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  1. Afaik we don't have any of those issues. Mobs with PBAOE are set to cast them only if there is a target within range. It doesn't necessarily have to be the primary target though, any valid target will do (this is on purpose, we can run it either way but this makes the mobs a little bit nastier if you try to kite them and they're still chewing up your friends). Spellcaster-type mobs prefer to stay at range and obviously cannot autoattack the player from outside melee range. If they are silenced or run out of mana, they will attempt to engage their target in melee combat. Also, if you enter melee range, they will in most cases stop attempting to cast spells with a cast time to avoid spell pushback, and instead switch to melee attacks while still using available instant-cast spells. A mob will not attempt to cast a spell while another spell is being cast. It will always finish it's current cast before starting a new one. Scripted conditions that force spellcasts such as Enrage will interrupt the spell in progress if necessary though - there really isn't any other option because the spell is a forced, triggered event that bypasses normal spellcasting checks. It might be possible to implement an NPC spell queue, though considering how few mobs have both an enrage and the ability to cast ranged spells with a significant cast time, I'm not sure it would be worth the hassle. There are other ways to work around that using the existing AI in the handful of cases where it would make a difference, using clever manipulation of the existing scripting engine instead of forcing the spellcast with a standard event trigger. I figure we'll deal with these as necessary. It's a relatively simple fix for the few cases where it applies.
  2. With respect to the last few questions, we already have a bugtracker page, but it is limited to Beta testers only at this point. We thought about the dev progress page and decided that core work isn't really great for showing dev progress. Reason being, it just doesn't translate well.. Something that you'd think would be very simple can take a ton of time because it can be tied into a number of things. A tiny change to an important piece of code can have far-reaching consequences across the core, as we have seen from the spell delay implementation affecting a TON of things we didn't necessarily expect it to. It's not that they are unfixable, in the case of the spell delay, Asura already found and fixed most of the issues, it's just that what we thought was 100% done at the time was actually only 60% done, and we had no idea until the testers got at it. At least, I had no idea. Asura knows a lot more than I do, he may have expected it and just not told me. Instead what I think we'll do is post something publicly once we get to the point of pure content creation. That's also when we intend to push out a lot more videos and things. From a development perspective, underlying core mechanics are the most important parts, but it isn't much to show off. All you'd be seeing is a video of something doing exactly what you'd expect it to on any server. A mob gets to half health and casts Enrage. Big whoop. It's important to us, because we handle that entirely differently than anyone ever did before. So, for us, to see that system working is huge, but to a player it's just meh. Players care more about intricately scripted content, and we just aren't working on that much at the moment. When we can showcase that stuff, that's when I would expect to see the dev progress page and more video content. As far as the website, the version we had was a Wordpress page that, while gorgeous, presented some security concerns. It was sidetracked by our recent security update and is on the back burner once again. Our web team is working on something, I think, but they talk gibberish in their channel so I tend to stay out of there. I'll ask them about it.
