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  1. It stuns you for a couple seconds with like a mana shield visual effect, then warps you up. Same thing on the way down. Afaik that's all the visual you get.
  2. Edit: The volume levels in the video clips are all over the place. I apologize for that, they were taken as I was working on the mechanics in question, and I wasn't paying attention to the volume. The third one regarding skinning is super loud, so headphone users be forewarned. I'll pay more attention to volume next time. Good afternoon, A busy couple of weeks around here, had some time off so lots of work getting done. We've been expanding our DB team and are happy to welcome Coolmodi as a database dev and scripter. He's already set up and contributing fixes. We've also expanded the beta tester pool again and brought in a few more testers. We're going through a lot of content presently, writing quest scripts, adjusting drop rates, adding in missing quest items, correcting npc abilities, etc. Most of that work is relatively simple database work. Adjusting a spell's implicit target, correcting typos, or handling issues from earlier parses. I'll give a couple examples, with video, even. A spell's implicit target is how the core decides how a spell affects units when it is cast. Obviously a spell is targeted in a specific way, whether it's your current target (Kick), yourself (Frost Armor), all friendlies in an area (Tranquility), or a target destination (Rain of Fire). There are around 50 different ones in vanilla, TBC adds another 20ish. This implicit target is a property of the spell itself, hardcoded into the client dbc files. Part of what the core does is interpret this data and include handlers for each of those target types so that when something wants to target "EFF_TARGET_INVISIBLE_OR_HIDDEN_ENEMIES_AT_LOCATION_RADIUS", it can find the correct units. We run into some problems with this where the implicit targets of a spell don't really mesh with how our handlers work, so we have to override them. This is most commonly an issue on Triggered spells. One we had a problem with was Lash, which is an attack spell used by raptors that hits you for damage and makes you drop your weapon. Blizzard did it a little different than usual, where instead of directly disarming the player by giving Lash a disarm effect targeted at "Current Target", they instead "Trigger" a new spell on the player called Dropped Weapon. This new spell is a debuff that sits on the player that disarms the target, and it's target type is "Self". The issue is that the triggered spell is inheriting the original caster, so the disarm effect is going back on the raptor that cast the spell in the first place. Which doesn't matter that much because they have no weapon anyways, but it's wrong and it looks stupid, so we fix that by overriding the implicit target of the triggered spell from Self to Current. Changing how triggered spells work will break all kinds of stuff, and this only affects a handful of spells, so we just solve it with the override. Another spell that works this way is actually the teleport spells to go up and down from Archmage Xylem's tower in Azshara. The NPCs cast the teleport spells on you when you complete the repeatable quests they offer, but it was behaving very badly, teleporting the NPCs around instead of the player, or having no effect at all, again due to inherited caster GUIDs from the spell trigger. We switch around the implicit targets, and we get a nice clean teleport, like so. Another content issue we frequently see is a loot issue caused by how we parsed quest items. Basically certain quest items aren't dropping because they aren't flagged as quest items and got missed when I did the loot database rebuild. It applies to quests where you have to do things like this: go kill a mob, get a key, open a chest, take an item from the chest, and return the item to a questgiver. In this case, the item you had to return to the questgiver was properly flagged as a quest item, since it is the requirement of the quest, however that key was not flagged, and so was never entered into the table. There aren't too many of these, and a lot of them are already fixed, but it's still something that crops up now and then. There are also a couple of quests with funky prerequisites that got adjusted, like this guy here. Aside from that, scripting of quests, and correction of typos, or adding missing abilities to NPCs. That's all being done database side. Soulson also submitted a huge patch updating patrol route waypoints for hundreds of creatures so that's also getting nicer. Core side, I've written another half dozen patches. First one is implementation of a weighted vertical component to aggro range. Previously we were using the 2D distance