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  1. I made it to Domo before my FPS plummeted and I got a message saying I've exceed the 99MB limit on my addons. I did have a couple of third party addons in addition to pfUI (decursive, outfitter, ktm, dpsmate, atlas off the top of my head).
  2. I'm writing this as I corpse run across the Barrens out to my fatigued body, having just taken the ship from Booty Bay. During the development process, has there been any testing for bugs that may be unique to a Mac client? The "getting dumped in the middle of the ocean after taking the ship" bug is a pretty nasty one that has been present on every private server I've ever played on (although Nost did have a semi-fix for it). Because you guys aren't based off mangos, I'm holding out hope that I may never have to make these demoralizing corpse runs again. I know you may not be able to speak to specific bugs, but I'm wondering if mac clients have at all been taken into consideration during the development process. Thanks and keep up the great work.