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  1. Americans deal with 100-200 ping playing on EU hosted servers. What exactly is the problem? It's not that bad.
  2. I enjoyed Vanilla a lot, but I think it would have to be taking the Dark Portal to Outland.
  3. I don't think the playerbase will be that weak, to be honest. A lot of players on Elysium are fed up with the staff bullshit over there and are looking forward to Crestfall now.
  4. Yes Hops, but the difference is that you're not fighting things where your weakest skill takes off 25% of the target's max HP. PVP is horribly broken number balance wise in Vanilla. Player output scales way too well; health cannot keep up. Also, Hops, just as an FYI: you don't like the PVE server because it fractures the player base, but there are a lot of players who are going to roll PVE, and wouldn't bother playing at all if they only had the PVP option, so the fracturing argument isn't that strong.
  5. Because Wow's PVP isn't that great, sorry. The number balance is terrible and any game where you can click on your target to put a circle below their feet and all of a sudden all of your skills hit without having to aim anything is not a PVP experience I'm interested in.
  6. Not sure if this is being planned at all, but anyone working on a database that will show the before and after stats for the items that will be affected by the pre-AQ and AQ patch release?
  7. This post is so spot on I can't even begin to put it into words. I wish I could up rate it multiple times.
  8. I don't want them to take pots/elixirs/flasks out of the game; I just want them to be more balanced in general. World buffs are stupid, though, and I personally wish they would get dispelled on entering a raid instance. If Vanilla had the guardian/battle elixir mechanic and no stacking with flasks, it would be ace, but because it doesn't, the grind for endless supplies of potions and elixirs and flasks never ends. It's not enjoyable at all. Is raiding enjoyable? Sure. Grinding for consumables or gold endlessly to keep up isn't.
  9. That doesn't make something 'unique and challenging.' It makes it 'a colossal waste of time.' Time sink does not equal unique and challenging.
  10. I'm sorry, but I can't see any reason for them to be banned for this. Developers are keeping rolling ignites in the game because it was blizzlike in vanilla, so why should they be banned? If they don't want mages to abuse ignite stacking then they should patch it like blizz did in the pre-TBC patch or whenever it happened. There's absolutely no reason to penalize them for something that every vanilla dev under the sun is leaving in. The issue with Power Infusion, though, does seem a little bit fishy, but is there any guarantee it wasn't like this back in retail vanilla? If anything, all this does is make the developers of vanilla emulation look more ludicrous for allowing this to go on when they know that people are smarter than ever when it comes to mechanics that existed 12 years ago. If it were me, I would give them all a slap on the wrist and confiscate their loot and rep gains for that entire AQ40 run (essentially making it so they lose a week of AQ40 loot) as punishment, but nothing more. Permanent bans for taking advantage of a blizzlike feature just doesn't seem right, no matter how ridiculous it is. This needs to be patched if it's so bad just the same way developers are patching Dire Maul farming runs, etc.
  11. They're having another sale now for the end of year, and I just picked up Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for $5. WHAT. A. STEAL!
  12. Still playing Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (primarily Borderlands 2). The game just never gets old.
  13. Although the Holy Resistance thing may be a dead horse and a minor thing in the grand scheme of everything, it's great that it's now public knowledge there was a server-side override of the 126 mask to keep Holy Resist at 0. Now, every single emulator out there has zero excuse for this not to work. There was a lot of arguing over it, but in the end, the WoW emulation community improved because we all learned something new that may or may not have been known before. Hopefully next time something like this comes up that is controversial, we can all work towards finding out what's correct without going to war with each other so we can continue to improve emulation. Baby steps! I am guilty for arguing pro-126 with no server side fix without actually knowing, so I'm just as guilty as Darkrasp, here, but I'm glad we all know now!
  14. Im okay with having all the extra shit in the game as long as I can find a guild full of good players that WON'T require me to farm every god damned consumable and world buff for every raid. it just isn't fun to me. I will always come prepared and work towards Bis but I don't want to be burdened with every single little thing vanilla has to offer so I can clear raids in 30 mins . just not my thing. Unfortunately it seemed like every guild on nost was like this, so I felt like I was stuck doing shit I didn't want to do, and most of the time we still wiped anyway and lost everything, so it was a waste of time .
  15. Must be another killerduki thread. Smh.