  3. Good evening, I apologize for the lateness of the hour on this update. Was working on some other stuff and got sidetracked. Alright, so I suppose by now everyone is aware that it's been an eventful past two weeks. On the development front, we've accomplished a surprising amount despite all the excitement, and that's mainly due to Asura's incredible work ethic. I've been writing a crazy amount on here over the last few days, so if you want to get some insight into all that, feel free to check out my post history and scan the last week or so. I'm not going to summarize everything here because I actually want to get back to what I was doing, more on that in a bit when I summarize my stuff. Suffice to say I'm happy with the new developments, I'm glad that things are settling down a bit and I can get back to work. I wish I had gotten more done but it's been a whirlwind of preparatory work, writing our announcement, frantic fire-fighting of the initial response, hashing out the FAQ with the Elysium staff, and then following up with individuals and answering questions on my own. It doesn't sound like much, but please keep in mind that I work full time and typically only have a couple hours a night to work on CF, so if I'm spending two hours answering messages or replying to questions, that's more or less my free time for the day gone. Anyways, that's largely behind me now that the furor has died down, so it's back into action. At present I'm working on a fix for swing timers not resetting correctly after spellcasts. I wrote a software fix for this, but it's quite hacky and messy. Blizzard was really weird about how they handled this, at least as far as I can tell. Some spells reset the swing timer for autoattacks when you cast them, some do not. There are a few factors that influence this, but it can be summarized somewhat simply.. If a spell has a cast time, or if it is instant but costs mana (ie. Fire Blast), it resets the autoattack swing timer when the cast finishes. Those are the general rules, but there are also a whole bunch of exceptions. Several Paladin spells ignore this rule, including Judgement, Exorcism, Holy Wrath, and (post-1.6) Consecration (thanks @maronics). Stormstrike for Shamans doesn't reset the timer, and neither does a Druid's Insect Swarm. As well, any kind of Dispel is excepted, Cleanse, Remove Curse, Dispel Magic, etc. So, my first shot at this was a software check, an inline boolean that would compare the spell being cast using a nasty check for all these things. It was really, really ugly, but it worked. I recorded a video clip of it, but I was talking to Rodeg in voice at the time and forgot to mute that so it's got him complaining about Discord lag, loudly, over top of it (it would also be showcasing a bug with Block that I haven't got around to fixing yet but will this week). I'll remake another clip once it's done and live on the Beta realm if I remember. Anyways, Asura saw it, said I was a bad coder and that I should do it a different way. As I mentioned in a previous update, Blizzard typically assigned attributes to spells that could be used to easily classify their behavior. Spell that ignore Line of Sight have the "Ignore Line of Sight" attribute.. this way when you want to write the core-side handling, you can just write a one line check in there, "If the spell has the Ignore Line of Sight attribute, then skip the Line of Sight check". That's maybe a bit of a simplification, but you get the idea. I don't want to get mega technical here. Problem is, there is no attribute for "Resets the Swing Timer" to make my job here easy. Fortunately, we have a fix for that. A little while ago Asura implemented support for custom spell attributes, so what I'm doing is creating a handler instead which will just check for the presence of a brand new custom attribute. If it's there, it resets the timer. The tricky part then is tacking that flag onto every spell that it applies to. I whipped up a filter that reproduces the code I was using before, plus some additional refinements to remove spells that can't be cast in combat anyways and things of that nature, and @Buki did me the courtesy of writing that code into a filter and making my job very easy. I'm in the process of setting up the query to add the flag to all the appropriate spells now. That done, the spell/autoattack interactions should be working beautifully. We've pushed a lot of my previous fixes to the Beta realm now, so those are getting a thorough once-over from the testers and we'll see how they hold up under scrutiny. I've also got a small handful more to push as well. I finally have a few days off work, and with the forum stuff largely under control, I'll be hitting the bug tracker again and clearing up some more issues. Speaking of clearing up issues, Asura has done a ton of work. The stability issues are almost entirely done with. My understanding is that in an earlier iteration of the item code, he'd tried to make use of some unused space, but as it turned out this just caused some subtle issues that don't get caught under normal testing circumstances. He undertook a fairly large overhaul of the item system and fixed a number of crashing and character saving issues all in one swoop. There were some fixes to gameobjects casting spells, the quest system, and aura stacking (the new system for this had a few bugs that the Beta testers found, we're pressing them out now).. Quite a bit considering how much OTHER stuff has been going on. There is still something funny with AI event-triggered spellcasting. Spells like Cleave or what have you, that just cast normally when the target is in range and the cooldown is up - they work fine. Spells like Enrage or Stealth, that cast when specific conditions are met (ie. a set health percentage, or when spawning, or leaving combat) don't cast. They used to, which leads me to believe that they probably broke due to changes made when we implemented the spell delay system. That's proved to be a bit more of a thorn than expected. I traced this