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  1. And where's the football anyway ?
  2. If it's not in blizz vanilla, it won't be in CF. THe goal is to be as blizzlike as possible, not a funserver. In my understanding...
  3. I understand some people try to play non stop for a few days to get ahead of the "natural" leveling curve. I would try to quest (so much xp) but only the quests that do not involve too many travels or lootable objects with a respawn timer. If you have to wait for the quest item / mob, drop it and grind instead.
  4. You have to understand the context as well : this is a project where people their free time for it in a best effort mode. The project is also quite complex and unforeseen issues (known unknowns) can arise. If you try to be honest and publish a guesstimate date, you have no room to maneuver when something happens (and it will). If you try to have a comfortable margin, people will shout "2030 is outrageous!!!" and you'll lose people and any credit your project may have. I'm the first to want a date for the Crestfall opening, in order to anticipate the joy of playing there, but I think I understand why no date is given unless it's a 99% probable date : the alternatives suck.
  5. Step 1 : wait anxiously for Darkrasp's update that will address craving for Crestfall progress information Step 2 : read Darkrasp's update Step 3 : enjoy for... let's say 10 minutes Step 4 :go back to step 1
  6. They also stated that Asura has a "maximum" date by which they will release Crestfall, no matter what. Speculations about that date are... speculations. Who said 2030 !?
  7. Huhu I remember the "looting" bug : when looting a mob, you could get stuck in the looting animation and stay that until you logged out Some FP bugs too (I think?), where you retained the flying mount (you could only walk around with it, not fly)
  8. Hehe didn't know that one (never played WotLK), but good one !
  9. Wait till I tell the APETA (Azeroth PETA) on you !
  10. I don't even know if this is being considered or not (I guess not), but please don't "import" the population of Rebirth in order to gain a quick surge of players. Everyone should start from scratch in Crestfall. Once again, I think this isn't even a real possibility, but I've been wrong in the past, so I guess there is no harm in stating it black on white (or white on black with this forum theme)
  11. Have you seen this thread and the last post by Asura ? (literally the second post when searching "Line of sight" inthe search engine) Or are you asking about something else ?
  12. good tip for the theme, didn't think to do that ! thanks !
  13. I think the Azure Wehlpling was added in TBC (http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Azure_Whelpling). As for the Bloodsail Bucaneer pet, one is listed in the original link and I'm not aware of another... You have a specific link ?
  14. Greetings fellow Crestfallen ! I have stumbled upon an interesting guide to pets collection during my browsing around for WoW Vanilla resources. It lists all the pets that are attainable in the game and has a few specific sections detailing how to get some of the more exotic pets. I found it a refreshing read and it got me interested in acquiring some pets (mostly the Sprite Darter in Feralas). I hope you'll like it : http://www.playthingofthegods.net/DianiusGuides/DianiusGuides.htm (full credit to Dianius). Cheers PS : this is a chance to have your own @Outstanding pet !
  15. welcome !