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  1. Much appreciated if they continue to flow. The spice must flow.
  2. Seems fishy. Anyway the OP of that thread is really bad at Chinese. The source post wad actually a recipe for (mediocre) War-Wonton Soup.
  3. Friend might be rolling a Retardin; wonder what people think might be a class that'll help us burn quickly through questing zones, and make us formidable in PvP situations. Leaning towards Warlock. High DPS, brings a tank, can fear spam. What do you think?
  4. That update was so meaty and comprehensive, and with illustrations to boot! Thanks very much, we love the nitty gritty.
  5. That's a lot of alchemy. Trying to make a philosopher's stone?
  6. All hail King Elicas, Reporter of Bugs. also I'm afraid to ponder the punishments of this system.
  7. I'm too fragile for that. Don't trigger me!
  8. Were you guys able to fix that common bug where an ally's pet appears enemy-red? As well as instances where friendly guards have the same issue?
  9. Can't add any of this shit, but Cata water was dope
  10. It feels more likely that it'll be near the end of the year. But that's just my rough internal calculations going off of nothing but forum activity.
  11. Guilds are now called mafias or "families."
  12. Probably not. I read or listened to one of the Crestfall Q&As that explained how the server is going to generate nodes. They'll be random with a respawn timer that has a range (eg 10-50 min), and will spawn at random locations in the zone. So as I understood it, addons like gatherer might be useless, since they tracked the locations that nodes would consistently spawn at. Maybe @Darkrasp could clarify.
  13. Should the option to train further have disappeared? Although I feel that you should be able to train up to 150 before needing the book.
  14. Thing that bothers me about the demonology tree is that soul link and demonic sacrifice are paired up, and stylistically pull in opposite directions. If I just spent 15+ points buffing my pets, why would I then be incentivised to sacrifice it? Also, what's the general concensus on leveling in a PvP environment? I have heard that it is advised to go Soul Link because you become harder to kill.
  15. I feel very well managed right now.