issue back as best I could, but at this point it's beyond my capacity, so I'm leaving that one for Asura. Either it's not pulling targeting information from the spell proto correctly, or it's getting dumped into the spell queue and failing some kind of check before actually applying it's effects. After struggling with it for a few hours, I'm sure Asura will be delighted to embarrass me by fixing it in ten minutes and rubbing it in my face. As far as I know, that's the biggest problem left. There are plenty of little problems, don't get be wrong, but comparatively speaking, little problems are fun problems. We're also happy to welcome Drzej to the development team. He's a colleague of Asura and another professional software engineer. He doesn't have a huge background in WoW emulation, but he's an very skilled and experienced programmer. His insight into the efficiency and structure of the emulator is much appreciated. He's jumping right in, having already identified and repaired some issues with the character stat code, and at last check from me, is working on a bug with Resurrection Sickness. The benefit to adding a developer like him is fresh perspective, especially when it comes not just to "is this how it worked in Vanilla?", a common question that I (a Vanilla junkie, but not an experienced programmer) ask when I'm looking at the core, but "is this code up to snuff, and does it do what we want it to do, and ONLY what we want it to do?". In any case, we're happy to have him on the team. Alright, I've run on far longer than I intended, so I'm going to cap this off here. In general, things are proceeding as planned, we're making good progress in knocking off the remaining major issues before drilling down into the nitty gritty of spellfixes. After a few days of near panic, we're settling back into a more enjoyable routine of coding and testing. We look forward to being able to show off more very soon. That's all for now, my next update will be on Monday, February 27th. As always, feel free to leave comments of ask questions below. Talk to you soon, and thanks for your continued interest in Crestfall.
  4. This is covered in the FAQ.
  5. I assume many people will put forward that demand. However, we have made our decision, at least for the foreseeable future. This was a mutual decision by all parties.
  6. 1. It was a turn of phrase I settled on. Simply put, the Elysium staff still run Elysium. Whatever they decide on as policy for the Elysium realms in terms of operational rules and regulations is still their call. Likewise, Asura still makes the rules and runs the show at Crestfall, and Crogge does so at Legacy Crusade. Of course we talk to each other and get advice from one another, but final decisions remain with the original owner of each project. We can't team up to outvote another partner on whether or not they should change their population caps, or change their chat restrictions, or other matters of that sort. 2. Many players only want to play Vanilla, they don't want to be forced to transition - they would have no interest in rolling on Crestfall and would just choose Elysium from the start. Further, many players are already on Elysium, invested in their characters and relationships, and unwilling to start over again. We do expect that the population will shuffle around somewhat as players are able to select the niche they prefer, and that's part of the purpose of the partnership in the first place. Far from being underprivileged, Elysium gets a protected spot as *the* server for players who want a Vanilla-only experience. You could compare this to a society where there is nothing to drive but cars, and then someone brings in the possibility to buy a truck, or a van, or a jeep. "Won't this mean fewer people will drive cars?" Yeah, it does, but it also means more people are getting what they want (even if it lets down the handful of people who wanted a helicopter). It's not a perfect analogy but I think you get the point. I understand that people have an attachment to their Nostalrius characters, and some wanted to transition them to TBC, but I would remind people that there was really no guarantee that Nostalrius characters were even going to survive the Nostalrius shutdown. It's a bonus for players that they were able to retain them and continue on the Elysium realms, but there are no current plans to carry them forward any further since they were not "brought up" on the Benediction core, and furthermore, transferring them to realms run by another partner compromises the "protected niche" of those projects. 3. I think my last response more or less covers this as well. 4. You'll have to be more specific here, sorry. I'm not sure I understand what you are asking and I wish to be clear in my responses. I'm out of time for now, work paged me in. I'll be around in a few hours if there are any further inquiries.
  7. 1. Of course we were happy with the community here. Why wouldn't we be? 2. The answer to the first question was yes, so this becomes another "what do you get out of it?" question, which I answered already in my response to Outstanding. We get a tremendous amount out of the deal, including the opportunity to have a closer cooperation with friends in the development community. 3. You have it wrong. We're not an ambitious bunch. Have I not said multiple times that I would be perfectly happy if the server only had 40 people on it and all we did was log in on Saturdays to raid? Both sides benefit from this. From our perspective this was a slam dunk for all parties involved, it ensures the quality and viability of all projects in the partnership for the foreseeable future. Some members of the community are going to be unhappy no matter what we do. It's absurd to think we can please everyone, especially in a community with as many diverse interests as this one, and doubly so considering it's all anonymous over the internet. We went with what we thought would give us the best quality end result for the majority, including ourselves and our partners.