formula for calculating aggro range with a line of sight check, meaning you couldn't aggro if you didn't have LoS, but if you were flying over enemies 100 yards above them, they would still aggro on you. Clearly that's wrong. Watched a bunch of retail stuff and I'm pretty satisfied with the current formula, a 3D rangefinder that weights vertical distance more heavily than horizontal, so you should be safe standing on ledges above enemy units. I didn't take video of this one. You'll have to take my word for it. I did a patch that corrected a bug with skinning where it rejected you from skinning anything but a beast. Some dumb hardcoded check, I have no idea why it was there. Now it correctly just checks to see if the creature CAN generate skinning loot, and if it can, it lets you skin it. Now you can skin dragonkin and silithids and whatever else. Hooray! Next up was a quick fix for humanoids that DON'T drop gold. Similar to the last bug, there was a hardcoded thing that was an error prevention mechanism, if a humanoid creature seemed to be "missing" a money entry in the database, it would randomly generate money for it based on level. Unfortunately this meant that humanoids that are not supposed to drop gold, did, because their zero was misinterpreted as "missing data". I got rid of that override and we'll trust the testers to notify us if any humanoids come along that aren't dropping the money they should. Did a quick patch to give testers access to a few more GM commands for quest testing and reviving. I'm waiting for review on a patch that fixes a major issue with the Haste aura. It works fine, just want to make sure I've done it correctly so I'm letting Asura check it out first. Basically for this one, the formula we were using for attack speed increases/decreases was incorrect. If you think of a mob with a 2.0 attack speed, that's one attack per 2000 milliseconds. If they get a 100% slow, their attack timer should change to 4000, and they'll attack half as fast. If they get a 100% haste, their attack timer would go to 1000, and they would attack twice as fast. What was happening instead was that the percentage was being applied as a percentage of the delay.. So basically 100% haste would remove 100% of the delay, mobs would have a 0.0 attack speed, and they'd rip out attacks literally as fast as the core could process it. This was turning Mor'ladim into an absolute wrecking ball when he cast Enraging Memories. It was actually pretty funny to see him instantly destroy anything that got into his melee range, but obviously that had to be fixed. On the other hand, if a mob got an ability that halved it's attack speed, like Scarlet/Crimson paladin-type mobs that cast Divine Shield, their attack speed would go into a divide-by-zero situation and immediately crash the server. So, good job us, we're stupid, but hey, it's fixed now. Didn't take a video of this one either, though maybe I should so you can see how hilarious instagib Mor'Ladim is. Lemme know if you want and I'll attach one later, I'm short on time atm. What I'm working on now is a change to stuns and targeting. If you played retail you'll notice that mobs will tend to ignore targets that are crowd controlled when there are other targets available which are not disabled. This applies to some kinds of crowd control but not all, even some kinds of the same kinds of crowd control. For example, a mob which uses a sleep or a knockout will always turn to a non-disabled target if one is available. However, stuns are 50/50, some do cause the Ignore, and some do not. I got a working implementation of this but it's a bit wonky, the targeting is going strange and the mob is all twitchy, so I'm working on that still. Hopefully I get that done soonish. I'm working the late shift at work the next few days so I won't have a lot of time to do much other than sleep and earn my pay. Beyond that, a few hundred db fixes for loot, creatures, etc. No big stuff there. Pvt.8Ball has been pouring over loot templates to get potion/scroll/gem/bag/lockbox etc. droprates all tidied up, so kudos to him for taking that on. So, progress being made, we're chugging along. Probably going to add another scripter after the next update cycle to continue speeding things up. I gotta go run some errands now so I'm out of here. My next post will be Monday, October 2nd. That's all for now. As always, feel free to ask questions or leave comments below. Talk to you soon, and thanks again for your continued interest in Crestfall.
  3. Whitekidney isn't in charge. He doesn't make the rules, and he has zero say over the Crestfall realms. As far as I'm aware, the Benediction realms will be running with a ban on VPN connections. Unless it comes from Crogge and specifically says it applies to us, it doesn't apply to us.
