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  1. An update on my (very slow) adventures on Darrowshire : After completing *every* Darnassus-rep-giving-quest in Teldrassil, Darkshore, Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains and Desolace (plus the occasional quest in Duskwood or Deadmines), I'm roughly 500 rep short of hitting Exalted at level 37 with my human mage And, if it were not for a bug where quests that give Alliance rep in fact do not give any, I'd already be exalted Alas, I will need to do a couple of quests in Feralas to get there, but it's definitely possible for a human. As for a non human (without the 10% rep bonus), I think it might be possible with working Alliance rep + Feralas reputation, but I haven't done the math.
  2. Another nice, old ressource from the Beta times are the Journals of Neriad : http://www.lurkerlounge.com/forums/thread-7614.html Always a pleasure to read and go back to when everything was new ^^
  3. Amidst all the drama that is occurring, let's try something else. I've stumbled upon a website showcasing screenshots of the alpha (some I hadn't seen before). It's pretty old content, but reminded me of the old days, when I hunted the Beta forums for any information about the game I couldn't yet play http://nogg-aholic.blogspot.fr/2006/02/why-wow-is-bad-game-reason-8.html Enjoy !
  4. Just saw Darkrasp's post about Crestfall withdrawing from LGN, checked the date and saw it's not April 1st, so... WTF is going on ?? Aside from the information that Darkrasp promises us, how is it possible to have a major step like the LGN not last more than 2 weeks ? Post for those who didn't see it.
  5. For knowing which skills are available at any level, I use this site : wow.arcannis.com/mage_skills.php . Very handy.
  6. Boy, I do hope it's something big like Open Beta ! I fell I'll be underwhelmed if it's "only" the website. I mean, it's nice and all, but doesn't go towards playing the game on Crestfall Actually, I've figured it out : it's a countdown timer test : when the timer reaches 0, it'll say "Timer works, thanks!" Edit for less negativity : thoughts and granola bars to all the devs and tester working to make this happen ! And milk too. And possibly a cookie or two.
  7. One of the biggest thing Crestfall has going for it (aside from the awesomeness of the devs and community) is that it will offer a PvE realm on Day 1. Remember that it is not a perversion of private servers, but that Blizzard tagged its own realms as "Normal" (PvE) and "PvP". Having the choice of not getting harassed and interrupted is very important to me (and lots of other PvErs) and actually helps the community grow. I know I won't play on a PvP server anymore for instance. That being said, have a happy stay on our forums and maybe see you in PvE Azeroth !
  8. Nothing PvE or PvP specific in here But each camp tries to recruit for their realm, so.... See you on the PvE realm
  9. Yeah, DPS-ing with a holy Pally (from what I heard) is hell. It's hard to kill a mob when your only ability is to bore them to death !
  10. To paraphrase the poster of Fox Mulder, "I want to believe". And I genuinely think that a lot of work is going on behind the scenes. And one of the only things that, I think, keeps the community and hope going on are Darkrasp's updates. Even without hyping the server to the outside world, it would be useful to have a window into the progress of the development of the server (lists of tickets opened or whatever?). I know it may sound ungrateful to the people working hard behind the scenes, but this project is not only a technical project, it also needs to have a healthy, growing community. People like Outstanding (for instance) could offer a lot in that department, if there were given insight into the development process and progress. Basically a bridge between the open community on the forums and the closed community of the Beta. Long live Crestfall ! edit: order of ltetres is hard
  11. Welcome Hevra Let's have some fun on the PvE server !
  12. @dst thanks for providing information about bugs. However, since Crestfall is based on a different core than Elysium and uses a lot of original research, I don't think these specific inputs are useful to the devs. However, you can try to join the current closed beta to check whether you encounter Crestfall-specific bugs. For this, go to the following post.
  13. Thanks for the update, Darkrasp, the on-going work is much appreciated.
  14. I understand better now, thanks.
  15. Yeah.. not looking forward to that...