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  1. @Elicas @Darkrasp So I did some digging and found this! https://ia600204.us.archive.org/35/items/World_of_Warcraft_World_of_Warcraft_BradyGames_Official_Strategy_Guide/World_of_Warcraft_World_of_Warcraft_BradyGames_Official_Strategy_Guide.pdf On page 215 all the quests are listed with their minimum level, recommended level, XP values and more. Goldmine of information here although I'm sure the devs probably already know about this, but if not it'd be very helpful for correct database information. Unfortunately it doesn't look as though dungeon quests are listed in the guide.
  2. Yes I have. I was on my Gnome Mage level 28 completing Raene's Cleansing. I got to the very last part where you turn in the skull and the rod to end the chain, but I couldn't accept the quest because I wasn't level 30. I came back in 2 levels and sure enough there was the quest. Trust me when I say it's incorrect values for sure. I'm attentive to details like this. I was also doing the Tower of Althalaxx the part where you get the guys head inside the tower in Darkshore. I got the guys head and turned it in at level 27. The last part of that chain just requires you to talk to somebody after you've turned in the head. I wasn't able to accept the last part because on DB and Nost that part of the chain wasn't acquirable until level 28. I returned at the proper level and there was my quest to just talk to somebody and end the chain. This is not only counter intuitive, but just not the way it worked in Vanilla. I mean think about it for Raene's the last part you kill a level 29 mob, but to turn in the last part you have to be level 30? You don't even have to look if there is a prerequisite because you can clearly see on the quest on DB that it has a high level requirement and Nost just copied all these database values. Kronos has done a wonderful job of fixing the quest requirements and these particular quests all behave correctly on Kronos. Edit: Also according to DB the Wanted quest you linked is not a prerequisite of the one I linked, but the comments say it is. It wouldn't matter anyways, though because of the level 35 start requirement on the one I originally linked.
  3. Something I've noticed on http://db.vanillagaming.org/ as well as Elysium/Nostalrius is improper quest starting requirements. There are a lot of nice items you can obtain at lower levels that are especially lucrative to twinks. At the top of my head I can think of Glacial Stone from http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=1046, which is obtainable at level 19, but according to DB and testing on Elysium I cannot obtain this quest unless I'm level 30, which is incorrect. Another twink item is Inferno Robe from the quest http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=566, which was also obtainable at 19. Do you guys have proper documentation on which quests were available when? This would be of great help to the future twinking community as well as a relief for certain people leveling characters. I know there's been times where I was following Joana's guide and I was the correct level, but wasn't able to accept a quest on Nostalrius because of improper quest starting level implementation.
  4. Thanks, man! I got my Lupos.
  5. Hey, I've got an issue. I have this macro: /target X /cast !Tame Beast /cast Dismiss Pet when I use it it continues to recast Tame Beast instead of waiting for the channel to finish.
  6. This guy found a funny and potentially viable way to utilize Ravager from SM. I'm not sure if the weapon is working as intended, but if it is then this could be a new thing for hunters.
  7. I'm not sure if you're trolling, or not, but I'll bite. Game development and programming in general is not like playing a game. It's not like ranking to R14 where it's all about how much time is spent on playing. In a programming environment there's something called crunch time. This is where the developers spend all day every day for a period of time developing their product. This is very common in the industry. There is also a ton of research out their that proves its not an effective way to develop something. People make mistakes leading to a lower quality product, they become unhappy, which in this case the devs don't have a massive salary incentive to keep going to combat that. It will burn the devs out to go hardcore. People are not robots. They require balance in life. If you don't have balance in life other parts of your life will suffer. These updates are most likely a way for Darkrasp to have some balance against the tedium that is development. It's a break from the monotony.
  8. Something I have seen across all Vanilla servers is that when a mob mind controls a player, the AI seems completely broken from retail Vanilla. Sometimes you run up and melee them while randomly popping every CD. Sometimes you just stand there and do nothing. Sometimes you run up to your target and then just stand there. Any word on these mechanics?
  9. Druid of course. So many roles to be able to play for one class. Meshes well with not having a lot of time to play.
  10. Horde. The faction always needs more people on PvE servers.
  11. Thank you. I played retail until the end of Wrath and always loved tanking the most. I was hesitant to tank Vanilla because I didn't know all the content. I was very young when I played Vanilla (6th grade). People often expect the tanks on private servers to know the ins and outs of all the dungeons and raids. I've played enough Vanilla private servers now to know most of that information, so I'm ready to tank! See you ingame. Of course! Feral swipe DPS is awesome in dungeons. Thank you. I've always wanted to be dad! I plan on running a lot of lowbie dungeons. Healing will be appreciated! Tha'd be nice, but I think it's less AI and more what stats are on bear gear (No defense). Don't plan on raiding unless somehow I have a lot of unexpected time. I won't probably try to raid as bear tank, though, if I did. See you on the plains. I'll probably take at least a month to hit 60 with how much time I have. Balance is a rough road it looks like, but if you're determined and can find a guild willing to accept then go for it!
  12. Thank you. It truly changes your life. I figured since I have limited time and wouldn't be raiding that I would play what I want, since it's still more than viable (and possibly better than other classes) in dungeons. Also playing Druid means I get to collect more gear sets for each role. It effectively extends the lifetime of running dungeons and gives a variety of play styles. That's what my son's mother is for! (We will both take time to relax with our hobbies) Look forward to it. I'll probably ask you a fair amount of questions about Druids when the server is up. I read a lot about the fact that bears are even better than warrior tanks in dungeons. Not so much Paladins, though. Maybe I'll get into raiding one day, but I'll be whatever is needed of me if it comes to that. Thanks. Good luck to you too. Yes, I can't wait to tank in vanilla. It seems as if Horde PvE will have population issues, so I figured I'd help sway the numbers a little bit. Thanks,
  13. Hello all. I've been a long time lurker of the forums. I will be rolling a Tauren Druid on the PvE server. I am going to be a feral bear tank. I will make it work! I have just about no vanilla experience with a Druid, but I have been researching like crazy anything I can get my hands on about the class. I went to the Nost class forums and started at the very last page of Druid and worked my way forward, as well as read all of Elicas' threads in their entirety. I am going to be the ultimate hardcore casual. Sadly, I don't really have time to raid on a schedule and keep attendance up because I just became a father. That won't stop me from being the best possible bear tank I can be. I've learned a lot about what makes a bear viable in certain situations and I'm happy with the fact that I will be great for dungeons because that's all I'll really be able to do! I hope to see some of you ingame. I will gladly tank for any of you. Happy hunting.