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  1. any healers that will be dwarf or willing to meet up when we get higher levels want to power level together? I would love to hit 60 asap and would love to have someone heal me while I'm playing as a warrior. hmu if you are interested!!!
  2. <twelve inches unbuffed>
  3. Planning to hit 60 asap. would love to have a healer to level with since I'll be leveling as a warrior., still undecided as to what faction I want to be. If I find someone that is willing to heal and level at a fast rate I don't mind letting them choose the faction. Dwarf warrior or Tauren warrior are the only two I would play. so hit me up!!
  4. look mom i am famous. haha
  5. the wait will be great and worth it. hope while leveling as fast as i can and hope got some others ready to do dungeon farming as soon as we hit 60
  6. Similar to most of the people on here, I am looking for that old school community feel vanilla wow had. I look forward to the release of this server and so hyped for it. Leveled up a priest on Kronos 2 didn't really enjoyed that server as much as I did for Nost. Reached 60 tauren warrior (chewbeefka) on nost and I enjoyed every day leveling him and I am sure I will have the same if not better time leveling on here. Still not sure what server I want to go to, but I would love to go back to tanking through progression and the excitement for the race to 60 and server first on raiding. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you guys and girls!!!
  7. since i plan on tanking, gonna go with the good old fashioned Tauren warrior. hope to find a good hardcore raiding guild