  4. Problem solved.
  5. Good evening, Alright, so it's been a few weeks since my last post. My backpacking trip was pretty good. Rained a lot, but we still had a good time. Nice to get away from the 9 to 5 anyways. Since getting back we've been pounding out a lot of work. We brought in another ten beta testers and got rid of a couple inactive ones. The new testers are settling in well and churning out a lot of content reports. More than enough to keep us busy for the time being. We now have three scripters working away on writing quest and event scripts, and plans to bring on a couple more soon-ish. The ones we have now have identified a few things they want added to the scripting system so Asura is working on those changes. I've spent a lot of time with the new testers getting them set up with what they need, but I have to give credit to the existing beta team, who have been amazing with helping the new people get comfortable and productive. For myself, since coming back I've submitted four core patches and a couple database updates. The new reports coming in are mostly database related so I've been tackling the loot-related issues. If the backlog gets too big I'll assist with some of the other ones as well, but I'm hoping that Nogar will be able to push through those and leave me to core work. So, my core patches for this week have been a patch that fixed a problem with the level of Guardians when they get summoned, a fix for an issue with spell damage penalties, the big absorb patch that fixed four issues with absorbs, and implementation of the Daze mechanic when getting hit from behind. Also a one-line fix to correct a typo that prevented mobs from getting tagged, but since that literally took 2 minutes I don't really count that as a fix. First thing, Guardians. This is a type of summoned creature that has a specific duration and "belongs" to the summoner. The limited duration distinguishes it from a pet, and the ownership distinguishes it from a "wild" summon. A "wild" summon is a creature that gets summoned and then behaves entirely independently with no connection to the summoner. Some examples of Guardians are like.. the Compact Harvest Reapers summoned by the goblins in the foundry in Deadmines, or the Frost Spectres summoned by the last boss in RFD. Players can also summon guardians, typically through using items like the Dog Whistle from Houndmaster Locksey, the Mechanical Yeti, or the Barov Peasant Caller. These spells work differently for players and creatures. A creature-summoned guardian typically matches the level of the creature that summoned it (with some exceptions - Morganth's minions are actually 3 levels above him), while guardians summoned by players also match the summoner level, but only to a maximum, defined by the level of the item itself. So a Scarlet Tracking Hound will max out at level 35, a Mechanical Yeti will max out at level 58, etc. I wrote up a patch that does this, Asura took it and made a few modifications, and I think it's done now. The spell damage penalty patch has to do with spells below level 20 getting their spelldamage coefficient scaled down. There was an issue with some new code that caused ALL damage to get scaled down instead of just the bonus damage. It's a little more complicated than you might think because if you have mods that increase spell damage by a percentage, that applies to both the initial and bonus damage, where this penalty only applies to the bonus. Anyways, little bit of reordering required but nothing major. The absorb patch was a little more complicated because it had to fix four problems with absorbs. First we had to research the actual correct implementation of them. There was some argument over whether they were a simple First-On-First-Off system or if they would eat school-specific buffs before moving on to general buffs. It was proven through video evidence that First-On-First-Off is the correct method (excluding Mana Shield - more on this later). Imbaslap found a Sapphiron video from a mage perspective where he pops Ice Barrier, then Frost Ward, and the Ice Barrier is removed before the Frost Ward when the only damage being taken is from the frost aura. Our system was already set up to work that way, so that was good, no problem there. However, a typo and a missing increment meant that popping Ice Barrier put the server into an infinite loop, effectively crashing it. That was the easiest fix. Second problem was the removal of absorb auras when they were used up. Basically we keep a running tally of how many points of absorb are left in each buff you have, but we weren't actually removing the aura when they ran out. They'd stop working, and you would take damage, but it would LOOK like you still had Ice Barrier, or Power Word: Shield, or whatever, on your character. Fixing that involved building a list of each "empty" absorb and then removing all the used up auras at the end of the damage calculation. Third problem was Mana Shield, which is annoying because it's a special snowflake. In Vanilla, Mana Shield was only capable of absorbing physical damage, and after some patch, I think 1.11, it would always be the LAST absorb used. We had some handling for this but it was incorrect. Basically the absorb would check to see if you had anything other than Mana Shield and take from that, then it would take from Mana Shield. Which sounds right, except that it was missing the part that zeroed out what was left over, so the same amount of damage that got removed by Ice Barrier would ALSO get eaten by Mana Shield. Took a little while to actually figure that out, but it ended up only needing one line to fix. Last problem was that due