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  1. Is Brilliance still happening?
  2. Howdy, Im looking for somebody crazy enough to level together with me, a night elf hunter. It will be an amazing tag team to easily get through those early levels. I will be doing a 24 hour stream at release, be part of it! /Ducain
  3. Darkrasp for president! We will wait patiently until the beauty of Crestfall is ready to be shown.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! @Roadblock that's true! And Im sure it will be better this time, meeting people on the forum and on Discord sure helps a bit! @Odysseu PvP alliance, see you in STVietnam my Troll friend!
  5. Hey guys, My name is Marc, I'm a 23 year old IT student living in the Netherlands. I played Wow since Vanilla ~patch 1.6 until WoD, which was the last straw for me, I was done with it. My first real experience with private servers started 2 years ago on Rebirth. I leveled a paladin to level 49 and on that moment I got burned out. Last year I found out about Kronos and I leveled a hunter to 45 on K1. This time I got burned out aswell, until they introduced the x7 event, which brought me back and I leveled a rogue to 60, made a lot of friends and got into some raiding (small guild, did some ZG). Unfortunately the guild changed raiding times, as most of the officers were from the US, and right on this moment, they announced Kronos II. I wasnt sure if I could do it again, leveling a toon up. After 2 months I decided to do it, and I made it. Right now I am raiding weekly on Kronos II, but there is something lacking. The slow progress of raids will soon get boring, AQ will take a while and Im afraid that Naxx is far from done. The Devs are also not sure of a transfer to TBC, which means your character will be gone, all effort will be for nothing. These are my main reasons of finding a new server, and luckily I found out about Crestfall 2 weeks ago (luckily? the wait is killing me). The project seems so professional, with such dedicated people wanting to make this work. I honestly have a lot of faith in them and Crestfall becoming something big. Well, that's my life story, I will most likely be making a Human rogue or Night Elf hunter when Crestfall is here, and in the beta if I get invited! I cant wait to defend Azeroth and make Crestfall the next big thing with ya all!