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  1. Fixed, thanks
  2. Good afternoon, Quite a bit has been going on over the last two weeks, both with Crestfall and with the private server community in general. I suppose by now everyone interested has heard about the most recent Nostalrius announcement and how it's effectively much-ado-about-nothing, since the actual situation hasn't really changed at all. Never a dull moment in the world of WoW emulation, I suppose. As far as our progress, let's do a quick rundown of the last two weeks. First of all, Daribon has been working with a couple other community members on further translation/localization options for us, as well as beginning some preliminary work on data collection for TBC. Audio has been working with me on making an actual website for Crestfall (yeah, I know, it's about time.). Bloo has been working on implementation of a new security protocol for our account registration system and storage database. We'll soon be sticking that onto our Beta Registration page for testing purposes, and making some internal changes to password handling to increase security even more. A couple of our student staff members are under a very heavy RL workload at the moment so they're taking a short break but still doing a little bit of work, and plenty more to come when their RL situations stabilize. Alright, it's no secret that our intentions for Crestfall are to progress through expansions. What's maybe a little bit of a "secret" is that we're actually using the same emulator to run them all on. Our emulator, Jadefire (rename pending, btw, more on that in a future update probably), is based off Ascent/Summit, which was a TBC emulator, that Asura, Crow and a few others helped backport to Vanilla. The "good" TBC code is all still in there, just commented out. As an example, the formulas for rage generation were changed in TBC, so we have both formulas in the core, and just comment out the TBC one for Vanilla, and comment out the Vanilla one for TBC. A handful (well, more than a handful, but not an absurd amount) of changes like that are all that is necessary to switch our emulator from accepting Vanilla client connections to TBC client connections, and so on through the expansions. The vast majority of the underlying code remains exactly the same. To that end, Asura has been spending the last week or so ensuring all the fixes we have done so far are working on the TBC side of things, not causing crashes or problems with the TBC client. It may sound like something that could be done later, but for the sake of a smooth transition down the road, these are the kinds of tasks where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so to speak. If we don't do this now, then we could have much bigger problems when we make our expansion transitions. Asura has also been doing work on movement generators, and fixing up the last few issues that came up as a result of the last major branch merge. We still have a couple issues -major from a gameplay standpoint, relatively trivial from a development standpoint- to clear up, but we're making progress at about the rate we expected, so no major delays or insurmountable problems thus far. Now that the early game mechanics are largely tested out, the first round of Beta testers are going to be getting their GM commands so they can begin the job of testing talents and skills in earnest. Asura built in some pretty expansive debugging options for them to use, so we should be getting more excellent data back from the testers soon. I've been continuing working on smaller core fixes and submitting patches to solve mechanical issues with the core. I won't get too much into the specifics, but I fixed a few issues with taunt, spell crit, parry, execute, aggro range, gold drops.. more rage generation fixes (never seem to get enough of those), and of course, database fixes, among a handful of other things of a more or less trivial nature like a tweak to backpedal speed, etc. My comfort level with core is getting better. Presently I'm working on handling of Graveyards and how the server will determine which one you are sent to after you die. It's a little tricky but I'm getting close on that one. Our present method was a stop-gap that we knew needed a rewrite, so I'm undertaking that now. Asura asked me to stop writing patches briefly because the changes to movement generators and authentication meant some pretty expansive changes to the core, so in the interest of not wasting time by having to redo work to accommodate those changes, I've taken a couple days off. Instead, as mentioned, I'm working with Audio on a new frontpage for Crestfall, which we're hoping to publish soon and should give us a much nicer presentation, and getting some RL things done (for a change). Asura tells me that I can pull the new core code and get back to work later today or tomorrow. So yeah, slowly but surely we are making progress and getting closer to release. The more I get into the core side the more I understand the magnitude of what we're doing here. This isn't just taking an existing emulator like cMangos and trying to fix the bugs, we're actually effectively building a new emulator from the ashes of an old one. We aren't fixing systems, we're replacing them entirely. Much like Trinity and cMaNGOS were the next generation offspring of MaNGOS, we're building the next generation of Ascent emulator. It's pretty exciting to be a part of that, even if my part is just a small one. Anyways, last bit of quick info. Asura announced on Discord that the next wave of Beta testers would be coming in soon, and that will almost certainly be happening before my next update, so I'll say now for those who aren't on our Discord (you should be, btw, it's lots of fun), that the next wave is Shamans and Rogues, and we'll be announcing those names soon. My next update will take place as usual on January 30th, and I'm suspending livestreams while I work on core code to keep it private, though there will be streams in the future once we get a bit further along. That's all for now. As always, feel free to leave comments or ask questions below. Talk to you soon, and thanks for your continued interest in Crestfall.