to a typo in some code that was shuffled around recently, physical attacks would actually run through the absorption code twice. While they wouldn't do any additional damage to your health, they ate through shields twice as fast. That one was also a one-line fix that just took a little while to find. Final fix was the implementation of Daze when being hit from behind by mobs. Pretty interesting formula for this one. Turns out Ascent already had a function for it, but it was kinda sloppy, the code was dated, and it wasn't actually called from anywhere else so it was just sitting around unused. I tuned it up to make it more efficient and self-contained and put it into the autoattack code. Tested and working beautifully. Alright, so that was my week. I just wanted to point out something quickly that came up in conversation with, and while getting reports from, our new beta testers. We get asked a lot about the loot tables and drop rates. I spend quite a bit of time checking over them, largely because a primary source used by people is the vanilladb page, which is notoriously unreliable. I've talked before about how they show clam meat dropping from all kinds of creatures, among other weirdnesses caused by incorrect reporting from the wowhead client if you have a creature targeted while you open a container. That's one thing and most people know about that by now. The bigger problem with vanilladb is their quest item drop rates, and I think this has a lot to do with why levelling on private servers is so trivial compared to how it was on retail. I'm going to give just a few examples of this so you can see what I mean in a moment, but basically we get a question where they might think a drop rate is set too low, or that they're only getting 25% on something when vanilladb says it should be 80%. First off, vanilladb has a thing about setting virtually all quest item drops to either 80% or 100%. Our quest drop database was parsed back in TBC and I've gone through and manually adjusted a lot of it, taking data from archived pages, comments, and in some cases, common sense. Very few quest items have a high drop rate, especially in Vanilla. I know that in some cases the drop rates are reported low due to items not dropping for people who aren't on the quest, but at the same time, people who aren't on the quest aren't typically grinding those mobs, either. Not while levelling, anyways, obviously high level mobs are a different story, but we can look at STV as a pretty good example of some issues. I'll show two of them so you can see what I mean. First up, Split Bone Necklaces. We can see here the vanilladb page showing the drop rates for them: Meanwhile, the comment section from Wowhead, dating back to TBC, has the following remarks: Forgive the sloppy red lines, I'm using the same images I was using earlier to explain this in our beta chat. I think you get the point though. Clearly it should take quite a while to grind these items out, it shouldn't be nearly a lock to get one off every troll. Our database has this item set to roughly 20%, in accordance with our old parse, tidied up by myself to round off the 18.52142 etc. Next up, we'll have a look at the quest Mok'thardin's Enchantment: Hm, from that quest text, it seems like they should be pretty rare and at least somewhat difficult to get. Let's have a look at the comments and see what the experience of players from retail was on getting them: Yikes. I bet vanilladb has the droprate set pretty low, then. Let's check it out: 100%. Well, I guess that certainly simplifies the process and gets you levelling faster. We're going with a more Blizzlike 3%. So yeah. The point is that we've gone to great lengths to really recreate the experience of playing Vanilla WoW here. Yes, it has taken us a long time to get this far, but we're really not overlooking any details. We're pushing through reports and writing content every day. The new testers are enthusiastic and busy. Alright, it's started to thunderstorm here and I may lose power. I want to get this posted before that happens so I'll wrap this up right now. My next blog post will be on Monday, September 18th. As always, feel free to leave comments or ask questions below. Talk to you soon, and thanks again for your continued interest in Crestfall. Edit: Reposted on Elysium forums here.
  6. Odds that you are going to get a release date are pretty slim. In fact, I'm just going to go ahead and say we are not going to give out a release date on Monday. Nor will we give a release date before we are confident we can keep to it. I think this horse has been beaten to the point that I sometimes feel like CF is turning into my own personal Raskolnikov's Dream, but once again, we don't make promises here. This is a hobby project and any timeline we give out is an estimation based on current progress at that time. We're breaking in a new developer and Asura is scaling back his involvement, so the situation now is a lot different than it was even two or three months ago. Obviously our own expectations are changing all the time, and no, we don't feel a need to communicate every little delay or decision to the community because that's the kind of shit that stirs the reddit toiletbowl into a stinking, nasty tornado that I'm beyond tired of dealing with. We'll see how things go as Niko is brought up to speed, and once we see how much he will be contributing to development and how the new dynamic plays out with Asura in a non-leadership role, we'll be better able to assess timelines. Simply put, we're more interested in making progress than we are in reporting that progress, and that attitude isn't likely to change anytime soon.
