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  1. Hey, how's the guild going? Haven't played in a while due to lack of interest in Elysium, but now I am transferring my Zeth'Kur character to the Darrowshire, and would like to join a guild where I can try shadowpriesting (currently I am 60 with pre-raid gear for holy, shadow is another story though), run some 5-mans in a chill atmosphere and later maybe even raid a bit. Perhaps that'd be a good start to make a guild there later.
  2. Some interface things still make me sad. Like having to put herb tracking on everytime you res. Ugh, how many herbs were skipped due to that... Really wish that could be persistent. Also easier ignore, being able to check item visuals while dead, shift for auto-grab mail contents and another gorillion of insignificant, but useful stuff for filthy casual that don't interfere with a gameplay at the same time.
  3. Obviously. I'd even agree that collecting those sacks with large respawn holds some thoughtput as you try to go to less contested type of spawn spots, or even monitor several of those if possible. That might be not the fun gameplay, but it involves brains so I am all up for it. Camping one spot and spamclicking is not, noone will persuade me otherwise.
  4. much less trouble than picking up stuff No Less population does not mean it is not a dumb issue. Also it will be 6k here.
  5. First, tagging and looting is whole different story. Second, Hogger is done in groups therefore does not affect the party questing experience. So, that analogy is invalid.
  6. Mkay, sorry. I have much, much more issues with retail though. Just thought that would be a popular opinion - but meh.
  7. It is not a free-pvp game which is why I think this kind of gameplay is meh. If that was an opposing faction player, I think this would be a pretty cool gameplay. You don't have to be a Blizzard employee to speak about obvious stuff. Please don't tell me that company with no MMO experience, with MMO genre being new, intended that kind of mechanic because they thought it would be fun for other players to camp quest items. They simply did not. That's like, my opinion, eh. (for which I get the replies like if you don't like the 1% of game gtfo to retail)
  8. I've re-read your post and understand absolutely well that if some part of the game is broken, some people like the brokenness and want it to stay even though it is easy to fix. That's why no changes will be made ever.
  9. Why? Just, like, why? Because it was like it? Do you want to have a good game back or you want the game from 2004 back? Or maybe you want 2004 back instead of the game? Wtf? The challenge of "collect" quests is that you have to kill the mobs on your way. Not to camp the place for hours. That's how the game was designed. Facepalm. Honestly I've never thought people find clickers fun. But whatever. Many weird things happen in this world, good to know that's another one. Fair enough. Dunno how I missed that.
  10. Duh. Never thought Vanilla fans like clicker games. Tagging mobs is whole different story. It is not mobs, it is pickable quest items... And even some private servers handle those instantly, because, well, that's just dumb. You can't even group quest normally, you have to wait for everyone to pick that up. "But hey, that's how vanilla was!" Derp.
  11. It never changes though, there will always be a huge queue. As if it made any difference. Are you seriously implying that developers INTENDED that quest to be challenging due to other players spamming right click and having less ping/LazyPig for loot box position? You seriously telling me that this is a challenging part? Not really, this is an unintended part of "challenge". Sort of the same. But is that a good gaming experience? Lol. Just because it was so does not mean it is good. Stop overglorifying the non-perfect game.
  12. So playing clicker for a several hours is a challenge? I thought challenge is in taking down tough mobs, not in spamming right click and hoping for smaller ping than others.
  13. Greetings. So, as some there, I've tried Elysium so that I have some actual Vanilla experience and not just memories. One of my biggest concerns there is a respawn timer on a pickable quest items. It makes it so that some quests are barely possible to do, with 20+ players camping the quest item respawn. So my suggestion is to make quest items respawn like really, really fast. In 1-2 seconds or so. It might be not very blizzlike - but that's just dumb that you have to play a clicker and not wow for hours, and keep in mind retail had smaller populations so that was not that much of a issue.
  14. So basically retail is so bad that you can play it with a controller.
  15. The only conservative stuff about Putin is that he hates gays & such. But hey, Soviets did that too. Statism is basically being authoritarian, nothing to deal with right-wing. Russia is multicultural, and instead of refugees in Europe they have Northern Causasians (nationalities, not race) which are benefiting from that. Islam is becoming dominant in Russia and Islamic regions of Russia already de-facto use Sharia law. If you criticize any of that, you are in much more trouble than leftist Europe. This simply shows that you people in Europe have very little idea what Russia actually is, come there sometime and enlighten yourself.