  3. It's not really possible to give a percentage completion, unfortunately. The way we're going through the beta is stage by stage.. we're addressing certain issues right now, but we're not taking reports for issues outside the scope of this beta phase. I can say that a large percentage of the bugs reported thus far have already been addressed, or are in progress, but that mainly affects Warriors and Paladins.. we haven't had testers work on any of the other classes yet, nor many quests or other content. For that reason, we have no reports for bugs affecting those elements of the game, and therefore can't make any realistic estimate of how many there will be, or how long they will take to resolve. I can only assure you that we are working diligently on this, every day. Progress is being made, and we are scratching items off the list we have thus far.
  4. Good morning/afternoon, Well, I woke up to a bit of a firestorm this morning, and things are presently flying completely off the rails. Obviously the dust has not yet begun to settle, and nobody has the full story yet. I'm not going to pretend that I have more information than anyone else because I do not, but the recent post from Nostalrius has called for Elysium to stop using their core and character database, and there is speculation that Elysium appears to be willing to comply with this. I stress, again, that this is purely speculation at this point. The truth of the matter will become apparent in good time. I just want to make it clear to the community that, like last time, our intentions for Crestfall remain unchanged. We didn't rush a buggy launch in order to capitalize on the initial shutdown of Nostalrius, and we won't rush a buggy launch in order to capitalize on any other circumstance either. Our Closed Beta is progressing nicely and at a manageable rate for us. We are still focused on quality above all else. Our intention is still to launch our server when it is ready, and to progress through the expansions as far as the community is interested in going. We aren't doing this for money, so compromising in order to absorb additional players isn't in our plan. We appreciate the patience and continued interest of our fantastic community while we continue development of Crestfall. I know it's been a long wait, and the closer we get to releasing, the longer it feels. Believe me, it's the same for us on the team. We certainly hope that once we launch you will all think the wait has been worth it, as much as we believe the effort we put into development will weigh out against the end result. My next progress update will still continue as planned on Monday the 16th. Talk to you soon.
  5. Let's not get too out of hand here. I'll clarify our position on this and a couple other things. First, yeah, I did an admittedly very rough calculation and determined that, on a broad average, there were around 7k accounts per retail server in late vanilla. That's accounts in total, not concurrent users. Concurrent users at peak time would be roughly half of that, or 3500, keeping in mind that many realms would have had significantly more accounts and a lengthy queue, and many realms would have had significantly less and felt empty. Point is, a typical medium population retail server would have had ~2000-2500 online concurrent. We'll be quite happy with populations like that, but we are willing to expand the population to roughly double that if that's what the community really wants. As far as quest items/containers go, we are considering a few methods to reduce the time spent waiting around in the event of starter zone overload. Dynamic respawn timers are possible, as is just tuning down the timers for specific bottleneck quests. What we don't want, however, is for players to be able to do quests where you have to collect ten of something by just standing beside one object and looting it ten times in under a minute. It's going to be a bit of a balancing act and I suspect these kinds of things will be tweaked throughout beta and even after release - as necessary. Long story short, we are not opposed to reducing respawn timers on these kinds of bottlenecks, and they are extremely simple fixes (requiring only a short SQL query and a reboot), but we're wary of overdoing it. These kinds of things will need to be reported in open beta and we'll address them then.
