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  1. They're having another sale now for the end of year, and I just picked up Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for $5. WHAT. A. STEAL!
  2. Still playing Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (primarily Borderlands 2). The game just never gets old.
  3. Although the Holy Resistance thing may be a dead horse and a minor thing in the grand scheme of everything, it's great that it's now public knowledge there was a server-side override of the 126 mask to keep Holy Resist at 0. Now, every single emulator out there has zero excuse for this not to work. There was a lot of arguing over it, but in the end, the WoW emulation community improved because we all learned something new that may or may not have been known before. Hopefully next time something like this comes up that is controversial, we can all work towards finding out what's correct without going to war with each other so we can continue to improve emulation. Baby steps! I am guilty for arguing pro-126 with no server side fix without actually knowing, so I'm just as guilty as Darkrasp, here, but I'm glad we all know now!
  4. Im okay with having all the extra shit in the game as long as I can find a guild full of good players that WON'T require me to farm every god damned consumable and world buff for every raid. it just isn't fun to me. I will always come prepared and work towards Bis but I don't want to be burdened with every single little thing vanilla has to offer so I can clear raids in 30 mins . just not my thing. Unfortunately it seemed like every guild on nost was like this, so I felt like I was stuck doing shit I didn't want to do, and most of the time we still wiped anyway and lost everything, so it was a waste of time .
  5. Must be another killerduki thread. Smh.
  6. There are a lot of people on the Nost forums I'd like to ask that to on the daily.
  7. Looks like my state is going red for the first time since Bush Sr. (PA). Unreal. Tonight has been a massive shell shock in America.
  8. I think the fact that CF are going to ban VPN connections is a pretty huge lure for a lot of people. If the server truly comes out to be a 'Generation III' emulator and the VPN ban stays, then a lot of people are going to flock here just to get away from all the win trading and gold selling of the nost/elysium realms. Not to mention the scripting failures that were never fixed by the devs. Remember how bad the escort quests were on Nost? Your NPC aggroing mobs from 100 yards away? Yeah..... Once the seed is planted (a few people from the nost realms try it this out and realize how good it is), it will only take a bit of time before word of mouth causes this to become the new "It" server for the Vanilla wow community.
  9. I'm sticking with Crestfall through and through, but I'm honestly really excited to reconnect with old guildmates to see how everyone's been doing. I'll probably screw around on the re-launch for a bit while Crestfall takes shape. Really proud of the team here either way. They're absolute ballers; both at programming and getting this thing off the ground, and just their general knowledge and love for Vanilla/Progressive Wow. Looks like the future is bright for Vanilla Wow fans, regardless of where we decide to go. That's really all that matters.
  10. Crestfall team, Thanks for all your hard work as usual. although me and some friends have characters we will probably be checking out when all this goes down at nostalysium, we are only doing that until crestfall releases. we have no doubt that your core and product will be the best out there, and we can't wait to join the community! Anyone worth their salt knows that if crestfall is as good as it seems it's going to be, that nobody will need to worry about whether the population is solid or not. people flock to where the quality is at! I can't wait on see what's next in the crestfall timeline.
  11. Human, always. 10% rep boost > everything in this game.
  12. The wonders of local anesthetics. I always appreciate these updates from Darkrasp and the team. You guys are doing a helluva job considering the monumental task this must have been when Asura decided to start. As for all the people who are upset about your guys' estimate, you're just seeing the boiling over of a bunch of angsty vanilla wow fanatics who are pissed at Blizzard and pissed at Nostalrius for shutting down when there aren't any really solid servers out there. You have to look on the bright side, though: this means they actually care about the project. If they didn't, they wouldn't even bother getting upset over it!
  13. Disziple, I can see how making one small change could result in a ripple that would cause people to start asking for more which is pretty much how WoW has gotten to where it's at today, but I always personally found it odd that ore only stacked to 10 (despite bars going to 20) and everything else resource-related was pretty much 20. What is the benefit to decreasing other stacks to 10? Do you want there to more time spent 'unloading' resources rather than time spent gathering them (since their bags would fill up faster)? I can kind of get on board with that idea, because it means there aren't the same people out farming all the time, and resources would need to be consumed quickly, rather than stockpiled.
  14. I think a lot of you guys are taking this very minor change request way too seriously. Yes, we get it, wow made a lot of over-the-top quality of life changes over the years that people don't like, myself included. But changing the stack quantity for ores from 10 to 20 was not one of them. That was just to be consistent with everything else.
  15. Thanks for posting that, Darkrasp. I think you guys are making the correct choice. It means no more AH sniping for BiS and rather we'll get our BiS from whatever tier is most relevant, as it should be.