  7. Good evening, Between my vacation and the sheer quantity of PR nonsense I've had to deal with, plus sifting through applications and picking the next batch of beta testers, I haven't got much actual work done on the realm over the last two weeks. I'm postponing this blog post one week, so we'll pick back up on Monday, September 4th and we can do a review of our progress then. Thanks and talk to you soon.
  8. Context for bans, this is the nature of the posts that we deleted: As much fun as the pity party has been, I'd really enjoy not having to come on here and deal with nonsense like this, so if we can keep it civil that would be great.
  9. That's quite enough. Couple bans going out and the topic is getting locked.
  10. Irony: The people who said the project was dead in the water with Asura at the helm, pop back in to state how disappointed they are that Asura is no longer at the helm. Some people here are acting like we had a choice to just keep doing things the way we were doing them, and that was simply no longer an option. Truth is we knew this was going to piss off a lot of people. I think I stated that pretty explicitly, multiple times, in the announcement. All this was expected, but we determined that the end justified the means. This outcome means that we get to keep developing our core, and eventually release it where anyone can play it, for free, any time they want. We even get to run it the way we want to. Someone else is paying the bills and sticking their neck out legally for Asura, instead of the other way around. Hell, it's even going to be administered on the Elysium side by a member of the Crestfall staff. Really, if you think we're so stupid and incompetent that we can't make an intelligent decision regarding the future of our own project, why were you here in the first place? I suppose that yeah, we could have fallen on our swords and just killed the whole project, at which point you'd be saying the exact same shit you're saying now. Fail project, hyped for no reason, blah blah. Easy to say when it's not your job on the line, not your marriage on the line. For a hobby. The hilarious part is that the project isn't even dead, it's continuing just fine under a new owner. That's all. Your local pizza shop has probably changed owners a half dozen times without you even knowing and I don't see anyone flooding the internet to bitch about that. We stated repeatedly that this was a hobby project, we have made every effort, in some cases going to absurd lengths, to NOT make promises or provide hard dates or deadlines for anything. We've always tried to manage expectations at a level commensurate with the way we work on this. These "RIP my dreams, RIP my future, afk killing myself" posts are, if anything, an indictment not of our team, but of your own mental stability. Leaving? So long, and good riddance. Locking the thread.
  11. Nobody has told me otherwise, so I assume so, yes.
  12. Done.
  13. Just want to clear this up. The "Elysium People" responsible for overseeing the CF realms is Crogge. Furthermore, if you want to get hostile with someone, get hostile with us, not each other. This was our decision. There's no reason to be nasty with other forum members.
  14. Quick Q&A that addresses a lot of the questions that have come up thus far. Please keep in mind that a lot of things are still being worked out so these answers are simply done to the best of my ability. Q: Are the current plans for a VPN wall still intact? A: As far as I know, yes. The VPN wall will still be in place for the Crestfall realms. Q: Are the current plans for the 5k population caps still intact? A: Yes. No changes to the mechanics or philosophy of the Crestfall realms have been requested. Q: Will there be transfers from the other Elysium servers to CF servers? Ever? A: No. There are both technical and ethical challenges in moving characters from one core to another, alongside the issues with merging economies that developed on different cores, and different project philosophies. Q: Will the Elysium servers run on the CF core? Will their staff have access to it? A: Changing a server core is not as simple as just swapping a file - there are major technical hurdles involved. It is possible that it will happen at some point in the future but there are no immediate plans for it. As far as access, the current Crestfall team are still the only ones with access to the codebase. Current Elysium developers will continue to improve and maintain the existing Elysium realms. Q: Did Asura quit the project? A: No. He is staying on as a team member, to train the other devs and contribute patches as his schedule allows, but is no longer the owner, and will no longer lead the development or manage the project. Q: Will PvE still be slightly customized to increase the challenge? A: Yes. As mentioned above, no changes to the mechanics or philosophy of the Crestfall realms have been requested. Q: Will the community of CF basically fade away into Elysium over time? A: Eventually the forums and Discord will be migrated to the Elysium platforms. The current plan is to do this concurrently with the CF core going into open beta. Q: Will this change the day-to-day routines from an outside PoV (except Asura/Niko ofc)? A: Not really, no. Q: Is it that much safer to make Elysium the host/owner? A: Yes. Asura has a full time job in IT, and frequently visits the USA on business. Getting in legal trouble due to software piracy