  8. Alright, so you said a lot, and I read it, but you didn't ask any questions that you didn't immediately answer yourself, or that weren't buried in rhetorical discussion so deeply that I'm really not certain what the actual query is supposed to be. If you want to boil that down into a couple direct, specific questions you want answered, I'll do my best, but I'm not going to attempt to "interpret" questions from it. I answered all Outstanding's questions directly and honestly, no reason I wouldn't do the same for anyone else.
  9. The discussions about partnership began after Nostalrius was already long gone, so it has nothing to do with them whatsoever. As far as having more information about the Nostalrius shutdown beyond what was public, if our admins have some, they never shared it with me. As far as recent resignations at Elysium affecting things, I honestly have no idea, but I doubt it. I haven't asked any of their current staff about it, and as I tend not to pry into other people's business, I probably wont. I can tell you from having dealt with their staff more closely over the last few days that they are certainly not hurting for people. If a couple people resigned, there are plenty more to fill their shoes.
  10. Yes, we will still have both PvP and PvE.
  11. 1. The FAQ came as a response to questions asked after the announcement was posted. I'm not sure how we could answer questions that hadn't yet been asked. Should we maybe have anticipated some of the questions.. yes. That's on us. However I think it's fair to say we also underestimated the backlash. We genuinely saw this as a positive and assumed the community would as well. While the majority of the community seems to agree, some obviously did not. 2. No idea. There were only four individuals at Crestfall who knew about this, none of whom are on speaking terms with the person in question. Either he got information from someone else, or it was a lucky guess. Saying as he had also posted another completely wrong guess in that same thread on the same day, I suspect it was a lucky guess. 3. The miscommunication came basically from an Admin not being available to clarify the situation to an Elysium CM at the time that answer was posted. I myself have been in the situation multiple times of not having an official answer on something from Asura or Crogge, but feeling it imperative to answer questions and try to put out fires, especially in such a chaotic situation as the one that came after we posted that announcement. More than once I've taken an educated guess, and then ended up looking foolish as Asura completely contradicted me afterwards. Yesterday, Tyche made the best guess he could with the information he had at the time, and he was wrong. I'm sorry that it happened, but I don't blame him, because it has been me in the past, and it could have been me yesterday. 4. As mentioned in the FAQ, Crestfall's administration is assuming control over the development and systems administration of the Elysium project. By entering into this partnership, we gain an ownership stake in that project, therefore it's success is important to us. If you invest in a company, become a part owner of that company, you'd want that company to do well, right? We also gain a live community who can help us teach and train new CM and GM staff in preparation for the Crestfall and Legacy Crusade realms, which we currently don't have because we are still in development, but we will eventually need. When we move to TBC (PTE has always been the intention for Crestfall) there can still be a Vanilla-only realm in the network that we don't personally have to manage or maintain, so we can focus on what we wanted to do all along - PTE. As well, believe it or not, we don't know everything. Having more people around to ask when you have a question about an event or spell or mechanic or.. whatever, is always helpful. We can collaborate to deal with security issues or known hackers/botters/gold sellers. We retain control over our own source code and database, among other advantages. We give up a minority ownership stake in our own projects but retain veto power to run them in the way that we choose. We give up the potential to run our own single-expansion Vanilla server, just like if we are to bring a WotLK realm into the network, we'd give up the potential to run our own Wrath-only realm so that partner could have and retain their own niche in the network. In short - everyone has their own protected niche - nobody is obsolete. Lastly, yeah, it is for the benefit of the community. We work together to provide better quality servers for the players. If you still don't think that's enough for this to be a win for both parties, then nothing I can say will convince you. 5. I'm really not sure how to answer this. You read the FAQ. You know Crestfall is going to continue on as planned. If you were interested in doing it before, I fail to understand why you wouldn't be now. In this case, it is your decision. I'd respect it either way. 6. After the initial announcement was made, we began an effort to answer questions immediately. This turned out to be a bad idea, since many of the questions that came up were things we hadn't discussed specifically, or that the Admins knew but hadn't shared yet, and without all the Admins immediately available to answer the questions or quickly come to a consensus on a given topic, the CMs were left to basically guess. Obviously this just made things worse. A complete gag order was instituted for 24 hours until we could hash out and prepare the FAQ in the first post of this thread, which would hopefully answer a lot of questions. The effect of "going dark" may not have been great, but it was judged to be better than having further contradictory statements, and worth the negative effect of silence in the meantime to post once and get it right. 7. They're our friends. We saw a way that they could help us, and we could help them. Together we can do more than we could do alone. Why wouldn't we pursue that?
