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  1. how long ago did that happen? dont tell me it was a few days ago
  2. glad to see the servers still going, keep it up and dont lower your standards
  3. gear guide

    no cheap/budget options listed? youd oughta update your guide, OP be sure to include thorium leggings in there
  4. people shouldn't be using mods to browse the auction house anyway, except maybe if its to see multiple pages at once or something they should actually be using their heads and looking around
  5. ive read stuff about the story in legion being terrible perhaps someone could elaborate upon metzen's terrible writing? i havent played retail since late wotlk
  6. they used to have a public discord, but now they won't till open beta, iirc
  7. well if you roll horde be a priest if you wanna go shadow or heal; those dispels are really in demand in battlegrounds
  8. you missed closed beta signups, but you'll be able to get into open beta when it begins in vanilla and TBC both priests and shamans are healers, but if you REALLY wanna put your foot down you can be a damage dealer who acts as a backup healer and offspec heals in niche situations instead shadow priests are undesirable in PvE until ZG comes out, which is when the debuff limit is increased to 16, so until then you can do holy dps if you really wanna dps as a priest(it sucks unless you're ally AND they use judgement of the crusader) elemental shamans are good in PvE if you blow a major mana potion whenever your mana gets low on a boss fight AND you can abuse that swing timer thingy with a 2.00 speed weapon(iceblade hacker then ancient hakkari manslayer then HWL spell dagger); 30/20/0 last point in parry or the cooldown, though even if you do abuse that thing i think mages are still better enhancement shaman is subpar, but gives totems to the raid mages are gonna be damage dealers who make tons of water, and some food too; when AQ comes out they can spec fire and then top the charts until they pull aggro with a 20k ignite and die; arcane missiles spec is worse than frost and fire you can name other private WoW servers here; this ones gonna have well over 4k players across multiple servers judging by the popularity server's ETA is late 2017?
  9. well i guess my standards are too high with the expectations i got for crestfall, but maybe you'll call elysium bad after crestfall comes out
  10. you can wait around like everyone else or you can play on a bad server like elysium so you can just do it already
  11. this isn't quite what i meant by faction imbalance, but this works too I guess all it'd take to balance out the factions is to give +5 mace skill to tauren, and reduce blessing of kings to +7% bonus stats, and cap reckoning at 1 stack and give horde archers in their AV towers and some more guards in AV's horde base since they dont have a bridge thats difficult to hike around(which is easily stopped) I guess the bridge can stay because you can hike around it and because theres a chokepoint that the horde can use around... wherever commander karl phillips is
  12. how about just all characters under level 5 get deleted if he doesn't have any characters above level 9 and all of his characters have a combined wealth that is less than 2g and the account has been offline for 1 year the deletions would be for either every character on the account or not at all
  13. Okay so as many of you probably already know, theres likely gonna be faction imbalance on Crestfall's servers lots of alliance and not as many horde on the PvE server lots of horde and not as many alliance on the PvP servers, though there it'd be less extreme than the PvE server, but also more significant because its a PvP server aside from giving free one-way transfers, how could one fix faction imbalance issues? personally, i think that having the players be required to state which server they want to play on ahead of time(one choice only, can be changed) could solve much of this issue so there'd be a webpage a month before release with the faction balances for each server, and hopefully the players would judge which server they'd play on based on that webpage, and change them accordingly so theres no imbalances, or so one server has all the imbalances(hopefully not the PvE server), or even better, maybe the excess horde players who wanted to play on the PvP servers could play on the PvE server instead, though there'd still be some imbalance then since there'd be more PvP than PvE servers afterwards you could keep a webpage up with the constant faction balance for each server, excluding level 1-5 players, and only considering players who've been online within the past 2 weeks I also think releasing all the servers at once might cause faction imbalance, maybe you should spread each one out by at least a week and release the PvE server last so people who really wanna play NOW dont just go to the PvE server because the PvP server is full do you guys have any other ideas for preventing faction imbalance?
  14. don't even joke about that
  15. WoW isn't quite Lord of the Flies Online, but a PvE server is much, much further from that than a PvP server and some people don't like the idea of Lord of the Flies Online edit: not only that, but PvE servers have less of those sorts of people who want to turn the game into Lord of the Flies Online than PvP servers do