would have major implications for him. In order for us to ensure the project's survival, it is necessary for us to pass ownership off to a party beyond the reach of Activision's legal team. Q: What's gonna happen to Legacy Crusade? A: Right now we're just dealing with merging Crestfall; information regarding Legacy Crusade will be released at a later date. Q: Were any other solutions explored? A: Yes, and we decided that this was the best option. The only other choices really left to us at this point were to either fold the project entirely, release it open source, or hand it off to another party. We decided that handing it off to another party would allow us some room to negotiate and ensure that the project was able to continue in accordance with our intentions. Q: Who is in command for the Crestfall realm (under the Elysium server network)? A: Crogge. Q: Will the plans for the server (ie. population caps, VPN, etc.) still be the same or has anything changed? Are there things that Elysium can change later? A: As mentioned above, no changes to the mechanics or philosophy of the Crestfall realms have been requested. Could things change in the future? Of course. This is real life, things change in real life. It would be absurd to think that nothing could possibly ever change and doubly so to promise that nothing could ever change. However, we have no intentions or plans to make any changes to our philosophy on how the realms will be operated. The intention here was to free up Asura's time, get his name off B's hit list, bring in some new blood, and ensure the continuation of the project as-is. Q: Will there be possible transfers from or onto the Crestfall realms to or from other Elysium realms? A: No. Q: Will there be donation p2w shops in connection to Elysium? A: I can't speak for the current Elysium realms and their future plans, but there is still no plan for any p2w shop on the Benediction realms. Q: Why would Elysium "merge" with CF when they can't get the CF core? Whats their advantage? A: Turning a future competitor into an asset. Q: What improvements has Elysium made since the LGN attempt? Don't they still have a shady reputation? A: The main culprit of Elysium's former shadiness was Vitaly, and he's long gone. Crogge has been working hard at identifying and purging the worst offenders otherwise. Is it perfect? No. But it's a lot better than it was, and it's steadily improving. I believe most players there would agree. They have made some of their own decisions in terms of how they want their existing realms run, and I understand that many people disagree with those ideas, however the Benediction realms are being designed around the Crestfall philosophy and will be operated accordingly.
  15. Good evening, I'd like to announce some changes to the Crestfall project. Trigger warning, this may upset some people, but I implore you to stick with it and I'll explain what is happening and why it's necessary to move the project forward. For a while, our development has been slowing down as Asura and Crogge have gotten busier and busier with real-life commitments. When we started working on what would become Crestfall, Asura was unmarried, unemployed, and not in school. He had all the free time in the world to work on the project. At the time, I was involved only as a researcher, and was more or less unable to be of any real assistance. Crogge has always been the sysadmin and has been paying for most of the development costs, but never had time or inclination to step into a development role. Eventually I got into database work, and Asura and I worked on changes to the scripting engine and AI together as a hobby for, literally, years. Then he got married and moved to Europe, and things slowed down a bit, but we were still making progress. Once he started full time work, progress slowed even more, and I got into core development in an attempt to bridge the gap and keep the project moving. Now he is taking on more responsibilities at work and with his family, and has even less time to work on the project. The developers here are having to spend a lot of time waiting to get patches reviewed and applied, and progress is grinding nearly to a halt. Sure, occasionally he gets a free weekend and can push out a tremendous amount of work, but that isn't enough to keep the project on the pace we want it on. That's the reason for the delays, it's the reason some of our beta testers have quit, and the reason why we have to make some changes. Asura has come to the conclusion that he can no longer shoulder the weight of both development and running the project. He has decided to abdicate his positions as project owner, manager, and lead developer. There simply isn't enough time in the day for him to keep this project on track in a leadership role. Likewise, Crogge has been keeping the realms running and doing his part, but his other responsibilities and his real-life commitments prevent him from stepping into an active development or management role on Crestfall as well, so he is also abdicating his ownership position. We have been on the lookout for an experienced developer who can take over as the lead dev for a little while. Obviously I lack the ability to take up this position, so it had to be someone who is a professional, or has a lot more experience with the Ascent platform than I do. We are pleased to introduce Niko as a new developer on the Crestfall team. Niko is a friend of Asura's who