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  1. This is true. I've actually found something to love about every class, the more I've given each a chance. Like in retail Vanilla I thought Warlocks were stupid dark emo goth mage wannabees. Then I tried them out and was like... dang I rather enjoy dotting stuff and having different demon pets
  2. Interesting about the dynamic spawn rates. I can see how they could affect the economy. As long as I'm not waiting 10 minutes to kill a boar, I'll be happy.
  3. Not much. At least not when it comes to gaming. I've thought about playing retail until Crestfall, but every time I consider it, I just end up saying WHY... all I want is to play Vanilla. I could play another Vanilla server till Crestfall, but I want everything to feel fresh for me at the release of Crestfall.
  4. Shaman, of course. With an alt Hunter, since I've always loved them too. Even more so since fiddling around with them lately testing stuff on other Vanilla servers.
  5. I've played many different P-servers and there seems to be variance among them. Anyone know the correct Vanilla number?
  6. This thread gave me a yeast infection.
  7. Y'all got some sexy rigs. I've got a nearly 10 year old computer that wasn't even great back then. But it's been reliable and runs Vanilla WoW perfectly, so I have no complaints. Thought about dropping a G on some fancy new setup, but it would be wasted on me. All I play is Classic WoW.
  8. I love Teldrassil for the whole at-one-with-Nature vibe, beautiful calming music, and it being a GIANT tree that I could totally see myself living in. Sitting around the campfire, chillin with the Night Elves, smoking Bruiseweed. Duskwood for the spookiness and some of the coolest quest lines in the game IMO. And having to run away from Mor'Ladim like a lil bitch, really makes that graveyard feel dangerous! Oh, and Stitches of course, he's my bro.
  9. All we know is it will release sometime in 2017.
  10. I like the song. But also I've had the biggest crush ever on Avril Lavigne since forever.
  11. I understand the advantages of loot council, but I'm not a fan of it. I tend to join guilds that use some form of DKP. It's just the system I prefer.
  12. For me the most enjoyable thing about Hunters are the pets. So not surprising when I play them, it's always heavily specced in BM. Something about having an uber kitty at my side that can rip your face off, is very satisfying to me.
  13. Yea, it takes a very understanding BF/GF when you get into the more time consuming elements of WoW.
  14. Getting rank 14. I am absolutely addicted to PvP, and would love to get it someday. But the reality is I simply do not have the time to do it. However... if I find myself single around the time CF launches... I actually probably will. But as it stands, GF's tend not to tolerate you going missing for weeks/months because you're in the honor grind.
  15. I find this to be an excellent choice as a morning alarm song