  12. Going to answer a few questions here, as best I can. First of all, @Vashinkt, stop it. Every other post in this thread so far is you trash talking. We get it, you don't want this to happen. Well, it's a done deal, so you can accept that and move on, or leave. I won't tolerate you insulting us, our partners, or the other people posting in this thread any longer. Second, @Alexensual, the reason there are no plans to allow transfers from the Vanilla-only realms to the TBC-only realms is because that defeats the entire purpose of having a PTE realm, which is the founding concept of Crestfall. A second point is that by the time Legacy Crusade is ready to release, Elysium's realms will have been active for a long time, more than enough to cause a serious problem for the fledgling playerbase of Legacy Crusade were they able to transfer freely. This is not a completely closed topic in the long term, but as was mentioned initially, there are no current plans to allow transfers. I'm going to answer Outstanding's questions in a separate post.
  13. It was decided not to make any response until the FAQ was ready to prevent any further misinformation. If you have further concerns or questions after you have read the FAQ, please ask them then.
  14. Legacy Gaming Network Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the Legacy Gaming Network? A: The Legacy Gaming Network is a joint development effort established by the Crestfall, Elysium, and Legacy Crusade projects. It was seeded by the powerful concept of putting aside our differences, and working together for the mutual and community-wide benefit to provide legacy fans with the highest quality experience. Q: What does this mean? What exactly is happening? A: Each of these will be covered in more depth below, but this is a brief overview. From a player perspective, little is changing. Each realm is still going to operate according to its’ own principles with no major deviations from the current plans. From a staffing perspective, a few things are changing. Asura, Lead Developer for Crestfall, is additionally taking over as the development lead for the Elysium project, in cooperation with Elysium’s current head of development, Yaga. While Asura’s primary focus is still on the Benediction core, he will be working with the Elysium development staff to advise and coordinate their progress in improving and maintaining the Anathema core in the short to medium term. Crogge will take on System Administration responsibilities for the entire network, working to improve and maintain the hardware and security infrastructure of all projects. Shenna is assuming a leading frontend position and will be responsible for overseeing the network’s organizational structure. Both teams will enjoy more open and transparent communications for the purpose of sharing advice, resources, and information. Once Benediction is finished, and if it is determined to be desirable and safe to do so, it will be rolled out to the Elysium realms and development of Anathema will cease. Q: What is the Benediction core, and why is the Legacy Network intent on using it for all projects? A: The Benediction core is being developed by the Crestfall team to run their progressive realms. Although the Anathema core (currently in use on Elysium realms, and differing from the Nostalrius core, use of which has been discontinued) is player-ready right now, the Benediction core, when finished, will be far more advanced. Once the Benediction core is ready, we will determine whether or not it is desirable, and safe (regarding fidelity of data), to transition all existing realms on the network to it. This is our preferred plan, since it cuts down on the number of codebases that we would need to maintain. Q: Who approached who regarding this new joint venture? A: This came as a result of mutual conversation between the administrative staff of both projects, who have been on friendly terms for months. If you insist on putting a name to it, it was Asura who made the initial suggestion, but all parties have been deeply involved in moving the conversation forward. Q: Does this mean the teams will also align their philosophies? (E.g. VPN bans, PvE servers, population caps etc.) A: No. Each project’s management team will continue to remain independent entities when it comes to how they run and regulate their realms. In effect, while all realms in the network are shared assets, each team retains veto power over the operations of their original realm. One of the goals of our cooperation is to make sure that the actions of one project won’t have a negative effect on the other partners. Q: Will CM/GM staff be interconnected as well? A: No, the staff of each project will continue to manage their respective communities. However, there is a roundtable in the network consisting of Head GMs and CMs from each realm for the purpose of sharing information and advice. Q: Is the "Legacy Network" eventually going to have its own website? A: Yes, we should