  6. Yeah, I'm not sure what happened but it is broken temporarily. For the time being please scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the default theme, we will let you know when it's fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. I agree. @Crogge.
  8. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?spell=6770 Tell me what Effect #1 is, mate. Hint: It's the only effect. You are technically correct, though. The "incapacitate" mechanic is somewhat different than the "stun" mechanic, although the effect is the same (rooted, silenced, etc.) The point is that there are a lot of little tricks and behind the scenes elements that make spells distinct from each other. Web DB's like Wowhead never usually show the spell attributes, you need a different program like QSW, or a .dbc viewer, to see those. It's unusual for a spell to have more than two or three. Sap has ten.
  9. Good evening, Time for the bi-weekly status update. We're into a lot more of the technical nitty-gritty now so I can't give as detailed an update as I would normally like to, but there is still plenty of information to share on where we're at with development. First of all, we're about a week into Closed Beta now, and things are rolling along nicely. The beta testers have been doing a great job. Bug reports are coming in and getting sorted and resolved. We have a handful of major bugs that are a product of Asura having merged the Script Development branch (where the work for the SQL/Lua scripting enhancements was done, as well as the resolution of the session errors we had before) into the Master branch (which our live test realm runs off) - mostly to do with character saving. Things like that come up when you have very large merges, so it wasn't unexpected. Asura is working on that currently while the rest of us tackle smaller issues. I'm happy to say that Rodeg is now pretty much fully recovered and has been attacking the bug tracker. We're very glad to have him back in action. Gorbulas is also pushing through the bug tracker and resolving lots of database issues. I expect that once the saving issues from the merge are taken care of, that's when Asura will get the scripters finally going, probably a couple at first and then we'll expand that out as they get experienced and can teach each other the system. I actually haven't talked to Asura about that specific topic lately, I've just been busy fixing other things, so we talk about that stuff. I'll bug him to write his own update and maybe he can cover that in more detail. We also have a couple people (non-staff) who have volunteered to make up a web database for us. I'm not 100% sure if they wanted to be named, so I'll wait for now until I've spoken to them before singling them out. I'm settling into core development relatively well. Asura calls me out on plenty of rookie mistakes, but I'm rounding into form a bit and getting some things done. The first order of business for me was just implementing spell attributes. Basically there are ~150 attributes that a spell can have (although most have very few, one or two, if any). These attributes don't directly affect the spell in any way, they are more of a "tag" that explains the way that spell is supposed to work. Take the rogue skill Sap as an example. The Sap spell is just a stun with a 25 second duration, but obviously there is a lot more to it than that. The spell requires a bunch of core-side handling to ensure that you can only cast it while you are stealthed, that it can't be dodged or parried, that you can't cast it on a target that is already in combat, etc. This is where attributes come in. Sap is one of a handful of spells that actually has quite a few attributes, and all of those things I mentioned are in the list, among others. Now, there are a couple way to go about getting Sap to work properly. Whenever a spell is cast, there are obviously a series of checks that are done to make sure you're allowed to cast that spell. I don't want to get too much into this, but you have to check to make sure the target is in range, that you have enough mana/rage/etc. to cast the spell, that you aren't silenced, or whatever. There are lots of conditions that need to pass before a spell actually fires off. In order to make Sap work, you can write a whole special case just for Sap, which is what typically happens. You can put this special case to say if the spell you're trying to cast is Sap, make sure that the target isn't in combat, and the caster is stealthed, etc. etc. That is a pretty simple fix (and it works), but it's also a hacky and inefficient fix. What happens then is you end up with a giant spaghetti mess of code where dozens of spells each have their own special handler, and things get big and ugly very quickly. It's far nicer to simply implement the attributes properly so that, as an example, you have one check "If the spell has the attribute SPELL_ATTR_EX_NOT_IN_COMBAT_TARGET, and the target is in combat, don't allow the cast." That is a much nicer and cleaner way to do it, and it will work universally across all spells with that attribute. Implementing a half dozen attributes lets you pull a dozen awful hackfixes out of the core, increasing efficiency and