worked with us briefly on one of the projects before Crestfall became Crestfall. He's an IT professional with some experience in the Ascent core, albeit a much older version than the one we have today. For now, we will continue as normal until Niko is up to speed, but over time he will transition into the Lead Developer role and Asura will become a regular member of the dev team occasionally contributing patches like any other scrub. Like me, in other words, but better. As far as project ownership and management (here's the part that's going to tilt some people, but please stay with me on this), Asura and Crogge have decided to hand off ownership of the project to the Elysium team. I suppose we need to immediately address a few things here, so I'm switching into Q&A mode for a bit. Q: What? A: Yeah, we know. Elysium again. Q: Why? A: Alright, this is a bit of an involved question, but there are a lot of reasons for this. We have secured a number of conditions for this merger that benefit us greatly in terms of simplifying the operation of Crestfall and allowing us to concentrate on development. Crestfall will run as a separate realm under the Elysium umbrella, meaning that we can run the Crestfall servers on Elysium hardware, via Elysium's bandwidth, paid for by Elysium donations, and administrated by an Elysium Sysadmin. That Sysadmin happens to be Crogge, who as you will know, was a co-owner of the Crestfall project. This effectively eliminates any of the start-up or maintenance cost concerns that we had because all the equipment is already paid for, tested, and running. Secondly, passing off ownership and management of the project to the Elysium team eliminates a number of concerns from a legal perspective, particularly for Asura who, although he lives in Europe now, is a US citizen who visits there regularly. Thirdly, it lets us focus on what we want to do, which is develop, and hopefully get this monster unleashed in a reasonable timeframe. Q: Sounds a lot like LGN 2.0? A: Afraid not. Crestfall will cease to exist as an independent entity. This isn't a partnership. Although our development will remain independent, we will become a division of Elysium. Development is the only area in which we remain separate, simply to preserve the integrity of the Benediction core and prevent leaks. The current Crestfall development staff will retain exclusive access to the core code and database, but as a contained unit within the Elysium staff. Game Masters, Community Managers, and Moderators will work on both projects, though it's likely that former Crestfall mods and CMs will be assigned to simply continue their tasks of interacting with the Crestfall community. In other words, the Crestfall staff will become members of the Elysium staff, though their specific duties will remain unchanged. Q: What's going to happen to the forums? Discord? Social media platforms? A: Eventually the forums and public Discord will migrate and become subsections of the Elysium forums/Discord. There are no immediate plans for this, it will take some time and we want to maintain our beta applications and the management application for them. It's possible that this will not occur until open beta when those web applications are no longer required, but it will happen eventually. The Crestfall internal beta Discord server will remain unchanged. Our social media presence (Facebook, Twitter) will be terminated. Q: So Elysium is getting the CF core for free? A: More or less, though access to that core is still restricted to the current development and administration staff in order to prevent leaks. No money is changing hands here. This was never about money for us. All we ever wanted was to put out a legit PTE server, and this is how we can best make that happen. I'm sure there will be a lot more questions, and in a lot of cases the specifics have yet to be worked out. The reality is that development on Crestfall is getting swamped and our release expectations keep getting pushed back. We value our ability to launch the server more than we value the idea of keeping it for ourselves. In order to focus on development and actually get this project released, we need to offload the responsibility for management to someone else. It's not something that I can do, or that I want to do. Asura and Crogge can't do it; they don't have the time. Finding PR people or project managers and doing things in-house is something we tried but hasn't worked out, the expectation from them is that we'll keep to a timetable that we haven't been able to keep pace with. The best way we could see to ensure that Crestfall's development gets back on track, and that we can actually release a realm for you to play on, was to hand off ownership to a qualified group. The Elysium team has changed a lot since the LGN catastrophe, and for the better. We are satisfied that with them at the reins, we'll be able to focus on getting our work done and getting this project off the ground. We hope you continue to support your team in our new home. There will be more information forthcoming as the details get worked out. We'll try to answer questions but we may just wait and issue a larger response if there are a lot so that they will all be in one place. That's all for now. Talk to you soon, and as always, thanks again for your continued interest in Crestfall. Edit: I answered a bunch more questions in this response, please click the link and read for more information.