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  1. this is i think the single biggest issue regarding the merge i think the answer given by crestfall was no, but i dont know if elysium is gonna threaten crestfall into allowing VPNs right after they release or not; i wouldnt put it below them to do that, even if they had supposedly changed if they did they'd just ban VPNs on their servers altogether, except for on one server, which they'd transfer the VPN accounts to I guess I could directly post this on elysium's forums, but I'd probably get permabanned for it
  2. perhaps if crestfall doesn't pan out because of elysium staff members who aren't called Crogge, one could try a persistent world server for this game as an alternative if you like character-building, it can be even more fun, especially(or not) with this testing module+dm commands(to simulate server-specific sub-races and other things) https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/module/pretty-good-character-creator-customizer-pgc3-powered-igipe
  3. good, it makes it so crestfall has more desirable players to be around, and we're still gonna have plenty
  4. whats far more important than that, imo, is whether crestfall will have complete control over what goes and what doesn't go on their servers or not? will the GMs abide by former Crestfall's or Elysium's rules? the former is the preferable situation by leaps and bounds
  5. okay okay heres a chance to get people back on board prove to us that elysium isnt still a bunch of underhanded scumbags who do hack people's accounts to give gold to chinese gold farmers whilst not doing anything about it when it gets reported or complained about is shenna still at elysium? how do you know shenna isnt under a new pseudonym?
  6. does this mean elysium gets to moderate YOUR realms?
  7. i would prefer that when they get to wrath they disable LFD same for TBC's LFG thingy, though the chat channel is fine
  8. so it turns out those 20 or so white supremacists that thousands of liberals were protesting against weren't nazis KKK members confederates or even white supremacists after all, and that their speaker was a south indian man too bad the mainstream media won't report on it unless Trump forces them to by posting this video on his twitter or something also the first ~5 seconds are just a still picture; after that its a video
  9. what i was thinking was all the tryhards would just go there and leave the other servers alone, and that very very many other people would go to the other servers since the first one was full but if its really that bad you could release the first 2 servers at the same exact time instead
  10. you can fix the queue problems by releasing enough servers that none of them turn out to be full after the first few days except maybe the one VPN-allowed server first you release two pvp servers, one on a Saturday and the other EDIT: on the same Saturday at the same exact time, then you release another pvp server a week later, then you release the vpn allowed server(pvp) a week later, then you release the pve server a week later, then you release more pvp servers as necessary at least one week later after the first week you never release more than one server within the span of one week
  11. what exactly are you trying to pull here?
  12. would you guys release a read-only version of the bugtracker for the public till open beta?
  13. no hard feelings but i wouldnt trust anyone under 18 as a GM unless i knew them personally at at least the level of a close friend
  14. maybe you could be a beta tester though given the amount of corruption in the private server scene im not even sure if THAT'D be a good idea
  15. well you can play it while you wait for crestfall to come out, hows that?