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  1. Fair enough. I'd thought a bit about the value of a community as well. I do think it's valuable, and I realise that the boundaries are fluid. I wasn't trying to underplay the value of the community, rather I opted to emphasise a different set of points which I felt needed addressing.
  2. Well, I just wanted to express a sentiment that has been bothering me for a while concerning @Outstanding. If I were to expand, for sake the simplicity remaining within the context of this particular drama, it's the faux modesty, combined with self-perceived importance, and a weird form of insensitivity. It seems to me that rather than contributing to an open discussion, instead, he contributed to Darkrasp's migraine. He is of course entitled to his own opinion, and I certainly respect his experience, but I think there was a much more constructive way of chiming into this debate. He only had to politely wait for a response from Darkrasp, or Elicas, and perhaps in response to that statement release his polemical views. Given his previous involvement with the project, and the aforementioned qualities which emanate from his posts, his behaviour simply comes across as that of an 'attention whore'. Putting it bluntly, it seems like you, Outstanding, enjoy stirring shit up. I'm sorry for making this personal, but you really crossed a line here. Anyway, let's set that to the side for minute. I understand that this might not be a popular point ot make, but I think we should keep in mind that while the community is certainly what constitutes the social dimension of a WoW server, in some sense we're just here for the ride. We're not the ones coding, scripting and testing. Furthermore, we can claim no sense of ownership over this project. I am sympathetic to the emotional involvement that a lot of us feel towards to the project, we're rooting for it, we want it to work, but like I said, this is principally Asura's little experiment. Of course, I do not wish to underplay the importance of Darkrasp, and the rest of the CF team, as even though this might be Asura's project, they're the ones driving the project together with him. That's the thing, however, the team and Asura are the ones who own and are the driving the car that we're just hitching a ride on. They're really doing us a favour by letting us tag along for the ride. Given how the community tends to react, and the often recurring sense of entitlement, I'm honestly surprised that they bother to communicate with us at all. I understand that the sentiments that some have displayed in this thread, that the CF does not communicate enough, that they're taking too long to respond, and so on, but honestly, since we're just hitching a ride, we are in no position to demand, we can only politely ask those who have chosen to waste their time on talking to us to share what's going with the project. Speaking of deadlines, I think it's also worth keeping in mind that every time this stuff happens the whole team tends to focus on actually responding and dissolving this kind of drama. Incidentally, that's time that could have been directed towards the project, towards the stuff that appears on Darkrasp's posts and which gets us all excited in the first place. It really doesn't make much sense to start emotionally blackmailing the team and the project, not only are we in no position to do so, but it's also just impolite. If we think there's something that could be done better, we can only politely make that suggestion and hope that we'll be listened to. Incidentally, that's really what triggered me about Outstanding's post. He's well within his rights to suggest improvements, but I think it's important that we remember that we're just here for the ride. It's not nice to shit all over the team that has decided to give us a ride. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I'd simply like to thank @Darkrasp, @Asura, @Elicas and all other members of the CF team for taking time out of their days to work, share and communicate with us what we're all passionate about. In a weird way, it doesn't even matter whether CF launches or not, I'm actually just grateful that you guys let me have a glimpse of what it means to develop a WoW server.
  3. You know, while there are things I value you for, your arrogance can be quite jarring. At the end of the day CF is Asura's little experiment. He makes the calls, because it is, fundamentally, his. Whether it will fail or not is truly anybody's guess. We'll see. You, in any case, are in no position to claim epistemic certainty over the future of Asura's project. If it fails, it'll be Asura's call. If it doesn't, it'll be Asura's call. You may like the man, you may not. Perhaps he ought to run things differently, but I think @Cragus makes a good point and perhaps you should consider views other than your own as well.
  4. Ah, it seems like they'll be in, but they'll be weaker. Source: http://forums.crestfall-gaming.com/index.php?/topic/737-darkrasps-update-9262016/#comment-11941
  5. Keep in mind that green +healing will not be available at launch, if I recall correctly.
  6. Sigh. Some of the comments here are textbook examples of slippery slope fallacies.. Yes, that's my understanding of the matter. I assume this will extend to game-objects as well. I don't see the problem. Scale up when there are more players, scale back when there are less. Wonderful, elegant solution.
  7. How dare you!
  8. I wonder why. :0
  9. A fairly innocuous but extremely helpful addition would be to allow training dummies in Vanilla to be attacked. It would be nice to get to test spells and DPS rotations in a straightforward way.
  10. Well, it depends. Some guilds may ask their players to play certain roles. Unless they specifically expect a SP to collect a healing set, a player might have no incentive to do so. Granted, I personally would have back-up sets ready, but I'm just making the point that it depends on the guild and attitude. At the very least every SP should have a MP5 set though. You're playing your specc wrong if you don't. Since it won't be possible for players to leech DM buffs, I'm quite sure they won't want non ID players leeching raid items. Would have to ping devs for that though.
  11. Furthermore, if you're shadow, you'll have to respecc to get through this one. To this end it's useful to have a MP5 and +healing set lying around in case you're a SP. EoD is usually given out to core raiders, and then steadily cycled out. It kind of depends. Getting EoS is pretty straightforward, if you have a couple of friends, so even if you don't have EoS you can feasibly get the staff in one evening after a raid if you have a couple of spare hours.
  12. 1. No. (Wiped) 2. Toilet paper substitute. 3. As far as I know there hasn't been an official timeline. A lot of work being done right now will be useful down the road, so at the very least I wouldn't expect huge delays.
  13. Welcome to za community fam.