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  1. Thanks for update. I really want to read those patch notes
  2. First of all, thanks for crestfall team for all their effort. Secondly, @wowboy, I am not wasting my time. I played all nearly all mmos but at the end those did not give me same feeling like wow.( probably beacuse of old warcraft and dota 1 games :D) . I know it is not perfect mmo but I am not here for the best.... I am here for PTE ,nostalgia and team's aim for the game. Wow was my best game and I want to try again. I would love to invest my characters in long term project. If it is failed, it is not end for me. This is going to be my last stop for wow private server if it is not successed. However, I am patient as a mmorpg fan. In 2018 - 2019, many mmos' will be released and I hope we can call one of the game as a wow killer at the end.
  3. You can wait for World War 3
  4. I am not achievement guy but, I remember that I didnot have any problem with loremaster in retail. This is the achievement topic;
  5. Beer and viski shot is my favorite. If I am drinking on street, my choice is vodka but cheaper one is my choice In the end, I never recognize how I come back home. Raki is really good with yogurt or feta cheese. I also like to drink with barbequed meat.
  6. It is nice informative video for new comers. For example, some people has still asked about how to connect privare servers in reddit.
  7. I couldnt play Kronos 2 due to high latency and dc. It took nearly 2 months. I pissed so much. Never gonna try to play there again. Old Elysium was failed. They had just rushed to release without fixes and developed server. I guess They have financial problem. Their site is kind of slow and they will wait 4 weeks for releasing each of servers. It can be longer. I will wait crestfall
  8. Staff has already mentioned esspecially Asura. They dont plan to rush release date. They aim for perfect so it is gonna take time for good.
  9. I like to watch football matches but only Galatasaray and Turkiye. And Usually Every week I play football as a hobby. It takes 1 hour in artifical field and organized to 6v6 or 7v7. I used to play 3 match around 1 hour when I was young. now I can play only 1 match in a week with my friends or coleagues. Age, no spare time and tendon inflimmation do not make easy.
  10. If I am an American, I will choose Trump. I will explain; 1. Hillary was cheated by husband. I know that this may not be suitable way to measure but, honestly this does not show strength . She choose to keep last name without divorce. 2. She had no succesfull pass as senator through minister. ( Iraq war, Egypt, Libya, Iran and Syria) 3. She got huge amount of financial suppport from Lobbies. ( Is she going to be American's president or Lobbies' president ??) 4. She is not new actor. She is same like all other politcians. 5. How can somebody not paying attention to email securitry I am not fan none of these candidates. Bernie Sanders is more close to my poltical perspective. But he could not pass Hillary. Right is getting strong worldwide which makes me worry about all worldwide conflicts and war possiblities. Good luck u all. Peace
  11. It is not bad news. There is going to be hugeee amount of interest for nost and crestfall. I am worrying about how they cover crowd . We will see big numbers in que. Good luck
  12. I am waiting to play BF1 Right now. At 1 am eest
  13. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fGeooxZMhEz0Vzhfo for leveling. After 60 I will choose prep/cold build for pvp. We will play in horde. My druid friend is going to play as a healer so no any problem with armor.
  14. Hi, First of all, I would like to give info about myself. I have started wow begining of tbc. Until Nost closure, I have no any idea about private servers. After that I tried some servers but, stability issues and some bugs destroyed my whole enjoyment. I am really happy to be here. Finally I hope that I can invest this server. I could not find any guide or info about leveling duo. I have not leveled duo before. All Suggestions like proffesions, talents, questing,pros and cons, etc.. are appreciated. I am planning to play as a horde with my friend. I will pick rogue and he will pick druid( he likes to play healer). I love pvp. I also plan this talent tree http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fGeooxzZhfZq0esc0o Thanks
  15. I am not playing wow at the moment. I am only playing overwatch and wating for battlefield 1 release.