  10. if the pve server has 6k players with 2k queues but nost pve didnt even have 5k players before they shut down, then i think that crestfall should just make 2 4k pop pve servers, and 2 4k pop pvp servers, and if enough chinese want, a VPN-allowed server but then again, how many of those playing on elysium are chinese gold-sellers/etc?
  11. why did I keep on reading this thread after the first several posts?
  12. maybe hes just being a teenager he is a teenager after all, isn't he?
  13. @Bloo make sure to put in big bold text at the top of the beta signup page something like this: THE BETA IS NOT TO SATISFY YOUR WOW ADDICTION; YOU CAN DO THAT AFTER BETA THIS IS MORE LIKE A CALL-IN VOLUNTEER JOB
  14. you're gonna individually shift-loot every single corpse in that aoe pack and if you don't like it then you can go back to legion
  15. would such a program give an advantage to players that have it over ones that don't have it?