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  1. crossrealm isn't enough of a solution to the fun-ruining experience that is being in a pug versus a premade, but it wouldn't help on its own, except for PvE's horde side who is going to be severely lacking in tryhards due to not being as good at PvE as alliance the other parts of solution is to make queueing in a group(premades) always matches you against other group queuers (so other premades) and to hire a GM whose sole job is to make sure that people don't AFK in BGs for honor and that premades don't go around the group queueing and go against pugs admittedly I've dodged the group queueing to be in a largely premade AV on nost for more than a few BGs shortly before the shutdown so I could get AV exalted faster, and I got exalted before the shutdown; you dodge the group queueing by just having someone scout for a new BG pop without being in a group, then having everyone else in the 39 or 40 man raid queue for AV all at once, and right away, it can also be done for AB and WSG, but not as easily for WSG if crossrealm isn't implemented but the other stuff is, then there'd just be less of a variation of players in the battleground, but the PvE server's horde side would be the only one to suffer for it, if not also the alliance PvE side because of the lack of good tryhards to have fun fighting against but some people, formerly including myself for a reason that I forgot about, would prefer that there not be crossrealm battlegrounds if those are done including crossrealm BGs, you can have fun BGs 6+ months after the server's release that aren't in the 40-49 or 59-59 brackets, and aren't AV a month after its release either
  2. the blizzlike version was bugged throughout vanilla iirc would be nice if it weren't bugged here though also I guess it shouldn't give any reward so people don't complain about it not being blizzlike
  3. i could understand having in-site loot tooltips if this game had randomly generated loot beyond stuff like commander's boots of the tiger but the randomly-generated items really just get 1 suffix now if there were randomly generated epics that had like 3 green modifiers and a few random powers(eg: commander's boots of the tiger+whale+defense with a little bonus armor and 9 arcane resistance or brutehammer of str+the tiger+[attack]power with a little bonus damage and a few extra strength) then I could understand having tooltips for items on these forums, but really you could just link to the database for all the items in the entire game if you wanna show someone what ancient qiraji ripper does and no do not implement those kinds of items into the game unless you completely reboot WoW but most of the useful gear worn by lvl 60 characters in this game are fixed items and if you wanna say you found these bracers with like 18 fire damage on them you can just say 18 fire damage cloth bracers
  4. elysium's population is going down because the server sucks and this server is looking to replace is after its release
  5. dont let that limit you just have the same guy until naxx, then start levelling an alt, then have the same guy until sunwell, then if you want start levelling an alt play the class that you think is the most fun during each xpack and if you don't have much time to play, then you can start levelling an alt instead of farming for consumables or whatever after you've gotten your epic mount and all the pre-raid BiS gear you'll get all the gold you want afterwards for repairs FPs the mail and health/mana potions and even some for protection potions too from raiding, and you might get alot of gold from that pre-bis grind too it'd help to kill alot of fire elementals while lvling so you can save the mats for 60; get an alchemist in your future guild to make em for you with the other mats that you buy and maybe it could last you a few months if you skip out on the MC progression raids
  6. I think this should be in off-topic
  7. dont ask me why but id actually prefer having to wait for respawns, even for sarkoth also you can just wait a week after release and itll be alot easier if you really care that much
  8. what if you're just in a guild most of the server has never heard of? id imagine those would be quite prevalent 8 months after the server has come out and i sure hope gearscore isn't made for vanilla, but achievements went along with gearscore
  9. "IF YOU DONT HAVE THE MOLTEN CORE ACHIEVEMENT YOU CANT JOIN THIS MOLTEN CORE PUG" guys like that would make that addon pretty much mandatory, and furthermore, since its an addon, you could "hack" in the achivements since they'd be stored client side anyway WoW would've been better off without achievements
  10. would you remind me what those mechanics are and how they're different from vanilla?
  11. you do it by playing on a buggy server
  12. you are not gonna hit level 60 in only 50 hours unless you powerlevel really hard
  13. you have a lot of posts ...maybe you could spend time doing other stuff too
  14. I might go to DM and get buffs, then I port or hearth to org and wait for the ony buff, then I hearth to kargath or wait for a summon because my hearth is in org and in the meantime i can make sure i have the necessary healing and elemental protection potions and that I'm repaired; you can viably raid without every other consumable that doesn't give mana immediately when used or is a greater/dreamless sleep potion I'm always in PvE spec
  15. cause i was in high school and got pressured into it, it was years ago; afterwards my mother made me keep an account so I could post happy birthday messages when she told me to but later I just said no and deleted it anyway