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  1. Welcome to Kul Tiras, I'm looking forward to playing (and possibly competing ) with you in the future. Best of luck with the recruiting!
  2. Oh, I was making a joke because he has 1400 rep.
  3. Welcome! and good luck!
  4. What an odd way to say that phrase. Welcome! Good luck with your posts people are very toxic here
  5. Welcome to Kul'Tiras, Salv. Good luck in your recruitment, and I look forward to meeting you on the field of battle in the future.
  6. Hello, everyone. I'm amazed by how many members we already have. At this time, we have just accepted our thirty-third (33) member. For those of you who might be interested in joining but don't want to commit to anything yet, I would like to tell you of where our recruiting stands for raiding positions. I would like to stress that core-raider positions will be given based on merit and not by sign-up date, but regardless these are where the numbers are at: Surprisingly, we have one warlock. Where are the warlocks? Open implies 0-1 of that class. Medium implies 2-3 of that class. Low implies 4 or more (except in the case of Shadow Priest; we only need one of those, and they're likely to be holy anyway until ZG). HIGH means more please. We have two dwarf priests currently and would definitely like more. I would also like to call attention to our Discord server, which is already very active. Many of us are already friends and we are eager to welcome more members of <Abyssal> into the channel. Cheers.
  7. I'll fanboy if I want. Great work as always, everyone. These updates are always the best way to start a week. A special thanks to @Imbaslap, of course. Give him a medal or something.
  8. Immersion is a big part of the game to me, so I usually stick to the game's soundtrack. On occasion, however, the soundtrack can get a little samey. When that happens, I tend to turn on ambient music that fits in with the game world. On rare occasion I'll turn on some trip hop, but that's only when raiding or when I am PvPing. Trip hop tends to stay ambient so it spices up the game without detracting from the overall experience. For ambient music, I turn to Olafur Arnalds on most occasions. There's a wide variety when it comes to trip hop. It falls to you to decide what you like. I am a big fan of this playlist.
  9. I've actually done this, wew feeling relevant. Well, not the way the guy in the video tells you to. I just recognize what my dream tells are. For me, it's when I'm driving a car and I have difficulty stopping at stop signs or lights. In dreams I always overshoot the light or sign and skid off into the dirt. The first time I recognized this I got really excited and shot off into the sky. I woke up moments after, unfortunately.
  10. Fortunately I have a D&D group where I'm able to get all of my heavy RP out of my system. I fully intend to do some light flavor RP on the PvP realm, however. Maybe your children would do it because it's fun? I didn't get paid.
  11. I've been here for a couple months and have posted here and there, but I figured it was time to actually say hello. Hello. I'm 21 years old and from the states. My two primary hobbies are writing and gaming. I generally write for myself, but I would love to be published one day. I am a big fan of H. P. Lovecraft and any fiction derived from his style. I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. My first game system was a Nintendo 64 and, if I remember correctly, Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the first game I finished. I first picked up World of Warcraft at some point prior to the release of TBC, but I can not remember how long before. I do remember my brother and me sitting in front of my grandparents' crappy computer and exploring the original website, so I'm going to go with 2006. I have played every expansion since, but I never really got too high in level. I assume that's because I hadn't really found my niche class yet. My first character at level cap was a Mage that I created in MoP. I distinctly remember my first character being a Night Elf rogue, though. I played WoW pretty casually when I discovered Lord of the Rings Online, also known as the greatest tragedy to befall the MMO genre. If you looked up wasted potential you would see a picture of that game. I was 12 or 13 when I started playing LOTRO on the regular, and still play casually today (though I get sad whenever I play it). It was there that I first began to roleplay regularly (I had dabbled in it during Wrath) and the experiences I had roleplaying there are the main reason I seek out roleplay in any MMO I play. It is definitely just as important to me as the game itself. I also raided on that game quite a bit. I first played a mage in WoW the week of August 8th, 2008. My parents went away that week for my mother's birthday and my dad asked me to farm honor on his mage. I played every day for the entire day, loving every second of it. I remember calling my dad because I had gotten 10,000 honor in one day and was very proud of myself (I was 12 or 13 at the time). For some reason it didn't click that mages were my niche class at the time. I started playing them regularly when I started playing Dota. I fell into the support role, where the heroes were usually magic-users of some kind. I really liked how they played both mechanically and stylistically, which carried over into every other game I play. I have loads of experience playing a mage in WoW, and I like to think I am pretty good at it. Sure, I polymorphed my friend while we were dueling and lost the duel because of it, but who hasn't? Though I think my biggest polymorph screw-up was polymorphing Hogger just as some poor soul was about to kill him. That bastard healed right up. I still think about that Night Elf warrior's whisper to me sometimes. Anyway, I am looking forward to playing with you all and hope that I get to polymorph Hogger for you someday.
  12. I always play the mage type class, regardless of the game, so definitely mage for me. I admit, I'm greatly looking forward to open world mage duels in the near future. Those are always fun. Funnily enough, in my past experience on PVP realms, there always seems to be a friendly camaraderie between mages regardless of faction. I don't think that'll be the case here, though. We'll see.
  13. Refreshing as always and a great way to start the week. Keep up the good work.
  14. This is what I wore during Legion. I have always preferred the more weathered look for my mages seeing as they're out delving in dangerous dungeons and such. Apologies for the shitty Warlords model. You can't toggle it off for humans on this site apparently.
  15. Lovely. Can't wait for Beta. That pathfinding in the cave is damn near perfect.