stability across the board. When we started Beta, we made it clear that we would be doing so in a bad state. Reason is, we disabled and removed all those nasty hacks so we could focus on fixing everything the right way, without sloppy, lazy code, and slowly but surely we're getting there. Proper attribute implementations are just a small part of what makes the Jadefire emulator so slick and powerful. The whole core has been built along these same uncompromising lines - hacky code isn't welcome here. So, attribute implementation is what I do when I'm between other work. I've been submitting database fixes for my earlier work to correct drop rates, faction issues, and other trivial matters like that. I've also been hitting the bug tracker to implement more interesting fixes. Those have kind of been all across the core, from rage and threat to block and parry, to fatigue and drowning, and a handful of other seemingly random things. I don't want to go into a lot of mechanical detail on that, but suffice to say you can no longer ride a mount underwater. If you choose to play on Crestfall, when you ride a horse into a lake and get dismounted, that one was mine. It's an interesting progression going from the building stage to the fixing stage, but it's a nice feeling to know that the systems are largely built now, and we're just hammering out the dents and muscling everything into shape. We still have a good amount of ground to cover, but things really are getting noticeably better every time the realm goes down for updates. As I mentioned, there are still one or two major issues to clear up before things kick into a higher gear, but I expect that within a couple weeks we'll be expanding our pool of beta testers and scripters, and we're looking forward to being able to really showcase our work so far. We're under a pretty tight NDA with Closed Beta at this point, so I apologize for not giving out more technical details, but rest assured that there is a lot more information forthcoming in the weeks ahead. My next blog post will be Monday, January 16th. It's kind of funny, I still do enjoy working on these updates and sharing our progress, but instead of feeling like writing the update is my primary responsibility, it's like, I had to stop working on AoE threat order to write it. What a difference a couple weeks make. /shrug. Alright, that's all for now. As always, feel free to leave comments or ask questions below. Talk to you soon, and thanks again for your continued interest in Crestfall.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, we have a number of planned measures we are working on to combat gold selling, including this capability.
  11. The Tribute is going to be modified slightly so that it cannot be obtained solo. We intend to do this either though giving King Gordok a Summon Player ability he can use to prevent being kited, adding scripted conditions such that the Tribute will not spawn unless you have dealt with Slip'kik (by either trapping or killing) and Kromcrush (by either Ogre Suit or killing), or both. This is simply an economic protection to prevent exploitative behavior. Don't think of it as anything more than that. There is also no debating on this topic, we consider it important enough to merit the change.
  12. Good afternoon, Just a very quick holiday greeting from the Crestfall team, whatever you're celebrating, we hope you have a wonderful one, and all the best for the new year. I'm happy to announce that Closed Beta officially began yesterday. It was a little bit eleventh-hour, but we got the realm up and testers logged in. In retrospect, starting this up the day after Christmas was probably a bad idea, since we had a major time crunch with all the family events going on, but in the end we were able to get things running more or less on schedule. Testers are already breaking things, which is great. We hope to push through this first phase fairly quickly and get more testers involved Soon(tm). Alright, I've got some fixes to write, so that's all for now. A full update will still be posted on January 2nd to catch everyone up on our progress. From the entire Crestfall Staff, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.
  13. I'm not sure if you're being unintentionally ironic or purposefully satirical with this. Either way, I'm closing this thread before things get out of hand. I suppose the short answer to the question is that we aren't going to do much. We will moderate the official channels - World, Trade, etc. - but we will not moderate player-created private channels. If you don't like what's being said in one of them, leave it. That's subject to change later, but those are our current intentions.
  14. It's fair to mention that I did all the loot by hand, meaning that it is very likely we will have some issues due to typos or copy/paste errors. While loot tables *should* be very good overall, I expect that come Open Beta there will be plenty of reports to tweak and/or correct the drop rates and tables. I laid the groundwork, but it will be a group effort to get things perfect.
  15. Notes updated. Worth mentioning that it only applies to non-finishers, per that research, so a missed eviscerate will refund nothing.