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  1. Crossrealm BGs only would be nice for the PvE players that's for certain. More BGs in general overall, more faces. I don't see an issue with it, only a nice addition. Given the fact neither BGs or the ranking system will be available from the get go, perhaps this is something that could be worked on once the server has already launched to avoid more pre release server work? Crossrealm BGs from the PvE and PvP (and perhaps a 2nd PvP server) - @Darkrasp is this something you have considered or are interested in doing? Having played on Nostalrius PvE (before Darrowshire), There was only 2 BGs up most of the time, sometimes one and a half even. Nostalrius PvE would had benefited from it, in terms of activity in BGs, and so can Darrowshire, but of course we have no clue how populated Zul'Dare will be. However from the experinces of Nostalrius PvE and Darrowshire, in terms of standings and BG activity haven't been impressing at all - got a slight feeling Zul'Dare will have the same lack of PvP activity (unless you think 200-600 players are a big PvP player pool, counting level 10-59 players in that standing pool as well).
  2. The amount of detail going into this is so encouraging. I definitely support the way you intend to have the procs work. It makes more sense than to have Windfury procs proc on top of each other or Ironfoe for that matter.
  3. My suggestion towards a video would be a full boss encounter. Like a full rend or drakkisath fight to show off some mechanics, having a 10 man team consisting of beta testers do the actual fight with recordings of the fight from an overview pov, back and forth side to side scrolling in and out showcasing the mechanics with some explaining in terms of shiny text or music. Whatever floats the video makers boats.
  4. - Featuring Outstanding. Season finale coming this (beta) on Discovery.
  5. I completely agree with you Outstanding. Think my Mickey Mouse avatar boner is a bit misguided atm and should be facing the opposite direction atm. (and with less splatter)
  6. What drew me to Crestfall was an old guildie of mine who recommended me to check out one of Darkrasps updates. Being impressed with the transparancy, and having gotten a good first impression, I went on to read the Faq and read about the increased difficulty in raid difficulty, fast timeline, very detail oriented in terms of scripting and "actual" blizzlike. The increased boss difficulty in raids were the biggest + for me personally. Having cleared all content but Naxx in 3—4 hours total each week, an actual blizzlike feeling, and a sense of more than just cakewalk content was very appealing to me. One of the certain things that kept me waiting and catching up on the forums and discord were also the continued weekly updates — also I was, and am a big fan of the way the CF staff communicate with the public. Instead of being like robots in their responses, they show a human side all the time which is something I find new and appealing. Idk, maybe I just haven't tried out enough private servers
  7. I quit A Song Of Ice And Fire and started to read these updates instead. They're like music to my ears, and even better, nobody gets killed off
  8. This My best guess would be the GM who was supposed to bring the lack of Hunter love to the department team got hit by a bus making his way there. It's not too late though! @Darkrasp
  9. I have yet to encounter a private server which have the buffs on pets being preserved upon being dismissed and called back upon / flying places or HS'ing. I really hope this is something which can easily be fixed in the closed / open beta.
  10. I agree with everything Nocturn and Walgrave wrote, couldn't have made better points myself, +1.
  11. Couldn't agree more - a true Hunter weapon.