have a functional website available shortly. Q: Will the current websites for each project be merged? A: No, each project will continue to maintain it’s own community pages, forums, and social media. Q: Why Crestfall and Elysium.. Why not Twinstar, or any other realm? A: The administrative staff at Crestfall and Elysium have been having constructive and friendly communications for a long time. This partnership grew naturally out of that friendship. Q: What other projects are you considering adding in the long run? A: We would like to continue development of the Benediction core and eventually bring a Wrath of the Lich King server, a Cataclysm server, and potentially future expansions, into the network as well. Right now we feel it is very early to begin negotiations with other realms. We believe it is wiser to hammer out one partnership and get some experience in the process before bringing in additional parties. This is still a very young agreement, and we have a lot to learn. There is also an insistence that no commercial projects will be allowed into the network, so we will investigate potential future partners thoroughly before inviting anyone. The possibility also exists of inviting reputable developers or other staff to join the network in whatever capacity they choose, though we will not attempt to “poach” from active projects as a matter of common courtesy. Q: Can we expect to be able to copy existing level 60 characters to TBC realms when they become available? A: For the foreseeable future, no. Crestfall is meant to produce the PTE experience of playing through multiple expansions, whereas Elysium and Legacy Crusade are meant specifically for their versions. Perhaps at some point in the future this could become possible, but as this would have far-reaching effects on the economies of partner projects, it is not currently being considered. Specifics are still being discussed, but there is a higher probability of allowing one-way transfers from the progression realm to a single-expansion realm for players who only want to progress to a certain point and no farther. One of the founding principles of the network is to provide distinct options for PTE and single-expansion play, so any moves which could potentially compromise this will have to be very carefully considered. Q: Did Elysium bring CF on because they lack developers? A: No, Elysium has had a strong development team since inception. This is a partnership, not recruitment to fill empty space. The development teams will be co-ordinating to share advice and information, not working directly on each other’s projects in most cases. Q: Will there be any delay to Crestfall release due to Asura and Crogge splitting their time between the two projects? A: Short of something unavoidable, such as a major illness or other unpredictable life event, we don't anticipate any delay. Asura's primary focus is still the Benediction core, and Crestfall is bringing on an additional developer from outside. If anything, the development capacity is increasing, not diminishing. Q: Crestfall talked about having a vanity shop while Elysium is against it. What's the new stance, if any? A: All realms in the network will operate on voluntary donations alone unless it becomes a matter of either offering vanity items to generate revenue or shutting down. The Vanity Shop idea was decided on as a last resort option in case donations weren’t enough to pay the bills. Q: How will the timelines and patch progression of current Elysium servers change with the new Legacy Network? A: All current Elysium realms will still follow normal patch progression. They will not be moving into future expansions, and will remain as Vanilla content. Q: Crestfall stated that it was going to release with more challenging content. Will this more difficult content carry over onto the Elysium realms? A: Changes to the Elysium codebase of that nature would still need to be approved by Elysium administration, and are not currently planned. We will, however, be sharing information and advice in order to improve the accuracy and quality of content on all realms. Q: What precautions are being taken to make sure neither side can just up and leave with all the research data and source code? A: As far as leaked or stolen information is concerned, we are taking special care that access to critical assets is carefully restricted, as we consider data security to be of paramount importance. More importantly, we have entered into a partnership, which means there aren't any more "sides". There is a large degree of shared ownership, going both ways. While each project still has it's official owner who coordinates the activities of their staff and determines the direction and vision for the realm in question, the network itself is a shared asset. When one realm gains, we all gain. When one realm loses, we all lose. There is no reason for any of us to think we could do better alone than we can do together.
  15. Damn, yeah. You're on the list.